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CRS#Course NameCredits
ACCT.501Financial Accounting2
ACCT.5010Financial Accounting 2
ACCT.502Managerial Accounting2
ACCT.504Advanced Managerial Accounting1
ACCT.601Accounting Information for Management Decisions3
ACCT.6010Accounting Information for Management Decisions 3
ACCT.602Advanced Management and Sustainability Accounting3
ACCT.6020Advanced Management and Sustainability Accounting 3
ACCT.605Government and Non-Profit Accounting3
ACCT.6050Government and Non-Profit Accounting 3
ACCT.612Advanced Cost Management3
ACCT.6120Advanced Cost Management 3
ACCT.621Tax Factors in Business Decisions3
ACCT.6210Tax Factors in Business Decisions3
ACCT.622Globalization and Accounting3
ACCT.6220Globalization and Accounting 3
ACCT.623Contemporary Accounting Issues3
ACCT.6230Contemporary Accounting Issues 3
ACCT.630Taxation of Business Entities3
ACCT.6300Taxation of Business Entities 3
ACCT.631Federal Income Taxes3
ACCT.640Financial Accounting Theory and Research3
ACCT.6400Financial Accounting Theory and Research 3
ACCT.645Fraud Exam & Forensic Accounting3
ACCT.6450Fraud Examination and Forensic Accounting 3
ACCT.655Advanced Auditing3
ACCT.6550Advanced Auditing 3
ACCT.660Business and Society3
ACCT.6600Accounting Data Analytics3
ACCT.667Independent Studies3
ACCT.670International Law3
ACCT.677Directed Study: Accounting3
ACCT.6770Directed Study: Accounting3
ACCT.6880Special Topics in Accounting3
ACCT.690Cost Accounting3
ACCT.699Accounting Internship3
ACCT.6990Accounting Internship3
ACCT.700Independent Study:  Accounting3
ACCT.701Advanced Accounting3
ACCT.707Intermediate Accounting I3
ACCT.708Intermediate Accounting II3
ACCT.709Advanced Accounting I3
ACCT.711Theory Of Financial Rp3
ACCT.720Fraud Examination3
ACCT.7200Fraud Examination3
ACCT.730Federal Taxation3
ACCT.752Accounting Information System3
ACCT.790Special Topic:  Accounting3
ACCT.7960Doctoral Dissertation 9
ACCT.799Independent Study: Accounting3
ACCT.801Accounting For Engineering Managers2
ACCT.802Accounting For Health Care Professionals4
ACCT.803Business Law For Engineering Mangement2
ATMO.5010Boundary Layer Meteorology3
ATMO.5020Advanced Synoptic Meteorology3
ATMO.5030Remote Sensing3
ATMO.5080The Climate System3
ATMO.5130Physical Meteorology3
ATMO.5150Atmospheric Structure and Dynamics3
ATMO.5180Forecasting and Synoptic Techniques I3
ATMO.5230Air Pollution Control3
ATMO.5500Satellite and Rad Meteorology3
ATMO.5710Air Pollution Phenomenology3
ATMO.5810Meteorology for Science Teachers3
ATMO.5910Directed Study in Bl Meteorology3
ATMO.6410Special Topics in Meteorology3
ATMO.6420Special Topics in Meteorology3
ATMO.7010Graduate Research Seminar1
ATMO.7310Master's Research1
ATMO.7330Master's Research in Atmospheric Sciences3
ATMO.7430Master's Thesis in Atmospheric Sciences3
ATMO.7530Doctoral Dissertation in Atmospheric Sciences3
ATMO.7600Continuing Graduate Research (PhD)1
ATMO.7630PhD Research in Atmospheric Sciences2
ATMO.7650Doctoral Dissertation5
ATMO.7680Doctoral Dissertation8
BIOL.5000Professional Experience3
BIOL.5080Cell Biology for Teachers 3
BIOL.5170Vertebrate Animals in Biological Research 3
BIOL.5190Biochemistry I 3
BIOL.5200Biochemistry II3
BIOL.5210LBiochemistry Techniques 2
BIOL.5230Biology of Global Change3
BIOL.5365LField Techniques in Ecology5
BIOL.5400Advances in Plant Biology3
BIOL.5410Topics in Cell Biology3
BIOL.5420Cell Biology3
BIOL.5450Isolation and Purification3
BIOL.5470Evolution in Context for Teachers 3
BIOL.5520Quantitative Physiology3
BIOL.5570Metazoan Parasitology3
BIOL.5590LMetazoan Parasitology Laboratory1
BIOL.5600Stem Cell Biology3
BIOL.5630LCardiovascular Physiology Lab4
BIOL.5670Molecular Biology3
BIOL.5690LMolecular Techniques2
BIOL.5760Cell Culture 4
BIOL.5800Developmental Biology3
BIOL.5820Cancer Biology3
BIOL.6010Graduate Seminar Biology3
BIOL.6040Professional Communication in Science and Technology 3
BIOL.7070Internship Biology
BIOL.7210Special Problems In Biology1
BIOL.7310LM.S. Project in Biology1
BIOL.7430Master's Thesis - Biology3
BIOL.7530PhD Dissertation Biochemistry3
BIOL.7690Continued Graduate  Research9
BMBT.5000Introduction to Biomedical Engineering & Biotechnology 3
BMBT.5120Medical Image Processing3
BMBT.5130Biomedical Analytics & Informatics
BMBT.5160Basic Principles of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging 3
BMBT.5170Embedded System Design in Medical Systems3
BMBT.7590Dissertation Research
BMBT.7700CPT - Co-op Training 1
BOST.619MSISSystems Analysis and Design3
BOST.671CHEMIntroduction to Green Chemisty4
CHEM.5130Spectroscopy 3
CHEM.5140Advanced Analytical Chemistry 3
CHEM.5160Advanced Techniques3
CHEM.5230Organic Reaction Mechanisms3
CHEM.5240Organic Synthesis3
CHEM.5320Advanced Physical Chemistry3
CHEM.5380Biochemical Mechanisms3
CHEM.5430Modern Inorganic Chemistry3
CHEM.5500Biochemistry I 3
CHEM.5510Biochemistry II3
CHEM.5600Advanced Physical Biochemistry3
CHEM.5630Chemistry Of Natural Products3
CHEM.5680Structural Analysis3
CHEM.5700Protein Chemistry3
CHEM.5800Bioanalytical Chemistry3
