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CRS#Course NameCredits
ACCT.2010Accounting/Financial 3
ACCT.2020Accounting/Managerial 3
ACCT.2030Fundamentals of Accounting3
ACCT.301Intermediate Accounting I3
ACCT.3010Intermediate Accounting I 3
ACCT.302Intermediate Accounting II3
ACCT.3020Intermediate Accounting II 3
ACCT.303Accounting Information Systems3
ACCT.3030Accounting Information Systems 3
ACCT.3100Corporate Financial Reporting I3
ACCT.3200Corporate Financial Reporting II3
ACCT.321Cost Accounting3
ACCT.3210Cost Accounting 3
ACCT.3300Corporate Financial Reporting III3
ACCT.331Cost Management Systems3
ACCT.4010Advanced Financial Accounting I 3
ACCT.4210Auditing 3
ACCT.431Federal Income Taxes3
ACCT.4310Federal Income Taxes 3
ACCT.432Advanced Federal Income Taxation3
ACCT.441Accounting for Not-for-Profit Institutions3
ACCT.4790Accounting Internship 3
ACCT.4800Special Topics in Accounting3
ACCT.4991Independent Studies 1
ACCT.501Financial Accounting2
ACCT.5010Financial Accounting 2
ACCT.502Managerial Accounting2
ACCT.504Advanced Managerial Accounting1
ACCT.601Accounting Information for Management Decisions3
ACCT.6010Accounting Information for Management Decisions 3
ACCT.602Advanced Management and Sustainability Accounting3
ACCT.6020Advanced Management and Sustainability Accounting 3
ACCT.605Government and Non-Profit Accounting3
ACCT.6050Government and Non-Profit Accounting 3
ACCT.612Advanced Cost Management3
ACCT.6120Advanced Cost Management 3
ACCT.621Tax Factors in Business Decisions3
ACCT.6210Tax Factors in Business Decisions3
ACCT.622Globalization and Accounting3
ACCT.6220Globalization and Accounting 3
ACCT.623Contemporary Accounting Issues3
ACCT.6230Contemporary Accounting Issues 3
ACCT.630Taxation of Business Entities3
ACCT.6300Taxation of Business Entities 3
ACCT.631Federal Income Taxes3
ACCT.640Financial Accounting Theory and Research3
ACCT.6400Financial Accounting Theory and Research 3
ACCT.645Fraud Exam & Forensic Accounting3
ACCT.6450Fraud Examination and Forensic Accounting 3
ACCT.655Advanced Auditing3
ACCT.6550Advanced Auditing 3
ACCT.660Business and Society3
ACCT.6600Accounting Data Analytics3
ACCT.667Independent Studies3
ACCT.670International Law3
ACCT.677Directed Study: Accounting3
ACCT.6770Directed Study: Accounting3
ACCT.6880Special Topics in Accounting3
ACCT.690Cost Accounting3
ACCT.699Accounting Internship3
ACCT.6990Accounting Internship3
ACCT.700Independent Study:  Accounting3
ACCT.701Advanced Accounting3
ACCT.707Intermediate Accounting I3
ACCT.708Intermediate Accounting II3
ACCT.709Advanced Accounting I3
ACCT.711Theory Of Financial Rp3
ACCT.720Fraud Examination3
ACCT.7200Fraud Examination3
ACCT.730Federal Taxation3
ACCT.752Accounting Information System3
ACCT.790Special Topic:  Accounting3
ACCT.7960Doctoral Dissertation 9
ACCT.799Independent Study: Accounting3
ACCT.801Accounting For Engineering Managers2
ACCT.802Accounting For Health Care Professionals4
ACCT.803Business Law For Engineering Mangement2
BUSI.101Principles of Banking3
BUSI.104Analyzing Financial Statements3
BUSI.105Consumer Lending3
BUSI.106Real Estate Finance3
BUSI.107Bank Investments3
BUSI.109Marketing for Bankers3
BUSI.110Bank Products: Savings Accounts to Securities3
BUSI.114Branch Banking Series (formerly Retail Banking)3
BUSI.116Commercial Bank Management3
BUSI.117Law and Banking: Principles3
BUSI.118Law and Banking: Applications3
BUSI.119Commercial Lending3
BUSI.120Residential Mortgage Lending3
BUSI.127Financial Planning3
BUSI.130Commercial Loan Documentation and Calling Skills3
BUSI.1500Business 101 3
BUSI.226Sales Management3
BUSI.231Business Finance3
BUSI.232Money and Banking3
BUSI.234Investment Management3
BUSI.251Personnel Management3
BUSI.253Introduction to Management and Organizational Behavior3
BUSI.271Operations Management3
BUSI.275Total Quality Management3
BUSI.276Entrepreneurial Management of New and Small Enterprises3
BUSI.277Leadership in Management3
BUSI.281Purchasing Principles3
BUSI.282Negotiations in Purchasing3
BUSI.3CECooperative Education Work Experience I 0
BUSI.3800Business Ethics3
BUSI.4ACECooperative Education Experience0
BUSI.4CECooperative Education Work Experience II 0
BUSI.4800Current Topics in Business3
ECON.4060International Macroeconomics3
ECON.4991Independent Studies 3
ENTR.1500Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Business3
