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CRS#Course NameCredits
BIOL.5450Isolation and Purification3
BMBT.5000Introduction to Biomedical Engineering & Biotechnology 3
BMBT.5120Medical Image Processing3
BMBT.5170Embedded System Design in Medical Systems3
BMBT.7590Dissertation Research
BMBT.7700CPT - Co-op Training 1
BMEN.2205LBioinstrumentation Lab2
BMEN.3020Biomedical Engineering II3
BMEN.3025LBiomedical Engineering Lab II1
BMEN.4910Biomedical Capstone I3
BMEN.4920Biomedical Capstone II3
BMEN.4991Directed Study: BME3
CHEN.2010Basic Principles of Chemical Engineering 3
CHEN.2020Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 3
CHEN.3030Fluid Mechanics 3
CHEN.3040Heat Transfer and Unit Operations 3
CHEN.3100Separation Processes with Mass Transfer
CHEN.3110Phase and Chemical Reaction Equilibria 3
CHEN.3170Applied Engineering Problem Solving 3
CHEN.3470Elements of Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer3
CHEN.4030Chemical Reaction Engineering 3
CHEN.4130Process Dynamics & Control 3
CHEN.4910Industrial Experience I 12
CHEN.5010Paper Industry Processes3
CHEN.5020Principles of Chemical Engineering3
CHEN.5060Colloidal, Interfacial and Nanomaterials Science and Engineering3
CHEN.5080Material Science and Engineering3
CHEN.5100Advanced Separation Processes3
CHEN.5180Microprocessor Control3
CHEN.5200Advanced Thermodynamics3
CHEN.5220Chemical Process Design3
CHEN.5230Nanodevices and Electronics Materials Processing 3
CHEN.5240Self Assembly and Nanotechnology3
CHEN.5280Advanced Transport Phenomena3
CHEN.5290Recent Advances in Nanotechnology and Green Chemistry 3
CHEN.5300Advanced Control Strategies3
CHEN.5320Principles of Chemical Engineering II3
CHEN.5330Macromolecular Colloidal Science and Engineering3
CHEN.5350Cell and Microbe Cultivation3
CHEN.5370Nanomaterials Characterization I 3
CHEN.5380Advanced Separations in Biotechnology3
CHEN.5390Mathematical Methods for Engineers3
CHEN.5400Adhesion and Adhesives3
CHEN.5410Nanomaterials Characterization II3
CHEN.5440Formulation of Biotherapeutics3
CHEN.5480Engineering Process Analytics 3
CHEN.5520Directed Study: Chemical Engineering3
CHEN.5550Biopharmaceutical Regulatory Compliance3
CHEN.5860Biotechnology Processing Projects Laboratory3
CHEN.5930Cooperative Education0
CHEN.6020Graduate Seminar1
CHEN.7200Special Projects in Chemical Engineering3
CHEN.7330Graduate Project - Chemical Engineering3
CHEN.7360Graduate Project - Chemical Engineering6
CHEN.7410Thesis Review
CHEN.7430Master's Thesis - Chemical Engineering3
CHEN.7460Master's Thesis - Chemical Engineering6
CHEN.7530Doctoral Dissertation/Chemical Engineering3
CHEN.7560Doctoral Dissertation/Chemical Engineering6
CHEN.7590Doctoral Dissertation/Chemical Engineering9
CIVE.2250Surveying I 3
CIVE.2860Probability and Statistics for Engineers3
CIVE.3300Soil Mechanics 3
CIVE.3330Geotechnical Laboratory 1
CIVE.3400Transportation Engineering 3
CIVE.3500Structural Analysis I 3
CIVE.3520Reinforced Concrete 3
CIVE.3720Civil Engineering Systems 3
CIVE.4310Foundation and Soil Engineering 3
CIVE.4600Water Resources Engineering 3
CIVE.4660Introduction to LEED3
CIVE.4700Engineering Economics3
CIVE.4750Construction Management I 3
CIVE.4800Special Topics in Civil Engineering
CIVE.5CO-OPCurricula Practical Training 1
CIVE.5030Computer Based Analysis of Structures 3
CIVE.5040Advanced Strength Of Material3
CIVE.5050Construction Safety3
CIVE.5110Inspection and Monitoring of Civil Infrastructure3
CIVE.5210Reliability Analysis3
CIVE.5270Geotechnical and Environmental Site Characterization3
CIVE.5290Engineering with Geosynthetics3
CIVE.5300Driven Deep Foundations3
CIVE.5310Advanced Soil Mechanics3
CIVE.5320Theoretical Soil Mechanics3
CIVE.5330Advanced Foundation Engineering3
CIVE.5340Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering3
CIVE.5360Soil Engineering3
CIVE.5370Experimental Soil Mechanics3
CIVE.5390Ground Improvement3
CIVE.5400Urban Transportation Planning3
CIVE.5410Traffic Engineering3
CIVE.5420Transportation Network Analysis3
CIVE.5430Traffic Principles for Intelligent Transportation Systems3
CIVE.5440Transportation Economics and Project Evaluation 3
CIVE.5450Public Transit Plan and Design3
CIVE.5460Pavement Design3
CIVE.5470Airport Planning and Design3
CIVE.5480Traffic Management and Control3
CIVE.5490Traffic Flow Theory3
CIVE.5500Behavior of Structures3
CIVE.5510Advanced Steel Design3
CIVE.5520Behavior - Concrete Structure3
CIVE.5530Wood Structures3
CIVE.5560Finite Element Analysis3
CIVE.5570Structural Dynamics3
CIVE.5580Bridge Design3
CIVE.5590Design of Masonry Structures3
CIVE.5610Physical Chemical Treatment Processes3
CIVE.5620Physical and Chemical Hydrology Geology3
CIVE.5640Hydrology & Hydraulics3
CIVE.5670Environmental Aquatic Chemistry3
CIVE.5680Environmental Fate and Transport3
CIVE.5700Wastewater Treatment and Storm Water Management Systems3
CIVE.5710Surface Water Quality  Modeling3
CIVE.5720Marine and Coastal Processes3
CIVE.5730Solid Waste Engineering3
CIVE.5750Groundwater Modeling 3
CIVE.5760GIS Applications in Civil and Environmental Engineering 3
CIVE.5780Biological Wastewater Treatment3
CIVE.5800Construction Law3
CIVE.5810Engineering Systems Analysis3
CIVE.5850Transportation Safety3
CIVE.5950Hazardous Waste Site Remediation3
CIVE.5960Grad Industrial Exposure0
CIVE.6510Special Topics in Civil Engineering 3
CIVE.6930Civil Engineering Individual Project3
CIVE.7050Supervised Teaching in Civil Engineering0
CIVE.7330Masters Project in Civil Engineering3
CIVE.7360Masters Project in Civil Engineering6
CIVE.7410Master's Thesis-Civil Enginnering1
CIVE.7430Master's Thesis - Civil Engineering3
CIVE.7460Master's Thesis - Civil Engineering6
CIVE.7490Master's Thesis - Civil Engineering9
CIVE.7510Doctoral Dissertation
CIVE.7520Independent Study in Civil Engineering3
CIVE.7530Doctoral Dissertation3
CIVE.7560Doctoral Dissertation/Civil Engineering6
CIVE.7570Doctoral Dissertation7
CIVE.7590Doctoral Dissertation9
CIVE.7630Continued Graduate Research3
CIVE.7660Continued Graduate Research6
CIVE.7690Continued Graduate Research9
Engineering and EthicsEngineering and Ethics3
EECE.1CO-OPCurricula Practical Training1
EECE.2010Circuit Theory I 3
EECE.2020Circuit Theory II 3
EECE.2070Basic Electrical Engineering Laboratory I 2
EECE.2080Basic Electrical Engineering Lab II 2
EECE.2110Fundamentals of Electricity I3
EECE.2120Fundamentals of Electricity Laboratory1
EECE.2160ECE Application Programming 3
EECE.2460Introduction to Data Communication Networks3
EECE.2650Logic Design 3
EECE.3110Electronics I Lab 2
EECE.3120Electronics II Laboratory 2
EECE.3170Microprocessors Systems Design I 3
EECE.3220Data Structures 3
EECE.3330Electronic Materials3
EECE.3550Electromechanics 3
EECE.3600Engineering Electromagnetics I 3
EECE.3620Signals and Systems I 3
EECE.3630Introduction to Probability and Random Processes 3
EECE.3640Engineering Mathematics 3
EECE.3650Electronics I 3
EECE.3660Electronics II 3
EECE.3990Capstone Proposal3
EECE.3991Capstone Proposal 3
EECE.4090Directed Studies 3
EECE.4100Directed Studies
EECE.4120Directed Studies3
EECE.4130Linear Feedback System 3
EECE.4210Real Time D.S.P.3
EECE.4240Computational Methods for Power System Analysis 3
EECE.4270Advanced VLSI Design Techniques 3
EECE.4280Alternative Energy Sources 3
EECE.4290Electric Vehicle Technology 3
EECE.4310RF Design I3
EECE.4410Introduction to Biosensors 3
EECE.4440Power Distribution System3
EECE.4500Advanced Digital System Design 3
EECE.4520Microprocessor Systems II & Embedded Systems 3
EECE.4530Software Engineering 3