CHEM.5850Modern Organic Chemistry3
CHEM.6010Chemistry Seminar2
CHEM.6020Chemistry Seminar2
CHEM.6030Chemistry Colloquium1
CHEM.6040Chemistry Colloquium1
CHEM.6310Principles of Medicinal Chemistry l 3
CHEM.6410Co-Op Internship 1
CHEM.6510Selected Topics:  Chemistry3
CHEM.6520Selected Topics: Chemistry3
CHEM.6530Chemical Oceanography3
CHEM.6720Surface and Colloid Chemistry3
CHEM.7050Supervised Teaching Ch & Ps0
CHEM.7310Graduate Project in Chemistry
CHEM.7330LGraduate Project - Chemistry3
CHEM.7410Master's Thesis - Chemistry 1
CHEM.7430Master's Thesis - Chemistry3
CHEM.7460Master's Thesis - Chemistry6
CHEM.7490Master's Thesis - Chemistry9
CHEM.7530Doctoral Dissertation/Chemistry3
CHEM.7560Doctoral Dissertation/Chemistry6
CHEM.7590Doctoral Dissertation /Chemistry9
CHEM.7630Continued Graduate Research3
CHEM.7690Continued Graduate Research9
CHEN.5010Paper Industry Processes3
CHEN.5020Principles of Chemical Engineering3
CHEN.5060Colloidal, Interfacial and Nanomaterials Science and Engineering3
CHEN.5080Material Science and Engineering3
CHEN.5100Advanced Separation Processes3
CHEN.5180Microprocessor Control3
CHEN.5200Advanced Thermodynamics3
CHEN.5220Chemical Process Design3
CHEN.5230Nanodevices and Electronics Materials Processing 3
CHEN.5240Self Assembly and Nanotechnology3
CHEN.5280Advanced Transport Phenomena3
CHEN.5290Recent Advances in Nanotechnology and Green Chemistry 3
CHEN.5300Advanced Control Strategies3
CHEN.5320Principles of Chemical Engineering II3
CHEN.5330Macromolecular Colloidal Science and Engineering3
CHEN.5350Cell and Microbe Cultivation3
CHEN.5370Nanomaterials Characterization I 3
CHEN.5380Advanced Separations in Biotechnology3
CHEN.5390Mathematical Methods for Engineers3
CHEN.5400Adhesion and Adhesives3
CHEN.5410Nanomaterials Characterization II3
CHEN.5440Formulation of Biotherapeutics3
CHEN.5480Engineering Process Analytics 3
CHEN.5520Directed Study: Chemical Engineering3
CHEN.5550Biopharmaceutical Regulatory Compliance3
CHEN.5860Biotechnology Processing Projects Laboratory3
CHEN.5930Cooperative Education0
CHEN.6020Graduate Seminar1
CHEN.7CPTCurricular Practical Training for Engineering Doctoral Candidates1
CHEN.7200Special Projects in Chemical Engineering3
CHEN.7330Graduate Project - Chemical Engineering3
CHEN.7360Graduate Project - Chemical Engineering6
CHEN.7410Thesis Review
CHEN.7430Master's Thesis - Chemical Engineering3
CHEN.7460Master's Thesis - Chemical Engineering6
CHEN.7530Doctoral Dissertation/Chemical Engineering3
CHEN.7560Doctoral Dissertation/Chemical Engineering6
CHEN.7590Doctoral Dissertation/Chemical Engineering9
CIVE.5CO-OPCurricula Practical Training 1
CIVE.5030Computer Based Analysis of Structures 3
CIVE.5040Advanced Strength Of Material3
CIVE.5050Construction Safety3
CIVE.5110Inspection and Monitoring of Civil Infrastructure3
CIVE.5210Reliability Analysis3
CIVE.5270Geotechnical and Environmental Site Characterization3
CIVE.5290Engineering with Geosynthetics3
CIVE.5300Driven Deep Foundations3
CIVE.5310Advanced Soil Mechanics3
CIVE.5320Theoretical Soil Mechanics3
CIVE.5330Advanced Foundation Engineering3
CIVE.5340Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering3
CIVE.5360Soil Engineering3
CIVE.5370Experimental Soil Mechanics 3
CIVE.5390Ground Improvement3
CIVE.5400Urban Transportation Planning3
CIVE.5410Traffic Engineering3
CIVE.5420Transportation Network Analysis3
CIVE.5430Traffic Principles for Intelligent Transportation Systems3
CIVE.5440Transportation Economics and Project Evaluation 3
CIVE.5450Public Transit Plan and Design3
CIVE.5460Pavement Design3
CIVE.5470Airport Planning and Design3
CIVE.5480Traffic Management and Control3
CIVE.5490Traffic Flow Theory3
CIVE.5500Behavior of Structures3
CIVE.5510Advanced Steel Design3
CIVE.5520Behavior - Concrete Structure3
CIVE.5530Wood Structures3
CIVE.5560Finite Element Analysis3
CIVE.5570Structural Dynamics3
CIVE.5580Bridge Design3
CIVE.5590Design of Masonry Structures3
CIVE.5610Physical Chemical Treatment Processes3
CIVE.5620Physical and Chemical Hydrology Geology3
CIVE.5640Hydrology & Hydraulics3
CIVE.5670Environmental Aquatic Chemistry3
CIVE.5680Environmental Fate and Transport3
CIVE.5700Wastewater Treatment and Storm Water Management Systems3
CIVE.5710Surface Water Quality  Modeling3
CIVE.5720Marine and Coastal Processes3
CIVE.5730Solid Waste Engineering3
CIVE.5750Groundwater Modeling 3
CIVE.5760GIS Applications in Civil and Environmental Engineering 3
CIVE.5780Biological Wastewater Treatment3
CIVE.5800Construction Law3
CIVE.5810Engineering Systems Analysis 3
CIVE.5850Transportation Safety3
CIVE.5950Hazardous Waste Site Remediation3
CIVE.5960Grad Industrial Exposure0
CIVE.6510Special Topics in Civil Engineering 3
CIVE.6930Civil Engineering Individual Project3
CIVE.7050Supervised Teaching in Civil Engineering0
CIVE.7330Masters Project in Civil Engineering3
CIVE.7360Masters Project in Civil Engineering6
CIVE.7410Master's Thesis-Civil Enginnering1
CIVE.7430Master's Thesis - Civil Engineering3
CIVE.7460Master's Thesis - Civil Engineering6
CIVE.7490Master's Thesis - Civil Engineering9