ENTR.300Principles of Innovation and Entrepreneurship3
ENTR.3000Principles of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3
ENTR.361Starting a New Venture3
ENTR.3610Starting a New Venture 3
ENTR.362Corporate Entrepreneurship3
ENTR.3620Corporate Entrepreneurship 3
ENTR.410Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation - l3
ENTR.4100Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation - I 3
ENTR.4110Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation - II 3
ENTR.463Managing Innovation3
ENTR.4630Managing Innovation 3
ENTR.4640Finance for Emerging Business Enterprises 3
ENTR.480Current Topics3
ENTR.4800Current Topics in Entrepreneurship 3
ENTR.4890Internship in Entrepreneurship 3
ENTR.4960Entrepreneurship Strategy Implementation 3
ENTR.4991Independent Studies
ENTR.565Technological Entrepreneurship3
ENTR.5650Technological Entrepreneurship 3
ENTR.591Independent Study1
ENTR.5910Independent Study1
ENTR.592Independent Activity2
ENTR.593Independent Activity3
ENTR.600Mathematics For Business Administration3
ENTR.601Operations Management3
ENTR.603Managerial Economics3
ENTR.605Japanese Economy3
ENTR.608Economics Of Location3
ENTR.610Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation l3
ENTR.6100Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation I 3
ENTR.611Enterprise And  Management3
ENTR.6110Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation II 3
ENTR.612Dynamics Of Competition3
ENTR.620Public Finance Amd Monetary  Policy3
ENTR.621Quantitative Decision Model and Application3
ENTR.630Market Research for Entrepreneurs3
ENTR.631Corporate Finance3
ENTR.635Financing Innovation and Technology Ventures3
ENTR.6350Financing Innovation and Technology Ventures 3
ENTR.640New Venture Creation3
ENTR.6400New Venture Creation 3
ENTR.641Customer And Markets3
ENTR.645New Product Development3
ENTR.6450New Product Development 3
ENTR.650Innovation and Emerging Technology3
ENTR.6500Innovation and Emerging Technology 3
ENTR.651World Class Operations3
ENTR.6510Technological Entrepreneurship 3
ENTR.655Corporate Entrepreneurship3
ENTR.6550Corporate Entrepreneurship 3
ENTR.670Global Entrepreneurship3
ENTR.6700Global Entrepreneurship3
ENTR.680Capstone I - New Venture Planning3
ENTR.6800Capstone I - New Venture Planning3
ENTR.681Capstone II - New Venture Implementation3
ENTR.6810Capstone II - New Venture Implementation 3
ENTR.688Current Topics in Entrepreneurship3
ENTR.6880Current Topics in Entrepreneurship3
ENTR.690Creation and Leadership - Change3
ENTR.691Strategy I3
ENTR.692Strategy II3
ENTR.699Independent Study3
ENTR.6990Independent Study3
ENTR.700Independent  Study In Economics3
ENTR.736Graduate Project6
ENTR.7960Doctoral Dissertation
ENTR.801Structure and Dynamics Enterprise3
ENTR.802Quantitative Methods3
ENTR.803Manufacturing Strategy3
ENTR.804Market And Customer Values3
ENTR.805Global Strategy3
FIN.301Financial Management3
FINA.2000Personal Finance3
FINA.221Introduction to Investments3
FINA.301Financial Management3
FINA.3010Financial Management 3
FINA.3030Introduction to Financial Modeling3
FINA.311Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis3
FINA.3110Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis 3
FINA.321Investment and Portfolio Analysis3
FINA.3210Investment and Portfolio Analysis 3
FINA.331Principles of Corporate Finance3
FINA.3310Principles of Corporate Finance 3
FINA.4110Financial Institutions and Markets
FINA.4210Introduction to Financial Risk Management3
FINA.422Portfolio and Security Analysis3
FINA.4320Intermediate Corporate Finance 3
FINA.4410Introduction to Financial Derivatives 3
FINA.451Bank Management3
FINA.4510Money and Banking3
FINA.489Internship In Finance3
FINA.4890Internship In Finance3
FINA.491International Finance3
FINA.4910International Finance 3
FINA.497Independent Study Finance3
FINA.4970Independent Study Finance3
FINA.498Special Topics in Finance3
FINA.4980Special Topics in Finance 3
FINA.4990Independent Study in Finance3
FINA.5CO-OPCurricula Practical Training 1
FINA.501Business Financial Analysis2
FINA.5010Business Financial Analysis 2
FINA.600Financial Markets3
FINA.601Corporate Finance3
FINA.6010Corporate Finance 3
FINA.602Advanced Corporate Finance3
FINA.6020Advanced Corporate Finance 3
FINA.6050Mergers, Acquisitions, and Corporate Restructuring3