EECE.4560Fundamentals of Robotics3
EECE.4610Engineering Electromagnetics II 3
EECE.4670Special Topics: Introduction to Biometric Technology3
EECE.4680Electro-optics & Integrated Optics 3
EECE.4700VLSI Fabrication3
EECE.4730Power Electronics 3
EECE.4740Principles Of Solid State Devices 3
EECE.4760Principles Of Solid State Devices 3
EECE.4800Microprocessor Systems II & Embedded Systems 3
EECE.4810Operating Systems 3
EECE.4821Computer Architecture and Design 3
EECE.4830Network Design: Principles, Protocols & Applications 3
EECE.4900Fiber Optic Communication3
EECE.4910Industrial Experience3
EECE.4920Industrial Experience II3
EECE.4930Industrial Experience3
EECE.4990Capstone Project3
EECE.4991Capstone Project 3
EECE.5040VLSI Fabrication3
EECE.5050Microwave Electronics 3
EECE.5060Antenna Theory and Design3
EECE.5070Electromagnetic Materials and Waves 3
EECE.5080Quantum Electronics for Engineers3
EECE.5090Linear Systems Analysis 3
EECE.5100Digital Signal Processing 3
EECE.5110Medical Diagnostic Imaging3
EECE.5130Control Systems 3
EECE.5150Power Electronics 3
EECE.5170MMIC Design and Fabrication3
EECE.5190Engineering of Submicron Machines3
EECE.5200Computer Aided Engineering Analysis3
EECE.5230Introduction to Solid State Electronics3
EECE.5240Computational Methods for Power System Analysis 3
EECE.5250Power Distribution Systems3
EECE.5260Power Systems Stability and Control
EECE.5270Advanced VLSI Design Techniques 3
EECE.5280Alternative Energy Sources 3
EECE.5290Electric Vehicle Technology 3
EECE.5310RF Design 3
EECE.5320Computational Electromagnetics3
EECE.5330Microwave Engineering 3
EECE.5340Microwave Engineering Lab1
EECE.5350Microwave Metrology3
EECE.5360Microwave Metrology Lab1
EECE.5370Microwave Systems Engineering3
EECE.5380Microwave Systems Engineering Lab1
EECE.5410Introduction to Biosensors 3
EECE.5430Theory of Communication3
EECE.5460Communication Networks 3
EECE.5480Coding and Information Theory3
EECE.5500Advanced Digital System Design 3
EECE.5520Microprocessor Systems II & Embedded Systems 3
EECE.5530Software Engineering 3
EECE.5600Biomedical Instrumentation3
EECE.5610Computer Architecture and Design 3
EECE.5620VHDL/Verilog Synthesis & Design 3
EECE.5625LVHDL/Verilog Synthesis & Design Lab1
EECE.5680Electro Optic Systems 3
EECE.5700Radar Systems Lab1
EECE.5710Radar Systems 3
EECE.5720Embedded Real Time Systems3
EECE.5730Operating Systems 3
EECE.5740Advanced Logic Design 3
EECE.5750Field Programmable Gate Arrays Logic Design Techniques 3
EECE.5755FPGA Logic Design Techniques Lab1
EECE.5760Principles of Solid State Devices3
EECE.5770Verification of Very Large Digital Designs3
EECE.5775LVerification of Digital Systems Lab1
EECE.5780Modeling and Implementation of Digital Systems using MATLAB3
EECE.5810Computer Vision and Digital Image Processing3
EECE.5820Wireless Communications3
EECE.5821Computer Architecture and Design 3
EECE.5830Network Design: Principles, Protocols and Applications 3
EECE.5840Probability and Random Processes 3
EECE.5900Fiber Optic Communication3
EECE.5930Industrial Experience0
EECE.5950Solid State Electronics3
EECE.6010Graduate Seminar3
EECE.6020Graduate Seminar3
EECE.6120Converged Voice and Data Network3
EECE.6160Computational Power Systems Analysis3
EECE.6170Modelling Of Communication Networks3
EECE.6500Advanced Computing Systems Hardware Architecture3
EECE.6510Advanced Embedded System Design with FPGA3
EECE.6520Parallel & Mp Architect3
EECE.6530AI and Machine Learning3
EECE.6540Heterogeneous Computing3
EECE.6570High Speed Integrated Network (Last Term 2004 Fall)
EECE.6580Computer Network Security3
EECE.6590Distributed Systems3
EECE.6600Mobile Communication Networks 3
EECE.6660Storage Area Newtorks3
EECE.6690Opto Electronic Devices3
EECE.6870Applied Stochastic Estimation3
EECE.6880Theoretical Acoustics3
EECE.6920Directed Studies/Electrical Engineering 3
EECE.7100Selected Topics 3
EECE.7110Special Topics 3
EECE.7120Special Topics in Electrical Engineering3
EECE.7150Special Topics:  Solar Terr Emag3
EECE.7290Selected Topics in Electrical Engineering3
EECE.7300Thesis - Electrical Engineering6
EECE.7310Thesis - Computing Engineering3
EECE.7320Systems Engineering Thesis3
EECE.7330Advance Graduate Project 3
EECE.7360Graduate Project - Electrical Engineering6
EECE.7390Graduate Project - Electrical Engineering9
EECE.7400Advanced Project In Electrical Engineering3
EECE.7430Master's Thesis in Electrical Engineering 3
EECE.7460Master's Thesis in Electrical Engineering 6
EECE.7490Master's Thesis - Electrical Engineering9
EECE.7510Doctoral Thesis1
EECE.7520PhD Thesis2
EECE.7530Doctoral Dissertation/EE 3
EECE.7540Doctoral Thesis - Electrical Engineering4
EECE.7550Doctoral Dissertation5
EECE.7560Doctoral Dissertation/Electrical Engineering 6
EECE.7570Doctoral Dissertation7
EECE.7590Doctoral Dissertation/Electrical Engineering9
EECE.7660Continued Grad Research6
EECE.7710Eng Sys Analysis I3
EECE.7720Eng Sys Analysis II3
EECE.7730Eng Sys Analysis III 3
ENGN.1070Introduction To Engineering I 2
ENGN.1300Introduction to Nano-Engineering3
ENGN.2050Statics 3
ENGN.2060Strength of Materials 3
ENGN.2070Dynamics 3
ENGN.3CECooperative Education 0
ENGN.4ACECooperative Education Experience 0
ENGN.4CECooperative Education 0
ENGN.4910Industrial Experience I
ENGN.5010Engineering for Teachers3
ENGN.5400Designing Sustainable Products3
ENGN.5500Introduction to Nanotechnology3
ENGN.5700Selected Issues in Nanomanfacturing0
ENGN.5900Graduate Industrial Cooperative Educational Experience I 1
ENGN.5910Graduate Industrial Cooperative Educational Experience II 1
ENGN.6020Graduate Professional Development for Engineers1
ENGN.6030Graduate Cooperative Experience1
ENGN.6040Workforce Development1
ENGY.4190Nuclear Reactor Operator Training3
ENGY.5040Energy Engineering Workshop3
ENGY.5050Reactor Physics3
ENGY.5070Reactor Engineering and Safety3
ENGY.5090Dynamic Systems Analysis3
ENGY.5100Nuclear Fuel Cycle3
ENGY.5140Chemical and Nuclear Waste3
ENGY.5190Reactor Operator Training3
ENGY.5200Reactor Operator Training3
ENGY.5310Selected Topics in Engineering 3
ENGY.5320Selected Topics: Energy Science3
ENGY.6010Graduate Research Seminar0
ENGY.6510Selected Topics in Energy Engineering3
ENGY.7050Supervised Teaching - Nuclear Engineering0
ENGY.7330Graduate Project - Energy Engineering3
ENGY.7390Graduate Project - Energy Engineering9
ENGY.7410Master's Research-Energy Engineering1
ENGY.7430Master's Thesis - Nuclear Engineering3
ENGY.7460Master's Thesis - Energy Engineering6
ENGY.7490Master's Thesis - Energy Engineering9
ENGY.7530Doctoral Dissertation/Energy Engineering3
ENGY.7560Graduate  Research - Nuclear Engineering6
ENGY.7590Doctoral Dissertation/Energy9
ENGY.7660Continued Graduate Research6
ENGY.7690Continued Graduate Research9
ENVS.5810Understanding Massachusetts Contingency Plan 3
ETEC.1300Electrical Basics and Laboratory 3
ETEC.1310Electronic Basics and Laboratory 3
ETEC.1320Digital Basics and Laboratory2
ETEC.2130Electric Circuits I 3
ETEC.2140Circuits II and Laboratory 3
ETEC.2150Circuits III and Laboratory 0
ETEC.2160Circuits IV 3
ETEC.2720Introduction to Alternative Energy 3
ETEC.3220Signals and Systems I 3
ETEC.3410Logic Design I and Laboratory 3
ETEC.3420Logic Design II and Laboratory 3
ETEC.3450Programmable Logic Controllers and Lab I 3
ETEC.3500Control Systems I 3
ETEC.3530Digital Electronics3
ETEC.3540PSPICE Simulation 3
ETEC.3550Electronics I and Laboratory 0
ETEC.3560Electronics II and Laboratory 2
ETEC.3570Electronics III and Laboratory 3
ETEC.3580Electronics IV and Laboratory 3