CIVE.7510Doctoral Dissertation
CIVE.7520Independent Study in Civil Engineering3
CIVE.7530Doctoral Dissertation3
CIVE.7560Doctoral Dissertation/Civil Engineering6
CIVE.7570Doctoral Dissertation7
CIVE.7590Doctoral Dissertation9
CIVE.7630Continued Graduate Research3
CIVE.7660Continued Graduate Research6
CIVE.7690Continued Graduate Research9
COMP.5000Fundamental of Computer Science3
COMP.5020Foundations of Computer Science3
COMP.5030Algorithms 3
COMP.5040Advance Algorithms: Computational Geometry3
COMP.5080Analysis Of Algorithms3
COMP.5100Topics: Computer Science Fundamentals3
COMP.5130Internet And Web Systems I3
COMP.5140Internet & Web Systems II3
COMP.5150Operating Systems I3
COMP.5160Operating Systems II3
COMP.5200Digital Storage Architectures3
COMP.5220Object Oriented Analysis3
COMP.5270Human Computer Interaction3
COMP.5280Evaluation of Human-Computer Interaction3
COMP.5300Special Topics3
COMP.5310Design of Program Languages3
COMP.5340Compiler Construction I3
COMP.5400Topics: Language And Compilation3
COMP.5411Scientific Visualization3
COMP.5430Artificial Intelligence3
COMP.5440Data Mining3
COMP.5450Machine Learning (91.545)3
COMP.5460Computer Graphics I3
COMP.5470Computer Graphics II3
COMP.5480Robot Design3
COMP.5490Mobile Robots3
COMP.5530Parallel Processing3
COMP.5610Computer & Network Security I3
COMP.5620Computer And Network Security II3
COMP.5630Data Communications I3
COMP.5640Data Communications II3
COMP.5680Seminar in Human-Computer Interaction3
COMP.5730Data Base I3
COMP.5740Data Base II3
COMP.5800Topics in Computer Science3
COMP.5870Computer Science Education in Secondary School3
COMP.5920Special Topics: Computer Science3
COMP.5930Internship Education 1
COMP.7010Computer Science Research3
COMP.7020Computer Science Research6
COMP.7030LComputer Science  Research3
COMP.7060LDirected Research6
COMP.7430Master's Thesis - Computer Science3
COMP.7460Master's Thesis - Computer Science6
COMP.7490Master's Thesis - Computer Science9
COMP.7510Doctoral Thesis Research3
COMP.7530Doctoral Dissertation/Computer Science3
COMP.7560Doctoral Dissertation/Computer Science6
COMP.7590Doctoral Dissertation/Computer Science9
COMP.7690LContinued Graduate Research9
CONT.6010Continued Matriculation (Master candidates)0
CRIM.5CO-OPCurricula Practical Training (Never Offered)1
CRIM.5010Criminological Theory: Foundations 3
CRIM.5200Administration of Justice 3
CRIM.5210Managing Justice Organizations 3
CRIM.5220Issues in Policing3
CRIM.5230Issues in Policing3
CRIM.5240Issues in Corrections3
CRIM.5250Juvenile, Justice and Youth Crime3
CRIM.5260Economic Crime3
CRIM.5400Criminal Profiling 3
CRIM.5410Forensic Psychology 3
CRIM.5600Gender, Race and Crime3
CRIM.5660Transportation Systems Safety and Security 3
CRIM.5700Crisis and Emergency Management 3
CRIM.5710Domestic Terrorism and Violent Extremism 3
CRIM.5720Comparative Terrorism and Counterterrorism 3
CRIM.5730Threat Assessment and Risk Management 3
CRIM.5740Overview of Homeland Security 3
CRIM.5750Contemporary Security Studies 3
CRIM.5760Criminal Justice Intelligence and Information Sharing3
CRIM.5780Intelligence Analysis Policy and Practice 3
CRIM.5800Criminal Justice Scholarship3
CRIM.5830Master's Thesis - Criminal Justice3
CRIM.5860Master's Thesis - Criminal Justice6
CRIM.5900Descriptive & Inferential Statistics 3
CRIM.5910Research Design 3
CRIM.5920From Data to Practice and Policy3
CRIM.5950Program Evaluation3
CRIM.6040Women and Crime3
CRIM.6130Law and Public Policy 3
CRIM.6260Community Based Correction3
CRIM.6300Victimology 3
CRIM.6310Intimate Partner Violence 3
CRIM.6320Responding to Child Maltreatment 3
CRIM.6400Criminal Mind and Behavior 3
CRIM.6410Mental Health & Criminal Justice 3
CRIM.6420Sex Crimes and Offenders 3
CRIM.6500Violence in America 3
CRIM.6510Criminal Homicide 3
CRIM.6520Crime and Community3
CRIM.6540Elite Deviance and Crime3
CRIM.6550Substance Abuse and Crime 3
CRIM.6580Issues in Computer Crime and Cyber Security 3
CRIM.6600International Persp Crime3
CRIM.6610International Criminology3
CRIM.6640Weapons of Mass Destruction 3
CRIM.6650Global Trafficking and Criminal Networks3
CRIM.6660Terrorism Networks 3
CRIM.6670Advanced Security Studies3
CRIM.6680Scientific & Technological Dimensions of National Security 3
CRIM.6690Counterterrorism Policies and Strategies3
CRIM.6800Selected Topics3
CRIM.6830Directed Study 3
CRIM.6860Directed Study
CRIM.6919Directed Study in Criminal Justice3
CRIM.6940Crime Analysis and Mapping3
CRIM.6960Program Evaluation Methods3
CRIM.6970Security Studies Project Design and Defense3
CRIM.6990Security Studies Capstone Research Paper 3
DPTH.5010Pharmacology 2
DPTH.5100Models and Measurement in Disability3
DPTH.6010Clinical Anatomy 3
DPTH.6020Neuroscience: Anatomy3
DPTH.6030Anatomy Laboratory 1
DPTH.6040Neuroscience: Physiology/Neurology3
DPTH.6050Physical Therapy Interventions I Lecture3
DPTH.6060Neuroscience Laboratory1
DPTH.6070Physical Therapy Interventions I Laboratory1
DPTH.6080Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy I3
DPTH.6090Medical/Surgical Pathology 3