FINA.610Global Financial Markets and Monetary Policy3
FINA.6100Global Financial Markets and Monetary Policy 3
FINA.611Financial Statements Analysis
FINA.6110Financial Statement Analysis 3
FINA.621Security Analysis and Portfolio Management3
FINA.6210Security Analysis and Portfolio Management 3
FINA.622Advanced Portfolio Management3
FINA.6220Advanced Portfolio Management 3
FINA.624Fixed Income Securities3
FINA.6240Fixed Income Securities 3
FINA.632Business Financial  Analysis3
FINA.640Financing Innovation and Technology3
FINA.6510Bank Management
FINA.653Financial Institutions and Markets3
FINA.6530Financial Institutions and Markets 3
FINA.661Financial Risk Management3
FINA.6610Financial Risk Management 3
FINA.675Financial Derivatives3
FINA.6750Financial Derivatives 3
FINA.677Independent Study: Finance3
FINA.6770Independent Study: Finance 3
FINA.688Current Topics in Finance3
FINA.6880Current Topics in Finance 3
FINA.691International Financial Management3
FINA.6910International Financial Management 3
FINA.6990Finance Seminar
FINA.700Independent Study - Finance3
FINA.725Options And Futures3
FINA.731Financial Management3
FINA.732Financial Institutions and Markets3
FINA.736Portfolio And Security Analysis3
FINA.737Current Topics: Financial Management3
FINA.738International Financial Managementt3
FINA.739Independent Study: Finance3
FINA.760International Financial Management3
FINA.790-IFinancial  Marktes/Monetary Policy3
FINA.790Financial  Marktes/Monetary Policy3
FINA.799Directed Study: Finance3
FINA.802Quantitative Methods for Decision Evaluation3
MGMT.017Introduction to Business3
MGMT.1CO-OPCurricula Practical Training 1
MGMT.150Business 1013
MGMT.210Professional Communications3
MGMT.301Organizational Behavior3
MGMT.3010Organizational Behavior 3
MGMT.310Human Resources Management3
MGMT.3100Human Resources Management 3
MGMT.3800Business Ethics 3
MGMT.410Negotiation Strategy and Process3
MGMT.4100Negotiation Strategy and Process 3
MGMT.415Managing Teams and Projects3
MGMT.4150Managing Teams and Projects 3
MGMT.420Leadership Processes3
MGMT.4200Leadership Processes 3
MGMT.425Organization Design3
MGMT.4250Business Process Management3
MGMT.430Rewards and Compensation3
MGMT.435International Management3
MGMT.4350International Management 3
MGMT.445Contemporary Management Development3
MGMT.4450Contemporary Management Development3
MGMT.450Labor, Diversity, and Human Resource Management3
MGMT.4500Managing Diversity in Organizations 3
MGMT.480Current Topics in Management3
MGMT.4800Current Topics in Management 3
MGMT.4890Internship In Management 3
MGMT.490Strategic Management3
MGMT.4900Strategic Management 3
MGMT.4910Independent Study in Management
MGMT.496Special Topics: Entrepreneurship3
MGMT.499Independent Study in Management3
MGMT.4990Independent Study in Management3
MGMT.5CO-OPCurricular Practical Training 1
MGMT.501Organizational Behavior2
MGMT.5010Organizational Behavior 2
MGMT.510Organizational Behavior3
MGMT.511Global Enterprise and Competition2
MGMT.5110Global Enterprise and Competition 2
MGMT.512Global Dynamics1
MGMT.5750Business Fundamentals for Scientists and Engineers3
MGMT.577Labor Diversity and Human Resources Management3
MGMT.588Special Topics: Management of Diversity3
MGMT.601Managing Organizational Change3
MGMT.6010Managing Organizational Change 3
MGMT.602Law and Society3
MGMT.603AdvancedTopics In Information Systems3
MGMT.607-IMBA/Finance Independent Study2
MGMT.607MBA/Finance Independent Study2
MGMT.6070MBA/Finance Independent Study2
MGMT.610Regulatory Environment3
MGMT.6100Managerial Leadership3
MGMT.611Enterprise and Management3
MGMT.612Dynamics Of Competition3
MGMT.6150International Business3
MGMT.617New Venture Practicum II - Implementation through Investment3
MGMT.6250Negotiations 3
MGMT.630New Product Development3
MGMT.6301Management Consulting3
MGMT.632Business Financial Analysis3
MGMT.6350Project Management3
MGMT.640Building and Managing Teams3
MGMT.6400Building and Managing Teams3
MGMT.645Advanced Professional Communication3
MGMT.6450Advanced Professional Communication3
MGMT.6500Workforce Analytics3
MGMT.651Organizational Behavior3
MGMT.652Human Resources Management3
MGMT.6520Human Resources Management 3
MGMT.6540Managing Global and workforce Diversity3
MGMT.655Mid-Management Skills for the New Business Environment3