ETEC.3600Mathematics and Statistics/E.E.T. 3
ETEC.3610Project Laboratory A 2
ETEC.3650Applied Linear Devices 3
ETEC.3680Data Conversion and Laboratory 3
ETEC.3760Electromagnetic Theory 3
ETEC.3830Microprocessors A 3
ETEC.3840Microprocessors B 3
ETEC.3910Capstone Design 3
ETEC.3920Capstone Execution 3
ETEC.4030Foundations of Microwave Design3
ETEC.4100Systems Engineering and Analysis3
ETEC.4220GPS: Principles and Applications 3
ETEC.4270Digital Signal Processing 3
ETEC.4490Logic Design D3
ETEC.4590Power Conversion Design I 3
ETEC.4600Power Conversion II3
ETEC.4690Control Systems II3
ETEC.4770Electromagnetic Theory II3
ETEC.4850Fundamentals of Communication Systems 3
ETEC.4870Analog Filter Design3
ETEC.4960Radar Systems3
IB.520Ethical Issues in Biomedical Research1
IB.521Real Time Digital Signal Processing3
IB.560Biomedical Instrumentation3
MECH.1CO-OPCurricula Practical Training1
MECH.2010Computer Aided Design 2
MECH.2020Manufacturing Laboratory2
MECH.2420Thermodynamics 3
MECH.2960Materials Science for Engineers 3
MECH.3020Instrumentation and Measurement Laboratory 3
MECH.3110Applied Strength of Materials 3
MECH.3210Kinematics of Mechanisms 3
MECH.3220Control of Mechanical Systems 3
MECH.3410Conduction and Radiation Heat Transfer3
MECH.3420Convective Processes3
MECH.3610Mathematical Methods for Mechanical Engineers 3
MECH.3810Fluid Mechanics 3
MECH.3820Heat Transfer 3
MECH.4030Thermal Fluids Laboratory 3
MECH.4250Design of Machine Elements 3
MECH.4410Thermo-fluid Applications 3
MECH.4420Thermo-fluid Systems Design 3
MECH.4510Dynamic Systems Analysis 3
MECH.4730Design Theory and Constraints 3
MECH.4830Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics3
MECH.4991Directed Studies in Mechanical Engineering
MECH.5CO-OPCurricula Practical Training 1
MECH.5040Energy Engineering Workshop3
MECH.5050Directed Studies - ME3
MECH.5120Applied Finite Element Analysis 3
MECH.5130Theory of Finite Element Analysis3
MECH.5140Finite Element Analysis3
MECH.5150Structural Dynamic Modeling Techniques3
MECH.5160Experimental Modal Analysis3
MECH.5180Signal Proc Techniques3
MECH.5190Engineering Spectral Analysis3
MECH.5210Solar Fundamentals3
MECH.5240Fund of Acoustics3
MECH.5250Grid-Connected Solar Electric Systems 3
MECH.5270Solar Energy Engineering3
MECH.5280Photovoltaics Manufacturing3
MECH.5290Fuel Cell Fundamentals3
MECH.5310Math Methods In Mechanical Engineering3
MECH.5330Nanomaterials for Energy3
MECH.5420Convective Heat/Mass Transfer3
MECH.5450Advanced Industrial Heat and Mass Transfer3
MECH.5490Cooling of Electronic Equipment 3
MECH.5530MEMS & Microsystems3
MECH.5540Dynamic Systems and Controls3
MECH.5570Microsystem Design3
MECH.5580Aero/Wind Eng3
MECH.5620Solid Mechanics I3
MECH.5710Quality Engineering 3
MECH.5720Manufacturing Processes3
MECH.5740Design For Reliability Engineering 3
MECH.5750Industrial Design of Experiment 3
MECH.5760Engineering Project Management 3
MECH.5810Advanced Fluid Mechanics3
MECH.5830Advanced Aerodynamics3
MECH.5840Ocean Engineering3
MECH.5890Finite Element in Thermofluids2
MECH.5910Mechanical Behavior of Materials3
MECH.5930Graduate Co-op Education0
MECH.5950Graduate Co-op II0
MECH.5960Mechanics of Composite Materials3
MECH.5970Processing of Composites3
MECH.6020SpecialTopic: Thermo-Fluids3
MECH.6030Special Topic: Vibration Dynamics3
MECH.6110Matrix Methods3
MECH.6140Advanced Finite Element Methods3
MECH.7410Master's Thesis - Mechanical Engineering1
MECH.7420Master's Thesis - Mechanical Engineering2
MECH.7430Master's Thesis - ME 3
MECH.7460Master's Thesis - ME 6
MECH.7490Master's Thesis - Mechanical Engineering9
MECH.7510Advanced Projects in Mechanical Engineering3
MECH.7530Doctoral Dissertation/Mechanical Engineering3
MECH.7560Doctoral Dissertation/Mechanical Engineering6
MECH.7590Doctoral Dissertation/Mechanical Engineering9
MECH.7610Continued Grad Research
MECH.7630Continued Graduate Research3
MECH.7660Continued Graduate Research6
MECH.7690Continued Graduate Research9
MECH.7710Systems Analysis I 3
MECH.7720Systems Analysis II 3
MECH.7730Systems Analysis III 3
MTEC.1010Engineering Graphics2
MTEC.1020Engineering Design and Graphics 3
MTEC.2000Computer Aided Drafting (CADrf) 3
MTEC.2020Thermo/Fluids Laboratory 2
MTEC.2030Introduction to Automated Control Programming3
MTEC.2040Manufacturing Technology Laboratory 2
MTEC.2060Applied Computer Aided Manufacturing 3
MTEC.2110LABVIEW(TM) Programming with Engineering Applications 3
MTEC.2210Statics 3
MTEC.2220Dynamics 3
MTEC.2230Mechanics of Materials 3
MTEC.2260Technical Communications for Engineering Technology 3
MTEC.2410Elements of Thermodynamics I 3
MTEC.2420Applied Fluid Mechanics 3
MTEC.2430Elements of Thermodynamics II 3
MTEC.2620Engineering Data Analysis 3
MTEC.2950Materials Science 3
MTEC.3010Manufacturing Technology Laboratory 2
MTEC.3020Mechanics/Materials Laboratory 2
MTEC.3050Manufacturing Processes 3
MTEC.3140Manufacturing Productivity 3
MTEC.3200Machine Design 3
MTEC.3530Forensic Engineering 3
MTEC.3540Problems in Mechanical Engineering Technology 3
MTEC.4020Engineering Measurement Laboratory 2
MTEC.4140Engineering Economics 3
MTEC.4160Statistical Quality Control3
MTEC.4190Applied Computer Aided Manufacturing3
MTEC.4320Capstone Design 3
MTEC.4440Mechanical Vibrations 3
MTEC.4750Heat Transfer 3
MTEC.4800Computer Aided Design 3
MTEC.4840Introduction to Pro/ENGINEER 3
MTEC.4850Introduction to SolidWorks 3
PLAS.2150Plastics Processing Engineering Laboratory I 1
PLAS.3CECo-op Experience 0
PLAS.3060Methods of Experimental Analysis
PLAS.3140Fluid Flow
PLAS.4ACECooperative Education Experience 0
PLAS.4CECo-op Experience 0
PLAS.4040Process Control
PLAS.4150Capstone Project I 1
PLAS.4180Product and Process Design3
PLAS.5000Advanced Project In Plastics I 1
PLAS.5010Advanced Projects in Plastics II1
PLAS.5030Mechanical Behavior of Polymers 3
PLAS.5060Polymer Structure Properties & Applications 3
PLAS.5090Plastics Processing Theory I3
PLAS.5100Plastics Processing Theory II3
PLAS.5110Polymer Blends3
PLAS.5120Foams 3
PLAS.5130New Plastics Materials3
PLAS.5140Statistics for Six Sigma3
PLAS.5150Lean Plastics Manufacturing3
PLAS.5180Plastics Product Design 3
PLAS.5240Process Analysis Instrument and Control3
PLAS.5280Plastics Information Data Bases1
PLAS.5300Selected Topics 3
PLAS.5320Adhesives and Adhesion 3
PLAS.5330Green Coatings Science and Technology I 3
PLAS.5340Coatings II3
PLAS.5350Rubber Technology3
PLAS.5370Business Law for Engineers 3
PLAS.5400Commercial Development of Plastics3
PLAS.5410Computer Applications in Plastics3
PLAS.5440Advanced Plastics Materials 3
PLAS.5450Additives for Polymer Materials 3
PLAS.5480Analytical and Numerical Methods in Plastics Processing3
PLAS.5490Product Design for Elastomers3
PLAS.5500Processing with Elastomers 3
PLAS.5510Extrusion Die Design3
PLAS.5520Machine Design3
PLAS.5530Medical Device Design I 3
PLAS.5540Polymers in Medicine II: Medical Device Design3
PLAS.5630Current Topics in Plastics Materials I1
PLAS.5640Current Topics in Plastics Materials II1
PLAS.5660Polymer Materials Systems Solution3
PLAS.5680Dynamic Mechanical Properties II3
PLAS.5690Current Topics in Plastics Design I1
PLAS.5700Current Topics: Processing II1
PLAS.5720Advanced Plastics Processing Engineering Laboratory1
PLAS.5740Advance Physical Properties Lab 1
PLAS.5750Biomaterials in Medical Applications 3
PLAS.5760Advanced Mold Design 3
PLAS.5780Advanced Plastics Processing 3
PLAS.5790Problems In Biomaterials/Directed Study3
PLAS.5820Current Topics in Plastics Design II1
PLAS.5830Advanced Research Methodology3