DPTH.6100Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy I Laboratory1
DPTH.6110Professional Issues/Clinical Practice3
DPTH.6120Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy I3
DPTH.6140Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy I Laboratory1
DPTH.6150Clinical Education I Seminar1
DPTH.6160Research Methods3
DPTH.6170Neurological Physical Therapy Lecture I3
DPTH.6190Neurological Physical Therapy Laboratory I1
DPTH.6200Neurological Physical Therapy II3
DPTH.6210Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy II Lecture3
DPTH.6220Neurological Physical Therapy II Laboratory1
DPTH.6230Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy II Laboratory1
DPTH.6250Physical Therapy Interventions II3
DPTH.6260Geriatric Physical Therapy3
DPTH.6270Physical Therapy Interventions II Laboratory1
DPTH.6280Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy III3
DPTH.6290Directed Research1
DPTH.6300Musculoskeletal III Laboratory1
DPTH.6310Pediatric Physical Therapy Lecture3
DPTH.6330Pediatric Physical Therapy Laboratory1
DPTH.6350Clinical Education II Seminar1
DPTH.6370Integrating Clinical Practice3
DPTH.6390Medical/Surgical -Orthopedics3
DPTH.6400Professional Prep in PT3
DPTH.6410Business Skills In Physical Therapy2
DPTH.6420Health Policy & Admin2
DPTH.6430Evidence Directed Care1
DPTH.6440Clinical Education Fieldwork II3
DPTH.6450Physical Interventions III3
DPTH.6460Complex Cases in Physical Therapy3
DPTH.6470PT Interventions III Lab1
DPTH.6480Service Learning in Physical Therapy1
DPTH.6500Clinical Education Experience I 3
DPTH.6510Sectional Human Anatomy3
DPTH.6520Clinical Education Experience II 3
DPTH.6530Clinical Education Experience III3
DPTH.6540Clinical Education Experience IV3
DPTH.6580Independent Studies3
DPTH.6590Sectional Human Anatomy Laboratory1
EDUC.5000Contemporary American Culture3
EDUC.5010Teaching Diverse Populations3
EDUC.5011First and Second Language Acquisition3
EDUC.5012Inproving Elementary Mathematics1
EDUC.5013Introduction to Leading Professional Learning Communities1
EDUC.5020Adolescent Development and Behavior3
EDUC.5021Issues, Mandates and Ethics in Special Education 3
EDUC.5022Sociocultural Perspecties English as Second Language3
EDUC.5023Improving Elementary Science1
EDUC.5024Student Development and Engagement3
EDUC.5032Improving Elementary Mathematics and Science1
EDUC.5040Methods of Teaching Students with Moderate Disabilities3
EDUC.5041Curriculum Design: English as Second Language3
EDUC.5042Using Arts: Inclusion3
EDUC.5043Methods of Teaching Students with Moderate Disabilities-Secondary3
EDUC.5051Language Arts English as Second Language3
EDUC.5052Intergrating The Arts1
EDUC.5053Survey Research3
EDUC.5060Oral Comm.for English Lang.Users I: Pronunciation for List. & Speaking3
EDUC.5061Chrildren's  Literature3
EDUC.5071Epidemics In History3
EDUC.5080Second Language Testing3
EDUC.5081Political Leadership3
EDUC.5090Bilingual Child with Special Needs3
EDUC.5091Science and Modern World3
EDUC.5100Culture, Linguistics and Diversity3
EDUC.5101Foundations of Social Justice Education 3
EDUC.5102Critical Literacies 3
EDUC.5103Ancient History for Teachers3
EDUC.5104Early Childhood Literacy3
EDUC.5105Teachers as Researchers3
EDUC.5110Reading Theory & Instr. in Young Adult Literature3
EDUC.5111Education Of Newcomers In America3
EDUC.5112Macintosh - English as Second Language Teachers3
EDUC.5113Teaching Lowell History3
EDUC.5114Issues: Women In Education Administration3
EDUC.5120History for Teachers 3
EDUC.5121Linguistics English as Second Language Teachers3
EDUC.5122Technology for English as Second Language Teachers3
EDUC.5130Teaching World History3
EDUC.5131Contemporary American Values3
EDUC.5133Teaching  Content with Technology3
EDUC.5134Understanding School  Community3
EDUC.5140Differentiation of Instruction3
EDUC.5141Education Culture and  Linguistic  Diversity3
EDUC.5142Accommodation and Differentiated Instruction3
EDUC.5150Internship in English as a Second Language PreK-63
EDUC.5151Education and Urban School3
EDUC.5160Internship in English as a Second Language 5-123
EDUC.5170Community Organization and  Parental Partnership3
EDUC.5180Teaching Gifted Students3
EDUC.5181Resources Bilingual Education3
EDUC.5190Difference in Instruction Second Language3
EDUC.5200Teaching Reading and Writing in English3
EDUC.5201Curriculum Planning Perspectives 3
EDUC.5202Information  Source Ed/rel Disc3
EDUC.5203Standard Based Education I3
EDUC.5204Observation Research3
EDUC.5210Teaching with Standards II3
EDUC.5211Design Of Curriculum  English as Second Language3
EDUC.5212Standards Based Education II3
EDUC.5220Young Adult Literature (06.522)3
EDUC.5221Teaching  Reading In English: Bilingual3
EDUC.5222Curriculum Design Assess3
EDUC.5223Literature-Young Adult3
EDUC.5230Curriculum Design and Assessment II3
EDUC.5240Educational Assessments of Students with Moderate Disabilities3
EDUC.5241Systems Think Education3
EDUC.5242Academic Language Development3
EDUC.5250Science for Science Teachers 7-123
EDUC.5251School To Work3
EDUC.5252Bilingual Field Work3