MGMT.6550Mid-Management Skills for the New Business Environment 3
MGMT.660Law and Society3
MGMT.6600The Future of Work: Understanding the Global, Strategic and Managerial Implications3
MGMT.667Independent Study In Management3
MGMT.670International Law3
MGMT.672Operations Management3
MGMT.673Operations Research3
MGMT.677Independent Study: Management3
MGMT.6770Independent Study: Management 3
MGMT.680St Mg:Adv Prof'l Comm3
MGMT.688Current Topics in Management3
MGMT.6880Current Topics in Management 3
MGMT.690Current Topics - Business Law3
MGMT.691Strategy Formation and Implementation3
MGMT.6910Strategy Formation and Implementation 3
MGMT.692Strategy II3
MGMT.701Starting New Ventures3
MGMT.704Consulting Strategies and Practice3
MGMT.705Human Resources Management3
MGMT.706Human Resource Management Project1
MGMT.710Management for Competitiveness3
MGMT.720Management Competitiveness II3
MGMT.723Marketing Analysis and Plng3
MGMT.724Marketing Research0
MGMT.727International Marketing3
MGMT.729Ind-study Marketing3
MGMT.731Financial Management3
MGMT.732Financial Institutions and Markets3
MGMT.736Portfolio and Sec Analysis3
MGMT.737Current Topic:Financial Management3
MGMT.738International Financial Management3
MGMT.739Independent Study Finance3
MGMT.752Organizational  Design and Change3
MGMT.753Compensation Management3
MGMT.754Planning Management Careers3
MGMT.755Human Resourse Planning3
MGMT.759Independent Study:Human Resource Mangement3
MGMT.772Opns Plng + Control3
MGMT.773Advanced Operations Research3
MGMT.774Industrial Relations3
MGMT.775The Practice Of Operations Management3
MGMT.779Independent Study-Operations Management3
MGMT.781Corporate Strategy3
MGMT.783International Business3
MGMT.789Independent Study in Management3
MGMT.790Special Topics in  Management3
MGMT.791Topic: Comp. Study Business Relations3
MGMT.799Special Topics in Management3
MGMT.801Organizational Behavior For Engineer Managers2
MGMT.802Finance For Engineer Managers2
MGMT.803Manufacturing Management For Engineer Manager2
MGMT.804Business Policy - Engineering Managers2
MGMT.805Start New Tech Ventures2
MGMT.832Finance For Health Care Professionals2
MGT.150Intro to Business3
MIST.CAPSTONon-Credit Capstone Review0
MIST.201Business Information Systems3
MIST.2010Business Information Systems 3
MIST.300Application Systems Development3
MIST.3030Database Management Systems 3
MIST.3040Data Communications and Networks 3
MIST.3050Business Applications Development 3
MIST.3070Current Topics in Management Information Systems3
MIST.308Enterprise Systems Management3
MIST.402Systems Analysis and Design3
MIST.4020Systems Analysis and Design 3
MIST.407Electronic Business3
MIST.4070Electronic Business 3
MIST.408Enterprise Systems Management3
MIST.4080Enterprise Systems Management 3
MIST.4090Directed Study in Management Information Systems 3
MIST.488Current Topics in Management Information Systems3
MIST.4880Special Topics in MIS3
MIST.489Internship in Management Information Systems3
MIST.4890Internship in Management Information Systems 3
MIST.5CO-OPCurricular Practical Training
MIST.601Management Information Systems3
MIST.6010Management Information Systems 3
MIST.602Management Information Systems3
MIST.603Advanced Topics :  Information Systems3
MIST.6060Business Intelligence and Data Mining 3
MIST.607Electronic Business3
MIST.6070Electronic Business 3
MIST.608Enterprise System Management3
MIST.6080Enterprise System Management 3
MIST.6090Independent Study in MIST
MIST.610Information Technology Infrastructure3
MIST.6100Information Technology Infrastructure3
MIST.6140Social and Economic Networks3
MIST.6150Data Quality for Business Analytics 3
MIST.616Independent Study in Management Information Systems3
MIST.6160Advanced Data Mining 3
MIST.635Project Management3
MIST.6350Project Management 3
MIST.645Information Technology Project Management3
MIST.6450Information Technology Project Management 3
MIST.6490Business Analytics Capstone Project3
MIST.688Current Topics in Management Information Systems3
MIST.6880Current Topics in Management Information Systems 3
MIST.7070Electronic Commerce
MIST.709Independent Study in Management Information Systems1
MIST.7090Independent Study in Management Information Systems 1
MIST.7900Doctoral Dissertation 9
MKG.201Marketing Principles3
MKG.301Organizational Behavior3