PLAS.5850Computer Aided Engineering I3
PLAS.5890Polymer Nanocomposites3
PLAS.5900Survey of Intellectual Property 3
PLAS.5910Industrial Thesis Development I3
PLAS.5930Plastics Molding Engineering I1
PLAS.5950Thermoplastic Elastomers3
PLAS.5960Plastics, Elastomers and Additives from Renewable Resources3
PLAS.5970Plastics & Environment 3
PLAS.5990Rapid Prototyping3
PLAS.6010Graduate Industrial Coop Education I 3
PLAS.6020Medical Device Development Regulation 3
PLAS.6060Plastics Manufacturing Systems Engineering 3
PLAS.6110Coloration of Engineering Thermoplastics3
PLAS.6180Structural Product Design3
PLAS.6500Nanoscale Transport Phenomena for Manufacturing Nanodevices0
PLAS.6780New Developments in Polymer Manufacturing3
PLAS.7410Master's Thesis - Plastics Engineering1
PLAS.7430Masters Thesis Plastics Engineering3
PLAS.7460Master's Thesis - Plastics Engineering6
PLAS.7490M S Grad Res Plastics9
PLAS.7510Doctoral Thesis Research1
PLAS.7520Doctoral Thesis Research2
PLAS.7530Doctoral Dissertation/Plastics Engineering3
PLAS.7560Doctoral Dissertation/Plastics Engineering6
PLAS.7590Doctoral Dissertation/Plastics Engineering9
PLAS.7630Continued Graduate Research3
PLAS.7660Continued Graduate Research6
PLAS.7690Continued Graduate Research9
PTEC.2030Plastics Material Science III -Thermosetting Resin 3
PTEC.3310Injection Molding3
PTEC.4400Commercial Development of Plastics 3
PTEC.4510Selected Topics I3
PTEC.4520Selected Topics II 3
PTEC.4530Selected Topics III 3
PTEC.4540Selected Topics IV 3
PTEC.4550Selected Topics V 3
PTEC.4560Selected Topics VI 3
PTEC.4570Selected Topics VII 3
PTEC.4580Selected Topics VIII 3
10.201Material Balances3
10.202Energy Balance and Introduction to Thermodynamics3
10.303Fluid Mechanics3
10.304Heat Transfer3
10.310Separation Processes with Mass Transfer
10.311Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics3
10.317Applied Engineering Problem Solving with Matlab
10.336Programming and Problem Solving with MATLAB3
10.347Elements of Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer3
10.403Chemical Reaction Engineering3
10.501Paper Industry Processes3
10.502Principles of Chemical Engineering3
10.503Mass Transfer Operations3
10.504Paper and Pulp Processes3
10.506Colloidal Nanoscience and Nanoscale Engineering3
10.508Material Science and Engineering3
10.509Mathematic Applications For Chemical Engineers3
10.510Advanced Separation Processes3
10.514Process Optimization3
10.516Microprocessor Control1
10.517Mass Transfer Oper II3
10.518Microprocessor Control3
10.520Advanced Thermodynamics3
10.521Introduction Environmental Engineering3
10.522Process Design3
10.523Nanodevices and Electronics Materials Processing3
10.524Self Assembly and Nanotechnology3
10.525Const and Use Of Packaging Material3
10.527Nanomaterials Science and Engineering3
10.528Advanced Transport Phenomena3
10.529-IRecent Advances in Nanotechnology and Green Chemistry3
10.529Recent Advances in Nanotechnology and Green Chemistry3
10.530Advanced Control Strategies3
10.531Ceramic Materials3
10.532Principles of Chemical Engineering II3
10.533Macromolecular Science and Engineering3
10.534Special Ceramics Projects3
10.535Cell and Microbe Cultivation3
10.536Polymer Science and Engineering I3
10.537Nanomaterials Characterization I3
10.538Advanced Separations in Biotechnology3
10.539Mathematical Methods for Engineers3
10.540Adhesion and Adhesives3
10.541Nchrtzn by SEM, TEM & AFM3
10.544Formulation of Biotherapeutics3
10.545Isolation and Purification3
10.546Statistical Proc Design3
10.551Directed Study: Chemical Engineering3
10.552Directed Study: Chemical Engineering3
10.555Biopharmaceutical GMP and Licensing3
10.586Biotechnology Processing Projects Laboratory3
10.591Mechanical Behavior of Materials3
10.593Cooperative Education0
10.602Graduate Seminar1
10.610Metal and Ceramic Compositions3
10.615Microprocessor Control1
10.651Directed Study:  Macromolecular Sc3
10.653Selected Topics in Materials Engineering3
10.701Chemical Engineering Thesis3
10.702Chemical Engineering Thesis3
10.704Material Engineering Thesis3
10.705Supervised Teaching-Chemical0
10.720Special Projects in Chemical Engineering3
10.722Special Projects in Chemical Engineering3
10.726Special Projects in Chemical Engineering6
10.733Graduate Project - Chemical Engineering3
10.736Graduate Project - Chemical Engineering6
10.739Graduate Project - Chemical Engineering9
10.743Master's Thesis - Chemical Engineering3
10.746Master's Thesis - Chemical Engineering6
10.749Master'sThesis - Chemical Engineering9
10.751Advanced Project in Chemical Engineering6
10.753Doctoral Dissertation/Chemical Engineering3
10.756Doctoral Dissertation/Chemical Engineering6
10.759Doctoral Dissertation/Chemical Engineering9
10.763Continued Graduate Research3
10.766Continued Graduate Research6
10.769Continued Graduate Research9
11.651Selec Topics Paper Eng3
11.701Paper Eng Thesis3
14.203Statics (alternate 22.211)3
14.204Strength of Materials (alternate 22.212)3
14.205Dynamics (alternate 22.213)3
14.286Probability and Statistics for Engineers3
14.350Structural Analysis3
14.431Foundation and Soil Engineering3
14.466Introduction to LEED3
14.470Engineering Economics3
14.501Engineering Mathematics  I3
14.503Computer Based Analysis of Structures3
14.504Advanced Strength Of Material3
14.505Construction Safety3
14.506Computational Meth Eng ineering I3
14.507Engineering Computations3
14.509Environment Engineering Geology3
14.510Bridge Design3
14.521Reliability Analysis3
14.522Statistical Applications in Civil Engineering3
14.527Geotechnical and Environmental Site Characterization3
14.529Engineering with Geosynthetics3
14.530Deep Foundations3
14.531Advanced Soil Mechanics3
14.532Theoretical Soil Mechanics3
14.533Advanced Foundation Engineering3
14.534Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering3
14.536Soil Engineering3
14.537Experimental Soil Mechanics3
14.538Soil Behavior3
14.539Ground Improvement3
14.540Urban Transportation Planning3
14.541Traffic Engineering3
14.542Pavement Design3
14.543Traffic Principles for Intelligent Transportation Systems3
14.544Transportation Planning Practice3
14.545Public Transit Plan and Design3
14.546Pavement Design3
14.547Airport Planning and Design3
14.548Traffic Management and Control3
14.549Traffic Flow Theory3
14.550Behavior of Structures3
14.551Advanced Steel Design3
14.552Behavior - Concrete Structure3
14.553Wood Structures3
14.554Prestressed Concrete Design3
14.555Advanced Structural Design3
14.556Finite Element Analysis3
14.557Structural Dynamics3
14.558Bridge Design3
14.559Design of Masonry Structures3
14.560Advanced Hydraulics3
14.561Physical Chemical Treatment Processes3
14.562Physical and Chemical Hydrology Geology3
14.563Waste Containment System3
14.564Hydrology & Hydraulics3
14.565Industrial  Waste Treatment3
14.567Environmental Aquatic Chemistry3
14.568Environmental Fate and Transport3
14.570Wastewater Treatment and Storm Water Management Systems3
14.571Surface Water Quality  Modeling3
14.572Marine and Coastal Processes3
14.573Solid Waste Engineering3
14.574Air Quality Modeling3
14.575Groundwater Modeling3
14.576GIS Applications in Civil and Environmental3
14.577Biosystems in Environmental Engineering3
14.578Biological Wastewater Treatment3
14.580Construction Law3
14.581Engineering Systems Analysis3
14.582Hazardous Waste Management3
14.583Stochastic Concepts3
14.584Capstone Practicum3
14.585Transportation Safety3
14.590Design and  Analysis Waste System3
14.592Adv anced Waste Containment3
14.593Pchem Actn Earth Barrier3
14.594Site Treatment Technique3