EDUC.5253Teaching Writing InHigh School3
EDUC.5260English Literature For Teachers3
EDUC.5270Language Acquisition 3
EDUC.5271Teach Physical  Education (prekindergarten-9)3
EDUC.5280Assessment of Reading and Language Disabilities 3
EDUC.5281Education Foundation For Health Promotion3
EDUC.5290Treatment Reading and Language Disabilities 3
EDUC.5291School Health Issues3
EDUC.5293Science For Elementary School3
EDUC.5300Interactions and Assessment in Science3
EDUC.5301Reading and Thinking:  Secondary School3
EDUC.5303Teaching Reading  Elementary  School3
EDUC.5304Child Health - Community3
EDUC.5310Genetics and Evolution6
EDUC.5311Organize and Supervision Reading and Language3
EDUC.5320Inquiry and Interactions Seminar 3
EDUC.5330Mathematics for Elementary Teachers3
EDUC.5340Mathematics for Teachers I3
EDUC.5350Mathematics for Teachers II3
EDUC.5351Mathematics For Secondary Teachers3
EDUC.5360Planning and Assessment In Mathematics3
EDUC.5370Mathematics Curriculum, Assessment Secondary School3
EDUC.5380Inquiry in Mathematics Education3
EDUC.5401Research Method Practitioners3
EDUC.5410Teaching Emergent Bilingual Learners3
EDUC.5411Newspaper/Curriculum Tool3
EDUC.5412World Modernism3
EDUC.5413Practitioner Action Research3
EDUC.5421Collegiality: Staff Development3
EDUC.5430Classroom Management and Integrative Techniques3
EDUC.5431Teaching Of Thinking3
EDUC.5440Analysis Of Teaching3
EDUC.5441Intergrated Arts Education3
EDUC.5450Museum Education and Interpretation3
EDUC.5470Using Material Culture in Class3
EDUC.5480Using Local History3
EDUC.5481Practicum: Reading Specialists3
EDUC.5490Theory and Research: Reading and Language 3
EDUC.5491Roots Of Industrial Revolution3
EDUC.5500Reading Specialist: Practicum I3
EDUC.5501Reading Education: Elementary3
EDUC.5502History Sources Curriculum3
EDUC.5503Women in Higher Education3
EDUC.5510Elementary Math Methods3
EDUC.5511Literacy Coach: Practicum II 3
EDUC.5512Two American Revolutions3
EDUC.5520Social Studies and Science: Elementary3
EDUC.5521Cross Disciplinary Curriculum3
EDUC.5530Language Arts and Childrens Literature3
EDUC.5531Lowell and Industrial Revolution 3
EDUC.5540Creation Of A Nation3
EDUC.5541Analysis Of Teaching3
EDUC.5550Foundation/Theory Bilingual Education3
EDUC.5551Literature For Children3
EDUC.5552Science, Technology and Revolution3
EDUC.5560Reading and Reading Disabilities3
EDUC.5561History Content and Curriculum Devleopment3
EDUC.5570Reading: Middle/Sec3
EDUC.5571Teaching Early American History3
EDUC.5580Becoming A Nation3
EDUC.5581Measurement and Evaluation3
EDUC.5590Introduction to Education Statistics3
EDUC.5591Diversity and the Psychology of Human Development3
EDUC.5592Teaching Founding Documents3
EDUC.5593Research and Evaluation Special Topics3
EDUC.5600Curr Dev Middle-Secondary3
EDUC.5610Arts in Curriculum3
EDUC.5620Elementary Social Studies3
EDUC.5630Elementary Science Methods3
EDUC.5640History Of Amer Ed3
EDUC.5650Issues of Education: Minority3
EDUC.5651Mentoring and Teacher Development3
EDUC.5652Mentor Teaching3
EDUC.5660Early Field Seminar3
EDUC.5661The Middle School Child3
EDUC.5670Teachng Physical Education (9 - 12)6
EDUC.5671Middle School Curriculum3
EDUC.5680Internship in Moderate Disabilities 5-123
EDUC.5691Analysis & Pedagogy3
EDUC.5700Trends In Prekindergarten and Primary Education3
EDUC.5710Curriculum and Teachng: Beh Science3
EDUC.5720Curriculum and Teaching: English 3
EDUC.5721Exploring the Nature of Science3
EDUC.5730Curriculum and Teaching History 3
EDUC.5740The Teaching of Spanish3
EDUC.5750Curriculum and Teaching Math 3
EDUC.5760Curriculum and Teaching Science 3
EDUC.5761Promoting Healthy Lifestyles Among Students 3
EDUC.5770Curriculum and Teachng: Social Studies3
EDUC.5771Comparative Education3
EDUC.5780Teaching Elementary Education and Seminar9
EDUC.5790Internship in Moderate Disabilities PreK - 83
EDUC.5791Earth Science for Teachers3
EDUC.5800Curriculum and Instruction: Interdiscp6
EDUC.5801Science Education Program and Leadership3
EDUC.5810Teaching Art 5 - 1212
EDUC.5811Science Education Program Leadership Life Science3
EDUC.5820Teaching Behavioral Science: Sec12
EDUC.5821Topics: Physical Geology3
EDUC.5830Teaching English and Seminar9
EDUC.5831Earth Vision 20003
EDUC.5832Teaching English and Seminar (Practicum)6
EDUC.5840Teaching History and Seminar9
EDUC.5841Young Child with Special Needs3
EDUC.5842Teaching History and Seminar (Practicum)6
EDUC.5850Intensive Spanish Instruction3
EDUC.5851Teachng Social Studies: Secondary9
EDUC.5852Early Childhood Education3
EDUC.5860Tching French Sec12
EDUC.5870Teaching Spanish: Secondary12
EDUC.5880Tchng Math:secondary6
EDUC.5890Teaching Mathematics and Seminar9
EDUC.5892Teaching Mathematics and Seminar (Practicum)6
EDUC.5900Teaching Biology and Seminar9
EDUC.5901Physics Topics For Education3
EDUC.5902Practicum I, Supervisor/Director1
EDUC.5903Teaching Biology and Seminar (Practicum)6
EDUC.5910Teaching Chemistry and Seminar9
EDUC.5912Advance Physics Topics I3
EDUC.5913Teaching Chemistry and Seminar (Practicum)6
EDUC.5920Teaching Earth Science and Seminar9