MKTG.1CO-OPCurricula Practical Training1
MKTG.201Marketing Principles3
MKTG.2010Marketing Principles 3
MKTG.210Professional Communications3
MKTG.2100Professional Communications 3
MKTG.302Marketing Research3
MKTG.3020Marketing Research3
MKTG.303International Marketing3
MKTG.3100Digital Marketing3
MKTG.311Marketing Opportunity Analysis3
MKTG.312Marketing Tactics3
MKTG.313Sales and Customer Relations3
MKTG.3130Sales and Customer Relations 3
MKTG.315New Product & Service Management3
MKTG.3150New Product & Service Management 3
MKTG.401Marketing Communications3
MKTG.4010Advertising 3
MKTG.402Buyer Behavior3
MKTG.4020Buyer Behavior 3
MKTG.403Business Marketing3
MKTG.405Sales Management3
MKTG.406Purchasing and Materials Management3
MKTG.4070Retailing 3
MKTG.411Marketing Analytics3
MKTG.4110Marketing Analytics 3
MKTG.412Global Marketing3
MKTG.4120Global Marketing 3
MKTG.4300Social Media Marketing3
MKTG.496Current Topics in Marketing3
MKTG.4960Current Topics in Marketing 3
MKTG.4980Marketing Internship 3
MKTG.5CO-OPCurricula Practical Training1
MKTG.501Marketing Fundamentals2
MKTG.5010Marketing Fundamentals 2
MKTG.505Advanced Marketing Fund2
MKTG.5450Professional and Scientific Communication 3
MKTG.601Customers and Markets3
MKTG.6010Customers and Markets 3
MKTG.603Global Marketing3
MKTG.610Marketing Research3
MKTG.6150New Product Development3
MKTG.6200Sales Management 3
MKTG.621Customers And  Markets3
MKTG.622Marketing Fundamentals3
MKTG.6250Digital Marketing 3
MKTG.630Market Research3
MKTG.6300Market Research 3
MKTG.6350Marketing Analytics3
MKTG.640Marketing For Engineering  Managers3
MKTG.6410Marketing Analytics
MKTG.650Industrial Marketing3
MKTG.6510Sustainable/Green Marketing3
MKTG.660Marketing Communications3
MKTG.670International Marketing3
MKTG.6700International Marketing 3
MKTG.677Independent Study: Marketing3
MKTG.6770Independent Study: Marketing 3
MKTG.680Marketing Analysis And  Planning3
MKTG.688Current  Topics in Marketing3
MKTG.6880Current Topics in Marketing3
MKTG.690Internship in Marketing3
MKTG.698Spec Top:strategy Pricng3
MKTG.699Marketing Internship3
MKTG.700Special Topic:  Marketing3
MKTG.710Marketing Research3
MKTG.723Marketing Analysis And Planning3
MKTG.724Marketing Research3
MKTG.725Marketing Communication3
MKTG.726Consumer Behavior3
MKTG.727International Marketing3
MKTG.728Industrial Marketing3
MKTG.729Independent Study Marketing3
MKTG.750Industrial Marketing3
MKTG.760Marketing Communications3
MKTG.781New Products3
MKTG.790Special Topic:  Marketing3
MKTG.799Independent Study In Marketing3
MKTG.801Marketing Engineering Manager2
MKTG.804Market  And Customer Values3
MPAD.5020Public and Non-Profit Budgeting and Financial Management3
OPS.201Managerial Decision Making3
POMS.201Managerial Decision Making3
POMS.2010Introduction to Business Analytics 3
POMS.301Operations Management3
POMS.3010Operations Management 3
POMS.401Logistics and Transportation3
POMS.4010Logistics and Transportation 3
POMS.4020Global Supply Chain Management 3
POMS.403Service Management3
POMS.4030Service Management 3
POMS.404Managerial Quality Control3
POMS.4040Managerial Quality Control 3
POMS.4060Simulation and Optimization for Business Analytics3
POMS.4090Directed Study in Operations Management
POMS.5CO-OPCurricular Practical Training1
POMS.501Operations Fundamentals2
POMS.5010Operations Fundamentals 2
POMS.502Operations Management Foundations2
POMS.504Management Information Systems1
POMS.601Operations Management3
POMS.6010Operations Management 3
POMS.6020Global Supply Chain Management 3
POMS.603Service Management3
POMS.6030Service Management 3
POMS.604Managerial Quality Control3
POMS.6040Managerial Quality Control3
POMS.6120Statistics for Predictive Analytics3
POMS.6210Advanced Statistics for Business Analytics3
POMS.6220Decision Analytics3
POMS.6240Analytical Decision Making Tools3
POMS.651Integrated Logistics3
POMS.671Operations Management3
POMS.672Operations Management3
POMS.674Advanced Operation Research3
POMS.677Independent Study:  Operations Management3
POMS.689Current Topics in Operations Management3
POMS.700Independent Study: Operations Management3
POMS.709Independent Study: Operations Management3
POMS.7090Independent Study: Operations Management3
POMS.710Design and Control Manufacturing Systems3
POMS.720Manufacturing Strategy3