14.595Hazardous Waste Site Remediation3
14.596Grad Industrial Exposure0
14.601Engineering Law3
14.640Trans Policy & Planning3
14.651Special Topics in Civil Engineering3
14.690Independent Project Civil Engineering3
14.691Special  Topics: Civil Engineering3
14.693Civil Engineering Individual Project3
14.701Thesis Laboratory1
14.705Supervised Teaching in Civil Engineering0
14.733Masters Project in Civil Engineering3
14.736Masters Project in Civil Engineering6
14.741Master's Thesis-Civil Enginnering1
14.742Master's Thesis - Civil Engineering3
14.743Master's Thesis - Civil Engineering3
14.744Master's Thesis - Civil Engineering4
14.746Master's Thesis - Civil Engineering6
14.749Master's Thesis - Civil Engineering9
14.752Independent Study in Civil Engineering3
14.753Doctoral Dissertation3
14.756Doctoral Dissertation/Civil Engineering6
14.757Doctoral Dissertation7
14.759Doctoral Dissertation9
14.763Continued Graduate Research3
14.766Continued Graduate Research6
14.769Continued Graduate Research9
15.113Computer-Aided Design and Drafting2
15.1143D Computer-Aided Design2
15.123Surveying I4
15.124Surveying II4
15.131Environmental Chemistry I3
15.132Environmental Chemistry II3
15.152Water Biology3
15.154Water Biology II3
15.224Materials/Structural Laboratory1
15.239Strength of Materials3
15.242Steel Design I3
15.246Fluid Mechanics/ Hydraulics3
15.247Hydraulics Laboratory1
15.251Structural Analysis I3
15.252Steel Design I3
15.253Reinforced Concrete I3
15.254Soil Mechanics I3
15.256Water and Wastewater Laboratory1
15.257Highway Elements3
15.261Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations I3
15.262Legal Aspects of Land Surveying3
15.263Wastewater Operations Laboratory I1
15.264Fundamentals of Land Development3
15.272Water Supply and Treatment Operations I3
15.274Water Works Operations Lab1
15.280Industrial Waste Treatment3
15.299Surveying III3
15.315Land Development Desktop3
15.340Hazardous Waste Management3
15.352Structural Analysis II3
15.353Forensic Engineering3
15.355Water Distribution Systems3
15.356Water Treatment Design3
15.358Wastewater Treatment3
15.361Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations II3
15.363Wastewater Operations Laboratory II1
15.372Water Supply and Treatment Operations II3
15.374Water Works Operations Lab II1
15.378Air Quality Monitoring3
15.383Steel Design II3
15.388Pumps and Compressors3
15.391Reinforced Concrete Design II3
15.392Soil Mechanics II3
15.394Soil Mechanics Lab1
15.396Groundwater Resources3
15.410Fundamentals of Construction Inspection 3
15.420Solid Waste Management3
15.452Operation and Maintenance of Wastewater Collection Systems3
15.470Construction Project Management3
15.486Transportation Elements3
15.492Water/Wastewater Plant Management3
16.201Circuit Theory I3
16.202Circuit Theory II3
16.207Basic E.E. I Laboratory2
16.208Basic EE II Laboratory2
16.210Semiconductor Basics3
16.211Fundamentals of Electricity I3
16.212Fundamentals of Electricity Laboratory1
16.213Fundamentals of Electricity for Civil Engineers3
16.216ECE Application Programming3
16.265Logic Design3
16.311Electronics I Lab2
16.312Electronics II Laboratory2
16.317Microprocessors Systems Design I3
16.333Chemistry and Engineering of Electronic Materials3
16.360Electromagnetic Theory3
16.362Signals and Systems I3
16.363Signals and Systems II3
16.364Engineering Mathematics3
16.365Electronics I3
16.366Electronics II3
16.399Capstone Proposal3
16.409Directed Studies3
16.412Directed Studoes3
16.413Linear Feedback Systems3
16.421Real Time D.S.P.3
16.424Computational Methods for Power System Analysis3
16.426Power Systems Stability and Control
16.428Alternative Energy Sources3
16.429Electric Vehicle Technology3
16.431RF Design I3
16.441-IIntroduction to Biosensors
16.441Introduction to Biosensors
16.443Power System Operation and Markets3
16.444Power Distribution System 3
16.450Advanced Digital System Design3
16.460Biomedical Instrumentation3
16.461Engineering Electromagnetics II3
16.467Special Topics: Introduction to Biometric Technology3
16.468Electro-Optics & Integrated Optics3
16.470VLSI Fabrication3
16.474Principles of Solid State Devices3
16.475Automated Test Systems3
16.480Microprocessor Systems II & Embedded Systems3
16.483Network Design: Principles, Protocols & Applications3
16.490Fiber Optic Communications3
16.491Industrial Experience3
16.492Industrial Experience3
16.493Industrial Experience3
16.499Capstone Project3
16.500Comprehensive Study: Electrical Engineering3
16.501Discrete Systems3
16.502VLSI Design3
16.504VLSI Fabrication3
16.505Microwave Electronics3
16.506Antenna Theory and Design3
16.507Electromagnetic Materials & Waves3
16.508Quantum Electronics for Engineers3
16.509Linear Systems Analysis3
16.510Digital Signal Processing3
16.511Medical Diagnostic Imaging3
16.513Control Systems3
16.514-IPower System Operation and Markets3
16.514Power System Operation and Markets3
16.515Power Electronics3
16.516Advance Machine Design3
16.517MMIC Design and Fabrication3
16.519Engineering of Submicron Machines3
16.520Computer Aided Engineering Analysis3
16.521Real Time Digital Signal Processing3
16.522Data Structures/C++3
16.523Introduction to Solid State Electronics3
16.524Computational Methods for Power System Analysis3
16.525Power Distribution Systems3
16.526Power Systems Stability and Control3
16.527Advanced VLSI Design Techniques3
16.528Alternate Energy Sources3
16.529Electric Vehicle Technology3
16.531RF Design3
16.532Computational Electromagnetics3
16.533Microwave Engineering3
16.534Microwave Laboratory3
16.541Introduction to Biosensors3
16.543Theory of Communication3
16.544Communication Theory II3
16.545Coding Theory3
16.546Computer Telecommunications3
16.547Stat Communication Theory3
16.548Coding and Information Theory3
16.549Introduction Intelligent Transportation Systems3
16.550Advanced Digital System Design3
16.552Microprocessor Systems II & Embedded Systems3
16.553Software Engineering3
16.555Laser/Microwaves In Medicine3
16.557Object Oriented Design3
16.560Biomedical Instrumentation3
16.561Computer Architecture and Design3
16.562VHDL/Verilog Design, Verification & Synthesis3
16.563Systems Programming3
16.564Operatimg Systems I3
16.565Analog Devices and Techniques3
16.568Electro Optic Systems3
16.569Electro Optic Systems3
16.571Radar Systems3
16.572Embedded Real Time Systems3
16.573Operating Systems3
16.574Advanced Logic Design3
16.575Field Programmable Gate Arrays Logic Design Techniques3
16.576Principles of Solid State Devices3
16.577Verification of Very Large Digital Designs3
16.578Modeling and Implementation of Digital Systems using MATLAB3
16.579Doctoral Research - Electrical Engineering9
16.581Computer Vision and Digital Image Processing3
16.582Wireless Communications3
16.583Network Design: Principle Particles Applications3
16.584Probability and Random Processes3
16.585Communication Net Analys3
16.586Stochastic Modeling In Telecommunications3
16.590Fiber Optic Communication3
16.591Industrial Experience3
16.593Industrial Experience0
16.594Industrial Experience0
16.595Solid State Electronics3
16.601Grad Seminar in Electrical Engineering3
16.602VHDL/Verilog Synthesis & Design3
16.603Solid State Physical Electronics3
16.604Microwave Devices3
16.605Defects In Semi Controls3
16.607Electromagnets Of Complex Media3
16.608Scattering and Diffraction Of Em Waves3
16.609Inverse Scattering3
16.610Optical Information Processing3
16.611Solar Terr Relations3
16.612Converged Voice and Data Network3
16.613Non-Linear Systems3
16.614Optimal Control Theory3