EDUC.5922Principalship: Practicum I 3
EDUC.5930Teaching Physics and Seminar9
EDUC.5932Principalship: Practicum II 3
EDUC.5933Teaching Physics and Seminar (Practicum)6
EDUC.5940Teaching General Science and Seminar9
EDUC.5942Practicum I, Middle School Principal 5-81
EDUC.5950Practicum II: Middle School Principal 5-82
EDUC.5951Seminar: Art Education3
EDUC.5952Advanced Physics Topics Teaching III3
EDUC.5960Practicum I, High School Principal 9-121
EDUC.5961Seminar: Middle/Secondary Education3
EDUC.5970Practicum II: High School Principal 9-122
EDUC.5971Teaching Middle School9
EDUC.5980Teaching Early Childhood9
EDUC.6002Teaching About Peace3
EDUC.6010Leadership, Law & Policy in Higher Education 3
EDUC.6013Measurement + Evaluation3
EDUC.6014Logo: Applications Curriculum3
EDUC.6015Advanced Science Mathematics Techniques3
EDUC.6016Develop Reading: Elementary3
EDUC.6021Software Application Classroom II3
EDUC.6022Issues:Science Mathematics and Techniques II3
EDUC.6023Develop Reading: Secondary3
EDUC.6024Learning-cen. Teaching  Health Education3
EDUC.6031Issues: Science Mathematics and Techniques III1
EDUC.6032Teaching Reading To Adults3
EDUC.6041Perspectives in Urban Education3
EDUC.6042Inquiry In Mathematics Teaching3
EDUC.6043Teach Read: Great Debate3
EDUC.6051Inquiry In Science Teaching3
EDUC.6061Philosophy Of Education3
EDUC.6062Science Curriculum K-83
EDUC.6063Professional Development for Writing3
EDUC.6070The Adult Learner3
EDUC.6072Science Curriculum 7-123
EDUC.6074Methods of Sheltered Language Instruction3
EDUC.6076Data Management and Visualization3
EDUC.6080Student Development Theory 3
EDUC.6082Mathematics Curriculum K-86
EDUC.6091Mathematics Curriculum Post Secondary3
EDUC.6092Self Perceptions In Education3
EDUC.6100Teaching Reading in Content Area 3
EDUC.6101Theories of Learning 3
EDUC.6102Instructor Stratergies in Mathematics and Science3
EDUC.6104Reading and writing Instruction for Middle and Secondary Teachers3
EDUC.6110Introduction to Higher Education 3
EDUC.6111Cognition and Instruction3
EDUC.6112Instructional Stratergies:Mathematics Education3
EDUC.6113Early Literacy: British Perspective3
EDUC.6114Research Seminar Adult Learners3
EDUC.6120Topics in Language Arts and Literacy3
EDUC.6122Computer in Classroom3
EDUC.6123Politics-Education and Human Services3
EDUC.6124Measure and Evaluation High Order Learning3
EDUC.6125Global Perspectives on Higher Education3
EDUC.6130Leading the Professional Learning Community 3
EDUC.6131Computer Application II3
EDUC.6132Environmental Education:Elementary3
EDUC.6140Issues History and Philosophy of Education3
EDUC.6142Education and Human Service Organization3
EDUC.6151Issues: Philosophy Of Education3
EDUC.6152Geometry Via Technology3
EDUC.6160Issues in Sociology Education3
EDUC.6161Educational Technology Foundations3
EDUC.6162Environmental Education: Elementary3
EDUC.6171Contemporary Issues in Education3
EDUC.6172Iss & Mand-bilingual Ed3
EDUC.6173Advances in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education3
EDUC.6180Economic Eduation II3
EDUC.6181Time Quality Managemen In Public Schools3
EDUC.6190Moral/Ethical Issues Science3
EDUC.6191Economic Education III3
EDUC.6192Curriculum Design -Instruction Language Arts3
EDUC.6193Curriculum Design - Instructing Lanaguage Arts I3
EDUC.6200Thinking, Problem Solving, Creativity3
EDUC.6201Models of Integration of  Techology  in the Curriculum3
EDUC.6202Introduction Education  and Human Service Administration3
EDUC.6203Curriculum Design-Instructing Language Arts II3
EDUC.6210Moral Character and Civic Education3
EDUC.6211Techology and Construction Learning3
EDUC.6213Communication: Education Leaders3
EDUC.6214Literature For Children3
EDUC.6220Managing Resources and Finances 3
EDUC.6221Science, Mathematics and the Educated Mind3
EDUC.6222Contempempory World Event/Culture3
EDUC.6224Young Adult Literature3
EDUC.6225Education Reform in Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics3
EDUC.6226Leadership and Research in STEM Education3
EDUC.6227Foundations of Student Learning in STEM fields3
EDUC.6230School Policy and Law 3
EDUC.6231Policy & Practice in Sci.,Tech.,Eng., & Mathematics Education3
EDUC.6232Commercial Television Instruction3
EDUC.6233Inventiveness in Education3
EDUC.6240Assessment of Learning 3
EDUC.6241John Dewey on Education3
EDUC.6242Directed  Study Legal Policy Human  Services3
EDUC.6243Teaching Reading Comprehension3
EDUC.6250Organization of Schools and School Systems3
EDUC.6251Teaching of Writing3
EDUC.6252Teaching Of Writing3
EDUC.6260Development of Concepts in Science3
EDUC.6261Law, Policy and Diversity Issues3
EDUC.6262Educational Response To  Cultural Diversity3
EDUC.6263Teaching Study Skills3
EDUC.6270Second Language Acquisition and Assessment3
EDUC.6271Development of Mathematics Concepts3
EDUC.6272Citizen Participation3
EDUC.6280Reasoning and Problem Solving in Science0
EDUC.6281Clinical Assessment and Treatment3
EDUC.6290Reasoning and Problem Solving In Math3
EDUC.6291Poltics Of Education and Human Service3
EDUC.6292Educational Treatment Reading and Language Disability3