POMS.736Manufacuturing Field Project6
POMS.772Operations Plng and Control3
POMS.773Advanced Operations Research3
POMS.775The Practice Of Operations Management3
POMS.789Manufacturing Simulation2
POMS.790Special Topics: Management Information Systems3
POMS.791Special Topics:  Technology in Management3
POMS.799Independent Graduate Study in Operations Management3
POMS.803Mfg Mgmt For Eng Mgr2
PSM.545Professional and Scientific Communication3
PSM.565Technological Entrepreneurship3
PSM.575Business Fundamentals for Scientists and Engineers3
PSMA.5450Professional and Scientific Communication3
PSMA.5750Business Fundamentals for Scientists & Engineers3
60.301Intermediate Accounting I3
60.302Intermediate Accounting II3
60.303Accounting Information Systems3
60.321Cost Accounting3
60.331Cost Management Systems3
60.431Federal Income Taxes3
60.432Advanced Federal Income Taxation3
60.441Accounting for Not-for-Profit Institutions3
60.501Financial Accounting2
60.502Managerial Accounting2
60.504Advanced Managerial Accounting1
60.601Accounting Information for Management Decisions3
60.602Advanced Management and Sustainability Accounting3
60.605Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting3
60.612Advanced Cost Management3
60.621Tax Factors in Business Decisions3
60.622Globalization and Accounting3
60.623Contemporary Accounting Issues3
60.630Taxation of Business Entities3
60.631Federal Income Taxes3
60.640Financial Accounting Theory and Research3
60.645Fraud Exam & Forensic Accounting3
60.655Advanced Auditing3
60.660Business and Society3
60.667Independent Studies3
60.670International Law3
60.677Directed Study: Accounting3
60.688Special Topics in Accounting3
60.690Cost Accounting3
60.699Accounting Internship3
60.700Independent Study:  Accounting3
60.701Advanced Accounting3
60.707Intermediate Accounting I3
60.708Intermediate Accounting II3
60.709Advanced Accounting I3
60.711Theory Of Financial Rp3
60.720Fraud Examination3
60.730Federal Taxation3
60.752Accounting Information System3
60.790Special Topic:  Accounting3
60.799Independent Study: Accounting3
60.801Accounting For Engineering Managers2
60.802Accounting For Health Care Professionals4
60.803Business Law For Engineering Mangement2
61.301Business Finance3
61.302Money and Banking3
61.303Methods of Financial Analysis3
61.431Capital Planning3
61.479Current Topics in Finance3
61.489Internship in Finance3
61.491International Finance3
61.499Independent Study in Finance3
61.501Business Financial Analysis2
61.600Financial Markets3
61.601Corporate Finance3
61.610Financial Markets/Policy3
61.621Corporate Finance3
61.624Fixed Income Securities3
61.632Business Financial  Analysis3
61.640Financing Innovation and Technology3
61.675Financial Derivatives3
61.677Independent  Study: Finance3
61.688Current Topics in Finance3
61.691International Finance3
61.700Independent Study - Finance3
61.721Portfolio And  Security  Analysis3
61.725Options And Futures3
61.731Financial Management3
61.732Financial Institutions and Markets3
61.735Portfolio Investment and Security Analysis3
61.736Portfolio And Security Analysis3
61.737Current Topics: Financial Management3
61.738International Financial Managementt3
61.739Independent Study: Finance3
61.760International Financial Management3
61.790Financial  Marktes/Monetary Policy3
61.799Directed Study: Finance3
61.802Quantitative Methods for Decision Evaluation3
62.201Marketing Principles3
62.302Marketing Research3
62.303International Marketing3
62.311Marketing Opportunity Analysis3
62.312Marketing Tactics3
62.313Sales and Customer Relations3
62.401Marketing Communications3
62.402Buyer Behavior3
62.403Business Marketing3
62.405Sales Management3
62.406Purchasing and Materials Management3
62.496Current Topics in Marketing3
62.501Marketing Fundamentals2
62.505Advanced Marketing Fund2
62.601Customers and Markets3
62.603Global Marketing3
62.610Marketing Research3
62.620Sales Management3
62.621Customers And  Markets3
62.622Marketing Fundamentals3
62.630Market Research for Entrepreneurs3
62.640Marketing For Engineering  Managers3
62.650Industrial Marketing3
62.660Marketing Communications3
62.670International Marketing3
62.677Independent Study: Marketing3
62.680Marketing Analysis And  Planning3
62.688Current  Topics in Marketing3
62.690Internship in Marketing3
62.698Spec Top:strategy Pricng3