16.615Solid State Drives3
16.616Computational Power Systems Analysis3
16.617Modelling Of Communication Networks3
16.618Performance-wireless Net3
16.619Digital Control Systems3
16.640Reading Institute3
16.650Advanced Computing Systems Hardware Architecture3
16.651Advanced Embedded System Design with FPGA3
16.652Parallel & Mp Architect3
16.653AI and Machine Learning3
16.654Heterogeneous Computing3
16.655Com Local Network3
16.657High Speed Integrated Network3
16.658Comp Network Security3
16.659Distributed Systems3
16.660Mobile Communication Networks3
16.661Local Area/Computer Networks3
16.662Micro Programming3
16.663Compiler Structures3
16.664Parallel Processors3
16.665Digital Function Analysis3
16.666Storage Area Newtorks3
16.667Operating Systems3
16.668Advanced Cryptography3
16.669Opto Electronic Devices3
16.671Advanced Computer Architecture3
16.674Digital Processor Design3
16.675Advanced Digital Devices3
16.676Digital System Design Laboratory3
16.684Time Series Analysis3
16.685Statistical CommunicationTheory3
16.687Applied Stochcastic Estimation3
16.688Theoretical Acoustics3
16.692Directed Studies/Electrical Engineering3
16.699Rev Electrical and Computer Engineering3
16.700Seminar In Ee3
16.701Graduate Research Seminar0
16.705Supervised Tchg - Electrical Engineering0
16.710Selected Topics: 3
16.711Special Topics3
16.712Special Topics in Electrical Engineering 3
16.713High Speed Integrated Network3
16.714Optical Processing3
16.715Special Topics:  Solar Terr Emag3
16.716Electronic Material I3
16.717Meas of Sc Mat and Devices3
16.718Image Processing3
16.719Solar Cell Design Tech3
16.720Waves in Plasma II3
16.721Fuzzy Systems Thry & App3
16.722Special Topics:  Traffic Surveillance3
16.723High Speed Semicond Dev3
16.724Digital Function Analysis3
16.725Digital Speech Process3
16.727Special Topic:  FPGA-BA3
16.729Selected Topics in Electrical Engineering3
16.730Thesis - Electrical Engineering6
16.731Thesis - Computing Engineering3
16.732Systems Engineering Thesis3
16.733Advance Graduate Project3
16.736Graduate Project - Electrical Engineering6
16.739Graduate Project - Electrical Engineering9
16.740Advanced Project In Electrical Engineering3
16.743Master's Thesis  in Electrical Engineering3
16.746Master's Thesis in Electrical Engineering6
16.749Master's Thesis - Electrical Engineering9
16.751Doctoral Thesis1
16.752PhD Thesis2
16.753Doctoral Dissertation/EE3
16.754Doctoral Thesis - Electrical Engineering4
16.755Doctoral Dissertation5
16.756Doctoral Dissertation/Electrical Engineering6
16.757Doctoral Dissertation7
16.759Doctoral Dissertation/Electrical Engineering9
16.763Continued Grad Research3
16.766Continued Grad Research6
16.769Continued Grad Research9
16.771Eng Sys Analysis I3
16.772Eng Sys Analysis II3
16.773Eng Sys Analysis III3
17.130Electrical Basics and Laboratory2
17.131Electronic Basics and Laboratory2
17.132Digital Basics and Laboratory2
17.200Basic Geometrical Optics3
17.201Introduction to Fiber Optics3
17.202Introduction to Optical Systems3
17.210Semiconductor Basics3
17.213Circuits I3
17.214Circuits II and Laboratory2
17.215Circuits III and Laboratory2
17.216Circuits IV3
17.230Mathematics & Statistics/E.E.T.3
17.272Introduction to Alternative Energy3
17.300Basic Physical Optics3
17.301Math for Signal Processing3
17.302Wave Optics3
17.322Signals and Systems I3
17.323Signals and Systems II3
17.324Engineering Mathematics3
17.341Logic Design I and Laboratory 3
17.342Logic Design II and Lab3
17.345Programmable Logic Controllers and Lab I3
17.346Logic Design A3
17.347Logic Design B3
17.348Logic Design C & Laboratory2
17.350Control Systems I3
17.353Digital Electronics3
17.354PSPICE Simulation3
17.355Electronics I and Laboratory2
17.356Electronics II and Laboratory2
17.357Electronics III and Laboratory2
17.358Electronics IV and Laboratory2
17.360Mathematics and Statistics/E.E.T.3
17.361Project Laboratory A2
17.365Applied Linear Devices3
17.368Data Conversion and Laboratory2
17.376Electromagnetic Theory I3
17.383Microprocessors A3
17.384Microprocessors B2
17.391Project Laboratory B2
17.392Project Laboratory C2
17.403Foundations of Microwave Design3
17.410Systems Engineering and Analysis3
17.415Advanced Topics in Optical Engineering3
17.419Introduction to ITS Technologies3
17.422GPS: Principles and Applications3
17.427Digital Signal Processing3
17.428Vacuum Technology and RF3
17.431Electromagnetic Compatibility3
17.433Linear Feedback Systems3
17.447Fiber Optic Networks3
17.449Logic Design D3
17.459Power Conversion Design I3
17.460Power Conversion II3
17.461Lasers and Laser Systems3
17.462Image Signal Processing3
17.463Biomedical Optics3
17.464Industrial Optics3
17.465Infrared Optical Systems3
17.469Control Systems II3
17.474Infrared Optical Systems3
17.478Applied Electromagnetics3
17.480Electro-Optics Laboratory2
17.481Advanced Topics in Photonics3
17.483Microprocessor Hardware3
17.484Microprocessor Software3
17.485Fundamentals of Communication Systems3
17.486Digial Communications and Networks3
17.487Analog Filter Design3
17.490Advanced Microprocessors3
17.492Diagnostic Programming3
17.495Microprocessor Control3
17.496Radar Systems3
18.535Global Environmental Science3
18.581Understanding the Massachusetts Contingency Plan3
19.401Occupational Health3
19.771Eng Sys Analysis I3
20.505Manufacturing Processes3
20.510Information System for Manufacturing Process3
20.514Engineering Economics3
20.515Manufacturing Automation3
20.516Statistics Quality Control3
20.525Computer Integrated Manufacturing3
20.526Computer Integrated Manufacturing  II3
20.527Supplier Engineering3
20.530Electronic Material and Process3
20.535Microprocessor Application3
20.540Systems Concepts-Safety3
20.542Advanced Manufacturing Materials3
20.545Management and Organization Of Manufacturing Options3
20.550Reliability Engineering  I3
20.551Reliability Analysis3
20.560O & M Industrial  Waste Treatment3
20.570Advanced Topics in Computer Aided Design/Robotics3
20.571Design of Advanced Product Management3
20.572Design for Manufacturing3
20.575Robotic  Engineering Design3
20.580Industrial  Electro-Optic Design3
20.585Computer Control Machine  Project3
20.640Special Projects3
20.680Industrial Machine Vision3
20.701Graduate Research Manufacturing Engineering3
20.702Graduate Research Manufacturing Engineering6
20.705Supervised Teaching - Manufacturing0
20.710Seminar Manufacturing Engingeering3
20.714Seminar: Manufacturing Engineering3
20.733Advanced Project in Manufacturing Engineering3
20.734Advanced Project in Manufacturing Engineering9
20.736Graduate Project - Manufacturing Engineering6
20.739Graduate Project - Manufacturing Engineering9
20.743Master'sThesis - Manufacturing Engineering3
20.746Master's Research Manufacturing Engineering6
20.751Advanced Projects in Manufacturing3
20.754Advanced Project in Manufacturing3
20.763Continued Graduate Research3
20.766Continued Graduate Research6
20.769Continued Graduate Research9
20.799Directed Study - Industrial Technology3
21.505Manufacturing Processes3
21.510Information Systems for Manufacturing Process3
22.201Mechanical Design Laboratory I2
22.202Mechanical Design Laboratory II2
22.211Statics (alternate 14.203)3
22.212Strength of Materials (alternate 14.204)3
22.213Dynamics (alternate 14.205)3
22.214Engineering Mechanics4
22.295Material Science & Engineering3
22.302Mechanical Engineering Laboratory I: Instrumentation3
22.311Applied Strength of Materials3
22.321Mechanical Design I3
22.322Mechanical Design II3
22.341Conduction and Radiation Heat Transfer3
22.342Convective Processes3