EDUC.6300Educating Diverse Populations 3
EDUC.6301Reasoning and Problem Solving3
EDUC.6302Leadership and Educational Policy3
EDUC.6303Reading Thinking Listening3
EDUC.6304Analysis of Education Reform3
EDUC.6310Cognition & Instruction3
EDUC.6311Testing & Evaluating-Mathematics Education3
EDUC.6312Human Service Administration3
EDUC.6313Organize and Supervise - Reading and Language3
EDUC.6320The Inclusive School 3
EDUC.6322Human Service Administration: Law3
EDUC.6323Writers' Workshop3
EDUC.6330Collaborative Class3
EDUC.6331Educational  Response Cultural Diversity3
EDUC.6341Financial  Aspects  Education -Human Services Administration3
EDUC.6350Dynamics of Curricular Change 3
EDUC.6351Culture Of The School3
EDUC.6352Culture Of The School3
EDUC.6353Legal Polcy Education Human  Services3
EDUC.6360Sociocultural Contexts of Educational Communities3
EDUC.6361Reading Institute3
EDUC.6362Reading Institute3
EDUC.6363Theory and Research Curriculum3
EDUC.6364Principles  Of Supervision3
EDUC.6370History & Theory of Curriculum 3
EDUC.6372Personnel Administration3
EDUC.6380Curriculum Design K-12 3
EDUC.6381Planning,Technology and School Improvement3
EDUC.6391Planning Process: Curriculum3
EDUC.6392Planning Process3
EDUC.6393Reading Institute3
EDUC.6400Management/Training ITV Dir3
EDUC.6401Program Evaluation3
EDUC.6402Analysis Of Education and Human Service3
EDUC.6403Teaching Reading Comprehension3
EDUC.6404Introduction to Research Methods3
EDUC.6410Issues in Staff Development 3
EDUC.6411Fostering a Learning Organization in Higher Education 3
EDUC.6412History of American Curriculum3
EDUC.6413Reading Institute3
EDUC.6414Measurement & Assessment3
EDUC.6420Sem:Technology and American Mat Culture3
EDUC.6421Principles of Supervision 3
EDUC.6423Program Evaluation 3
EDUC.6424Reading Institute '933
EDUC.6425Politics of Curriculum Change3
EDUC.6430The Skillful Teacher 3
EDUC.6431Principalship PK - 12 3
EDUC.6432Work Technology and Schooling3
EDUC.6433Introduction to Quality  Research3
EDUC.6440Foundations for Practitioner Scholars 3
EDUC.6441Models of Teaching 3
EDUC.6442Capstone: Educational Administration3
EDUC.6450Perspectives and Visions of Schooling I3
EDUC.6451Directed Study Curriculum and Instruction3
EDUC.6452Practicum: Human Services Administration3
EDUC.6453Introduction  to Using Computers3
EDUC.6460Perspectives and Visions of Schooling II3
EDUC.6461Influence Of Gender3
EDUC.6462Practicum:  School Principal N-63
EDUC.6470Practicum School Principal 5-93
EDUC.6471Direct Study3
EDUC.6472Leadership for Educational Inclusion & Integration3
EDUC.6480International Comparative Education3
EDUC.6481Standard Certification3
EDUC.6482Practicum School Principal 9-123
EDUC.6483Practicum Reading and Language6
EDUC.6490Directed Study: Administration3
EDUC.6491C.A.G.S. Seminar: Reading and Language3
EDUC.6492Developing Data Bases for Education3
EDUC.6501Capstone Project: Advanced Programs 3
EDUC.6502Educational Reform 3
EDUC.6503Politics Of Literacy3
EDUC.6504Technology, Schools and Society3
EDUC.6505Politics Of Literacy3
EDUC.6506Computer Literacy3
EDUC.6510Web-based Tech. in the Learning Environment:Teaching and Learning 3
EDUC.6511Transformative Leadership for Schools3
EDUC.6512Prog Delevopment and Imp Science Education6
EDUC.6513Teaching Reading Comprehension3
EDUC.6514Computer Literature /Research3
EDUC.6515History and Philosophy Of Higher Education3
EDUC.6520Change and Conflict in Higher Education 3
EDUC.6521Technology: Schools Of Future3
EDUC.6522Prog Development and Imp Mathematics Education6
EDUC.6523Seminar: Assessment of Writing3
EDUC.6524Core Curriculum -Undergradraduate3
EDUC.6530Capstone Alternative 3
EDUC.6531Theories of Reading and Writing3
EDUC.6532Personnel Policies Higher  Education3
EDUC.6540Student Services - Higher Education3
EDUC.6541Exploring the Internet3
EDUC.6542The Influence of Gender3
EDUC.6543Evaluative Reading and Literature3
EDUC.6550Directed Study Curriculum and Instruction3
EDUC.6551Research and Publication, Network Environment3
EDUC.6552History and Development of Reading Instruction3
EDUC.6553Accreditation Process3
EDUC.6560Ed.S Seminar 3
EDUC.6561Multimedia Application in Education3
EDUC.6562Language Arts and Creativity3
EDUC.6563Language Arts and Creativity3
EDUC.6570Early Childhood Education3
EDUC.6571Readers Responses to Literature (Last Term 2009 Spring)(Formerly 06.657)3
EDUC.6572Role of Professional Educators3
EDUC.6580Role of the Curriculum and Instructional Leader 3
EDUC.6581The Gifted Child3
EDUC.6582Scientific Literacy Seminar3
EDUC.6590Strategies for Instruction in Higher Education3
EDUC.6591Teaching In The Media Age3
EDUC.6592Seminar:  Issues Themes Children/Young Adult Literature3
EDUC.6600Ethnographic Inquiry3
EDUC.6601Diversity in Higher Education 08.660)3
EDUC.6602Television as Tool of Instruction3
EDUC.6603Secondary Schools in United States3
EDUC.6604Citizen Participation in  Education and Community3
EDUC.6605Techniques in Language Arts/Literature3
EDUC.6610Curriculum  Development: Technology3
EDUC.6611Politics Of Curriculum Change3