62.699Marketing Internship3
62.700Special Topic:  Marketing3
62.710Marketing Research3
62.723Marketing Analysis And Planning3
62.724Marketing Research3
62.725Marketing Communication3
62.726Consumer Behavior3
62.727International Marketing3
62.728Industrial Marketing3
62.729Independent Study Marketing3
62.750Industrial Marketing3
62.760Marketing Communications3
62.781New Products3
62.790Special Topic:  Marketing3
62.799Independent Study In Marketing3
62.801Marketing Engineering Manager2
62.804Market  And Customer Values3
63.210Operations Analysis Techniques3
63.300Application Systems Development3
63.301Management Information Systems3
63.307Systems Analysis and Design3
63.308Enterprise Systems Management3
63.371Operations Management3
63.403Database Management Systems3
63.404Data Communications and Networking3
63.408Current Topics in Management Information Systems3
63.469Logistics and Transportation3
63.471Managerial Quality Control3
63.489Current Topics: Business Intelligence3
63.498Special Topics in MIS3
63.501Operations Fundamentals2
63.502Operations Management Foundations2
63.504Management Information Systems1
63.601Management Information Systems3
63.602Management Information Systems3
63.603Advanced Topics :  Information Systems3
63.610Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure3
63.620System Design and Software Project Management3
63.630Electronic Business for Managers3
63.635Project Management3
63.640Enterprise System Management3
63.651Integrated Logistics3
63.671Operations Management3
63.672Operations Management3
63.673Operations Research3
63.674Advanced Operation Research3
63.677Independent Study:  Operations Management3
63.688Current Topics in Management Information Systems3
63.689Current Topics in Operations Management3
63.690Managerial Quality Control3
63.700Independent Study: Operations Management3
63.709Independent Study in Management Information Systems1
63.710Design and Control Manufacturing Systems3
63.720Manufacturing Strategy3
63.736Manufacuturing Field Project6
63.772Operations Plng and Control3
63.773Advanced Operations Research3
63.775The Practice Of Operations Management3
63.779Independent Study: Operations Management3
63.789Manufacturing Simulation2
63.790Special Topics: Management Information Systems3
63.791Special Topics:  Technology in Management3
63.798Independent Study in Management Information Systems3
63.799Independent Graduate Study in Operations Management3
63.803Mfg Mgmt For Eng Mgr2
64.300Principles of Innovation and Entrepeneurship3
64.361Starting a New Venture3
64.362Corporate Entrepreneurship3
64.463Managing Innovation3
64.480Current Topics3
64.591Independent Study1
64.592Independent Activity2
64.593Independent Activity3
64.600Mathematics For Business Administration3
64.601Operations Management3
64.603Managerial Economics3
64.605Japanese Economy3
64.608Economics Of Location3
64.611Enterprise And  Management3
64.612Dynamics Of Competition3
64.620Public Finance Amd Monetary  Policy3
64.621Quantitative Decision Model and Application3
64.631Corporate Finance3
64.640New Venture Creation3
64.641Customer And Markets3
64.650Innovation & Emerging Technology3
64.651World Class Operations3
64.655Corporate Entrepreneurship3
64.680Practicum I New Venture Planning3
64.681Practicum II - New Venture Implementation3
64.688Current topics in Entrepeneurship3
64.690Creation and Leadership - Change3
64.691Strategy I3
64.692Strategy II3
64.699Independent Study3
64.700Independent  Study In Economics3
64.736Graduate Project6
64.801Structure and Dynamics Enterprise3
64.802Quantitative Methods3
64.803Manufacturing Strategy3
64.804Market And Customer Values3
64.805Global Strategy3
65.331New England Regional Economy3
65.502Quantitative Foundations2
65.531New England Regional Economy3
65.631New England  Regional Economy3
65.641International Comparative  Industrial  Policy3
65.661New England Regional Economy3
65.721Local Economic Development3
65.790Special Topics:  Soft Design3
65.799Special Topic:  Policy and Planning3
66.017Introduction to Business3
66.150Introduction to Business3
66.210Professional Communications3
66.301Organizational Behavior3
66.310Human Resources Management3
66.410Negotiation Strategy and Tactics3
66.415Managing Teams and Projects3
66.420Leadership Processes3
66.425Organization Design3