22.361Mathematical Methods for Mechanical Engineers
22.381Fluid Mechanics3
22.382Heat Transfer3
22.403M.E. Lab II: Measurement Engineering3
22.425Design of Machine Elements3
22.441Analysis of Thermo-Fluid Processes3
22.442Design of Thermofluid Systems3
22.451Dynamic Systems Analysis3
22.473Design Theory and Constraints
22.483Advanced Aerodynamics3
22.485Special Topics in Aero Engineering3
22.501Directed Study:  Mechanics1
22.502Intro To Mech & Material3
22.503Transport Phenomena3
22.504Energy Engineering Workshop3
22.505Directed Studies - ME3
22.511Matrix Methods3
22.512Applied Finite Elements3
22.513Finite Element Analysis I3
22.514Finite Element Analysis3
22.515Modal Analysis3
22.516Experimental Modal Analysis3
22.517Structural Dynamics3
22.518Signal Proc Techniques3
22.519High Frequency Vibrations & Sie3
22.521Solar Fundamentals3
22.522Intergrated Product Design3
22.524Fund of Acoustics3
22.527Solar Energy Engineering3
22.528Photovoltaics Manufacturing3
22.529MS Project I3
22.531Math Methods In Mechanical Engineering3
22.532Math Methods in ME II3
22.533Adv/graduate Project3
22.540Heat Conduction3
22.541Fundamental Thermo Fluid Process2
22.542Convective Heat/Mass Transfer3
22.543Numerical Methods in Heat Conditioning3
22.544Con & Rad Heat Transfer3
22.545Advanced Industrial Heat and Mass Transfer3
22.546Computational Thermofluids I3
22.547Numerical Methods In Thermo/Fluid Systems3
22.548Numerical Methods T/F II3
22.549Cooling of Electronic Equipment3
22.551Advance Dynamics3
22.552Vibration Of Cont Media3
22.553MEMS & Microsystems3
22.554Dynamic Systems and Controls3
22.555Noise Control3
22.556Stochastic Processes3
22.557Microsystem Design3
22.558Aero/Wind Engineering3
22.562Solid Mechanics I3
22.563Solid Mechanics II2
22.564Plates and Shells3
22.565Met/ceramic Composites3
22.566Inelastic Continua3
22.567Advanced Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing3
22.570Polymer Nanocomposites3
22.571Collaborative Engineering3
22.572Manufacturing Processes3
22.573Manufacturing Systems3
22.574Design for Reliability Engineering3
22.575Industrial Design of Experiment3
22.576Engineering Project Management3
22.577Event Driven Manufacturing3
22.578Advanced Materials3
22.581Advanced Fluid Mechanics3
22.582Viscous Flow3
22.583Advanced Aerodynamics3
22.584Ocean Engineering3
22.585Ocean Engineering3
22.586Comp Applic Ff/ht3
22.587Numerical Methods in Thermo Fluid3
22.589Finite Element In Thermofluids2
22.590Control Volume Methods Thermofluid3
22.591Mechanical Behavior of Materials3
22.593Graduate Co-op Education0
22.594Fracture Mechanics3
22.595Graduate Co-op II0
22.596Composite Materials3
22.597Processing of Composites3
22.598Case Studies In Comp3
22.601Sp Top: Mechanics/matls3
22.602SpecialTopic: Thermo-Fluids3
22.603Special Topic: Vibration Dynamics3
22.604SpecialTopic: Manufacturing Engineering3
22.606Directed Study: Mechanical Engineering3
22.607Dir Studies In Eng Math3
22.609Sel Topic In Therm Fluid3
22.611Matrix Methods3
22.612Structural Dynamics3
22.614Finite Element Analysis II3
22.616Modal Analysis II3
22.624Theory & Prac Eng Design3
22.629MS Project II3
22.644Plates and Shells2
22.664Plates & Shells3
22.666Inelastic Continua3
22.678Workcell Design and Controls3
22.697Structural Application Of Composite Materials3
22.701Graduate Research in Mechanical Engineering3
22.702Adv Projects In Mechanical Engineering3
22.705Supervised Tchg ME0
22.710Dir Graduate Studies3
22.733Graduate Project - Mechanical Engineering3
22.736Graduate Project - Mechanical Engineering6
22.739Graduate Project - Mechnical Engineering9
22.741Master's Thesis - Mechanical Engineering1
22.742Master's Thesis - Mechanical Engineering2
22.743Master's Thesis - ME3
22.746Master's Thesis - ME6
22.749Master's Thesis - Mechanical Engineering9
22.751Advanced Projects in Mechanical Engineering3
22.753Doctoral Dissertation/Mechanical Engineering3
22.756Doctoral Dissertation/Mechanical Engineering6
22.759Doctoral Dissertation/Mechanical Engineering9
22.763Continued Graduate Research3
22.766Continued Graduate Research6
22.769Continued Graduate Research9
22.771Systems Analysis I3
22.772Systems Analysis II3
22.773Systems Analysis III3
23.101Engineering Graphics2
23.102Engineering Design and Graphics3
23.200Computer Aided Drafting3
23.202Thermo/Fluids Laboratory2
23.211LabVIEW(TM) Programming with Engineering Applications3
23.223Mechanics of Materials3
23.226Technical Communications for Engineering Technology3
23.241Elements of Thermodynamics I3
23.242Applied Fluid Mechanics3
23.243Elements of Thermodynamics II3
23.262Engineering Data Analysis3
23.295Materials Science3
23.301Manufacturing Technology Laboratory2
23.302Mechanics/Materials Laboratory2
23.305Manufacturing Processes3
23.310Industrial Safety3
23.314Manufacturing Productivity3
23.320Machine Design3
23.353Forensic Engineering3
23.354Problems in Mechanical Engineering Technology3
23.402Engineering Measurement Laboratory2
23.414Engineering Economics3
23.419Applied Computer Aided Manufacturing3
23.426Quality Systems Certification/ISO 90003
23.430Industrial Automation3
23.432Capstone Design3
23.444Mechanical Vibrations3
23.451Six Sigma3
23.474Design for Manufacture3
23.475Heat Transfer3
23.480Computer Aided Design 3
23.481Applied CAD Design3
23.484Introduction to Pro|ENGINEER3
23.485Introduction to SolidWorks3
24.419Nuclear Reactor Operator Training I 3
24.501Graduate Research Seminar1
24.502Graduate Research Seminar1
24.503Reactor Operation and Licensing1
24.504Energy Engineering Workshop3
24.505Reactor Physics3
24.506Special Topics In Reactor Physics3
24.507Reactor Engineering and Safety3
24.508Space Power Systems3
24.509Dynamic Systems Analysis3
24.510Nuclear Fuel Cycle3
24.511Advanced Reactor Concepts3
24.512Criticality Control3
24.514Chemical and Nuclear Waste3
24.517Computer Application In Design1
24.519Reactor Operator Training3
24.520Reactor Operator Training3
24.521Fund of Solar Energy3
24.522Nuclear Materials3
24.523Nuclear Application in Biotechnology3
24.524Introduction to Solar Research3
24.526Materials in Energy3
24.527Solar System Engineering Comm Ind3
24.529Geothermal Energy3
24.531Selected Topics in Engineering3
24.532Selected Topics:  Energy Science3
24.535Nuclear Instrumentation I1
24.537Plant Life Extension3
24.538Thermal Hydraulics-Flow3
24.539Mathematical Methods for Engineers3
24.541AFM & XRay Diffraction Analysis of Advanced Materials3
24.542Nanostr Char By Sem & Tem3
24.549Master's Research In Energy Engineering9
24.601Graduate Research Seminar0
24.602Graduate Research Seminar0
24.651Selected Topics in Energy Engineering3
24.652Selected Topics in Energy Engineering3
24.701Thesis In Energy Engeering3
24.702Graduate Research3
24.703Master's Research in Engineering3
24.705Supervised Teaching - Nuclear Engineering0
24.731Project in Energy Engineering3
24.733Graduate Project - Energy Engineering3
24.736Graduate Project - Energy Engineering6
24.739Graduate Project - Energy Engineering9
24.741-IMaster's Research-Energy Engineering1
24.741Master's Research-Energy Engineering1
24.743Master's Thesis - Nuclear Engineering3
24.746Master's Thesis - Energy Engineering6
24.749Master's Thesis - Energy Engineering9
24.751Project in Energy Engineering3
24.752Advanced Projects in Energy Engineering3
24.753Doctoral Dissertation/Engergy Engineering3
24.756Graduate  Research - Nuclear Engineering6
24.759Doctoral Dissertation/Energy Engineering9
24.763Continued Graduate Research3
24.766Continued Graduate Research6
24.769Continued Graduate Research9
25.130Introduction to Nano-Engineering3
25.501Engineering for Teachers3
25.502Engineering for Teachers3
25.510System Approach to Maintenance3
25.512English for Engineering Graduate Students0
25.514Manufacturing Productivity3
25.520Transportation System Analysis3
25.530Engineering Systems Analysis3
25.540Philosophy of Engineering3
25.550Introduction to Nanotechnology3
25.551Nanomanufacturing I3
25.570Selected Issues in Nanomanfacturing0
25.605Role Of Defects/sSemi-con3
25.610Doctorate Engineering Seminar1
25.640Organizational Behavior and Marketing3
25.641Accounting and Finance3
25.642Options Management and Business Policy3
25.710Dynamics of Industrial Management1.5
26.203Introduction to Polymeric Materials, Processing, and Testing3
26.306Methods of Experimental Analysis
26.314Fluid Flow
26.418Product and Process Design3
26.500Advanced Project in Plastics I1
26.501Advanced Projects in Plastics II1
26.502New Plastics Processing Techniques3
26.503Mechanical Behavior of Polymers3
26.504Physical Properties of Polymers II3
26.505Polymer Structure II3
26.506Polymer Structure, Properties & Applications3
26.507Plastics Industry Orginization3
26.508Current Topics: Injection Molding1
26.509Plastics Processing Theory I3
26.510Plastics Processing Theory II3
26.511Polymer Blends3
26.512Porous Polymers3
26.513New Plastics Materials3
26.514Statistics for Six Sigma3
26.515Lean Plastics Manufacturing3
26.516Polymer Based Composites3
26.517Polymer Based Composites3
26.518Plastics Product Design3
26.519Plastics Coating: Electronics3
26.520Advanced Project in Plastics III3
26.521Lean Plastics Manufacturing3
26.523Screw Design Principles3
26.524Process Analysis Instrument and Control3
26.525Processing: Syn Fibers and Structures3
26.526Nanoscale Plastics Processing3
26.527Mechanics of Fibrous Structure3
26.528Plastics Informaton Data Bases1
26.529Composites Material Testing2
26.530Selected Topics3
26.531Design of Auto Assemby Systems3
26.532Adhesives and Adhesion3
26.533Coatings Science and Technology I3
26.534Coatings II3
26.535Rubber Technology3
26.536Rheology of Coatings3
26.537Business Law for Engineers3
26.538Selected Topics: Plastics II3
26.539Research in Coatings3
26.540Commercial Development of Plastics3
26.541Computer Applications in Plastics3
26.542Colloidal Nanoscience and Nanoscale Engineering3
26.544Advanced Plastics Materials3
26.545Additives for Polymer Materials3
26.546Mixing In Plastics Processing3
26.548Analytical and Numerical Methods in Plastics Processing3
26.549Product Design for Elastomers3
26.550Processing with Elastomers3
26.551Extrusion Die Design3
26.552Machine Design3
26.553Polymers In Medicine3
26.554Polymers in Medicine II: Medical Device Design3
26.555Rheology I3
26.556Rheology II1
26.557Composites Fabrication1
26.558Composites Fabrication1
26.559Elements of Packaging3
26.561General Seminar II1
26.562Plastics Processing  Engineering Laboratory  II3
26.563Current Topics in Materials1
26.564Current Topics: Materials II1
26.566Polymer Materials Systems Solution3
26.567Dynamic Mechanical Properties I3
26.568Dynamic Mechanical Properties II3
26.569Current Topics:  Design II1
26.570Current Topics: Processing II1
26.572Advanced Plastics Processing Engineering Laboratory1
26.574Advance Physical Properties Lab1
26.576Advanced Mold Design3
26.577Plastics Process Engineering I3
26.578Advanced Plastics Processing3
26.579Problems in Biomaterials/Directed Study3
26.580Polymer Science I3
26.581Polymer Science II3
26.582Current Topics In Design1
26.583Advanced Research Methodology3
26.584Current Topics in Processing1
26.585Computer Aided Engineering I3
26.586Computer Aided Engineering II3
26.587Dynamic Mechanical Properties  I3
26.588Injection Molding3
26.589Polymer Nanocomposites3
26.590Survey of Intellectual Property3
26.591Cooperative Education3
26.592Rheology II3
26.593Plastics Molding Engineering I1
26.595Thermoplastic Elastomers3
26.596Plastics, Elastomers and Additives from Renewable Resources3
26.597Plastics & Environment3
26.598Smart Polymers3
26.599Rapid Prototyping3
26.600Independent Study3
26.601Education With Industry1
26.602Materials Seminar1
26.603Design Seminar1
26.604Processing Seminar1
26.605Plastic Seminar Research1
26.606Plastics Manufacturing Systems Engineering3
26.650Thesis Review0
26.651Software Application-Injection Molding3
26.652Selected Topics - Plastics3
26.654Selected Topics In Plastics3
26.655Selected Topics In Plastics3
26.656Special Topics: High Pert Material3
26.657Plastics Physical Properties Laboratory I1
26.697Str Application Composite Material3
26.701General Seminar1
26.702General Seminar II1
26.703Materials Seminar1
26.704Materials Seminar1
26.705Design Seminar1
26.706Design Seminar1
26.707Processing Seminar1
26.708Processing Seminar1
26.709Plastics Information Seminar1
26.713Plastics Color Science3
26.714Independent Study3
26.717Fiber Reinf Polym Comp3
26.722Advanced Projects1
26.731Independent Study3
26.732Independent Study3
26.734Independent Study3
26.741Master's Thesis - Plastics Engineering1
26.743Masters Thesis Plastics Engineering3
26.745Thesis Review0
26.746Master's Thesis - Plastics Engineering6
26.749M S Graduate Research Plastics9
26.751Doctoral Thesis Research1
26.752Doctoral Thesis Research2
26.753Doctoral Dissertation/Plastics Engineering3
26.754Adv Proj In Plastics1
26.756Doctoral Dissertation/Plastics Engineering6
26.757Doctoral Research In Pl7
26.758Phy Prop Lab II1
26.759Doctoral Dissertation/Plastics Engineering9
26.763Continued Graduate Research3
26.766Continued Graduate Research6
26.768Continued Graduate Research8
26.769Continued Graduate Research9
27.201Plastics Material Science I (Commodity Thermoplastics) 3
27.202Plastics Material Science II (Engineering Resins)3
27.203Plastics Material Science III (Thermosetting Resins)3
27.207Introduction to Plastics Processing (Replaced by 27.219)3
27.209Introduction to Plastics Processing (Replaced by 27.219)3
27.217Plastics Processing Engineering Laboratory1
27.219Introduction to Plastics Processing (Formerly 27.207)3
27.301Additives for Polymeric Materials3
27.303Reinforced Plastics and Composites3
27.311Principles of Packaging3
27.312Materials and Packages3
27.313Packaging Development3
27.314Packaging for the Environment3
27.315Design of Packaging for POP Displays3
27.331Injection Molding3
27.332Advanced Injection Molding3
27.333Polymer Processing3
27.341Extrusion Die Design3
27.342Principles of Compounding (See new course #27.343)3
27.343Principles of Extrusion3
27.345Principles of Extrusion3
27.371Plastics Part Design3
27.373Plastics Mold Design I3
27.375Injection Molding Simulation Using Moldflow(TM)3
27.376Plastics Mold Engineering II3
27.381Extrusion Dye Design3
27.401Processing Technology I3
27.402Processing Technology II3
27.403Physical Properties of Polymers I3
27.404Physical Properties of Polymers II3
27.405Polymer Characterization3
27.406Polymer Structures/Properties3
27.407Plastics Industry Organization3
27.418Plastics Product Design3
27.425Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Plastics I3
27.426Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Plastics II3
27.440Commercial Development of Plastics3
27.451Selected Topics I3
27.452Selected Topics II3
27.453Selected Topics III3
27.454Selected Topics IV3
27.455Selected Topics V3
27.456Selected Topics VI3
27.457Selected Topics VII3
27.458Selected Topics VIII3
27.465Polymeric Material Systems Selection3
27.734Independent Study In Plastics3
28.701Thesis in Systems Engineering3
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