66.430Rewards and Compensation3
66.435Comparative Management3
66.445Contemporary Management Development3
66.450Labor, Diversity, and Human Resource Management3
66.480Current Topics in Management3
66.490Strategic Management3
66.496Special Topics: Entrepreneurship3
66.499Independent Study in Management3
66.501Organizational Behavior2
66.510Organizational Behavior3
66.511Global Enterprise and Competition2
66.512Global Dynamics1
66.577Labor Diversity and Human Resources Management3
66.588Special Topics: Management of Diversity3
66.601Managing Organizational Change3
66.602Law and Society3
66.603AdvancedTopics In Information Systems3
66.607MBA/Finance Independent Study2
66.610Regulatory Environment3
66.611Enterprise and Management3
66.612Dynamics Of Competition3
66.617New Venture Practicum II - Implementation through Investment3
66.630New Product Development3
66.632Business Financial Analysis3
66.635Project Management3
66.640Building and Managing Teams3
66.645Advanced Professional Communication3
66.651Organizational Behavior3
66.652Human Resources Management3
66.655Mid-Management Skills for the New Business Environment3
66.660Law and Society3
66.667Independent Study In Management3
66.670International Law3
66.672Operations Management3
66.673Operations Research3
66.677Independent Study: Management3
66.680St Mg:Adv Prof'l Comm3
66.688Current Topics in Management3
66.690Current Topics - Business Law3
66.691Strategy Formation and Implementation3
66.692Strategy II3
66.701Starting New Ventures3
66.704Consulting Strategies and Practice3
66.705Human Resources Management3
66.706Human Resource Management Project1
66.710Management for Competitiveness3
66.720Management Competitiveness II3
66.723Marketing Analysis and Plng3
66.724Marketing Research0
66.727International Marketing3
66.729Ind-study Marketing3
66.731Financial Management3
66.732Financial Institutions and Markets3
66.736Portfolio and Sec Analysis3
66.737Current Topic:Financial Management3
66.738International Financial Management3
66.739Independent Study Finance3
66.752Organizational  Design and Change3
66.753Compensation Management3
66.754Planning Management Careers3
66.755Human Resourse Planning3
66.759Independent Study:Human Resource Mangement3
66.772Opns Plng + Control3
66.773Advanced Operations Research3
66.774Industrial Relations3
66.775The Practice Of Operations Management3
66.779Independent Study-Operations Management3
66.781Corporate Strategy3
66.783International Business3
66.789Independent Study in Management3
66.790Special Topics in  Management3
66.791Topic: Comp. Study Business Relations3
66.799Special Topics in Management3
66.801Organizational Behavior For Engineer Managers2
66.802Finance For Engineer Managers2
66.803Manufacturing Management For Engineer Manager2
66.804Business Policy - Engineering Managers2
66.805Start New Tech Ventures2
66.832Finance For Health Care Professionals2
67.101Accounting Principles I3
67.102Accounting Principles II3
67.204Intermediate Accounting II3
67.205Advanced Financial Accounting3
67.206Cost Accounting3
67.209Federal Income Taxes3
67.213Financial Accounting II3
67.214Financial Accounting III3
67.215Introduction to Cost Management Systems3
67.216Survey of Personal Federal Income Taxes3
67.217Computer Applications in Accounting3
67.280Accounting for Not-for-Profit Institutions3
69.101Principles of Banking3
69.104Analyzing Financial Statements3
69.105Consumer Lending3
69.106Real Estate Finance3
69.107Bank Investments3
69.109Marketing for Bankers3
69.110Bank Products: Savings Accounts to Securities3
69.114Branch Banking Series (formerly Retail Banking)3
69.116Commercial Bank Management3
69.117Law and Banking: Principles3
69.118Law and Banking: Applications3
69.119Commercial Lending3
69.120Residential Mortgage Lending3
69.127Financial Planning3
69.130Commercial Loan Documentation and Calling Skills3
69.226Sales Management3
69.231Business Finance3
69.232Money and Banking3
69.234Investment Management3
69.251Personnel Management3
69.253Introduction to Management and Organizational Behavior3
69.271Operations Management3
69.275Total Quality Management3
69.276Entrepreneurial Management of New and Small Enterprises3
69.277Leadership in Management3
69.281Purchasing Principles3
69.282Negotiations in Purchasing3
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