EDUC.6612Dimensions Of Superintendicy3
EDUC.6613Organization and Supervision of Langauage Arts and Literacy3
EDUC.6620Issues In Teacher Education3
EDUC.6621Educational Issues Facing Superintendent3
EDUC.6622Literature for Young Adults3
EDUC.6630Superintendent Decisions3
EDUC.6640History and Development of Reading Instruction in United States3
EDUC.6650Professional Organization Of Educational Careers3
EDUC.6660Issues: Distance and Distribution Education3
EDUC.6670Open and Flexible Learning3
EDUC.6690Superintendency Practicum3
EDUC.6691Advanced Clinical Assessment3
EDUC.6700CAGS Seminar I Administration3
EDUC.6701Practicum I: Higher Education Option 3
EDUC.6702Issues In Curriculum  and Instruction3
EDUC.6703Issues in Reading and Language Instruction3
EDUC.6710Practicum II: Higher Education 3
EDUC.6711Research Sem I  Curriculum and Instruction3
EDUC.6712CAGS Seminar II: Administration3
EDUC.6713CAGS Seminar I:  Reading and Language3
EDUC.6720Research Sem II  Curriculum and Instruction3
EDUC.6721Seminar: Administrative Planning and Policy3
EDUC.6722CAGS Seminar II: Reading and Language3
EDUC.6731Curriculum Design for Science Teachers3
EDUC.6732Curriculum Designs:  English and Language Arts3
EDUC.6733Ethics and Decision-Making in Higher Education3
EDUC.6740Research Into Learning in Science3
EDUC.6741Organizational Development and Decision Making3
EDUC.6742Current Design : English/Language Arts II3
EDUC.6750Leadership in Science Education3
EDUC.6751History, Research and Theory of Curriculum Design in Language Arts3
EDUC.6752Leadership Contemporary  Thought3
EDUC.6760Exploring the Nature of Science 3
EDUC.6761History, Theory, and Research in the Teaching of Writing3
EDUC.6770Theories of Verbal Communication3
EDUC.6771Investigating Science Classrooms3
EDUC.6780History, Research and Contemporary Issues in Reading Instruction3
EDUC.6801Research: Education Technology3
EDUC.6851Evaluation Of Technical Curriculum3
EDUC.6900Action Research3
EDUC.6910Developing Inclusive School Contexts 3
EDUC.6911Applied Research Design 3
EDUC.6912Contemporary Issues In Education3
EDUC.6913Policy Issues Related to Technology3
EDUC.6920Law, Policy, and Finance 3
EDUC.6921Quantitative Data Analysis for Practitioner Leaders 3
EDUC.6922Qualitative Research Methods Practitioner Leaders3
EDUC.6930Organizational Learning 3
EDUC.6931Data Analysis for Practitioner Leaders 3
EDUC.6940Systems Leadership I 3
EDUC.6950Systems Leadership II 3
EDUC.6960Strategic Partnering with Families and Communities 3
EDUC.6991Reading and Applying Educational Research3
EDUC.7001Intro 2nd Lang Acquis3
EDUC.7010Cognitive and Information Processing Theories of Learning, Development and Instruction3
EDUC.7012Data Analysis3
EDUC.7013Issues Second Language Acquistion3
EDUC.7020Research Methods and Design3
EDUC.7023Contemporary Issues - Language3
EDUC.7031Methods 2nd Language Inst3
EDUC.7032Seminar in the Design Of Research Projects3
EDUC.7040Qualitative Research Methods 3
EDUC.7041Current Mat Dev Adpt ESL3
EDUC.7050Survey Research 3
EDUC.7051Field Wk/internship3
EDUC.7052Supervised Teaching-Education0
EDUC.7053Supervised Teaching-Education3
EDUC.7060Intermediate/Advanced Data Analysis3
EDUC.7061Approach To Lang Testing3
EDUC.7070Writing For Professional Publication3
EDUC.7071Biling Child W/spch Nds3
EDUC.7080Second Lang Testing3
EDUC.7081Analyze, Interpret, Report Data3
EDUC.7082Introduction to Discourse Analysis3
EDUC.7090Measurement & Evaluation3
EDUC.7091Bilingual Child: Special Needs3
EDUC.7100Research Planning: Leadership3
EDUC.7101Qualitative Research: Advanced Topics in Analysis3
EDUC.7130Research Writing Seminar3
EDUC.7150Internship English as a Second Language3
EDUC.7280Research in Science and Mathematics Education3
EDUC.7290Directed Study : Leadership in Schooling3
EDUC.7291Directed Study: Language and Literature3
EDUC.7292Directed Study: Mathematics and Science Education3
EDUC.7293Directed St:udy: Techology  and Learning English3
EDUC.7294Dir St: Leadership3
EDUC.7300Graduate Project:  Mathematics and Science3
EDUC.7301Advanced Research  Seminar I: Leadership in Schooling3
EDUC.7302Advanced Research Seminar I-Language Arts and Literature3
EDUC.7310Advanced Research Seminar: Math & Science3
EDUC.7311Advanced Research Seminar II: Leadership in Schooling3
EDUC.7312Adanced Research Seminar II:Language3
EDUC.7330Graduate Project - Education3
EDUC.7331Graduate Project - Education3
EDUC.7360Graduate Project - Education6
EDUC.7361Graduate Project - Education6
EDUC.7390Graduate Project - Education9
EDUC.7391Graduate Project - Education9
EDUC.7420Foundations of Program Evaluation3
EDUC.7430Program Evaluation: Advanced Topics3
EDUC.7440Program Evaluation and Public Policy3
EDUC.7460Masters Thesis6
EDUC.7500Culture of Carribean Southeast Asia3
EDUC.7501Dissertation in Practice3
EDUC.7502Dissertation in Practice: Data Collection and Analysis3
EDUC.7503Dissertation in Practice: Dissertation Completion3
EDUC.7510Comm Org & Parental Part3
EDUC.7520Res & Tech-bilungual Ed3
EDUC.7530Doctoral Dissertation/Education 3
EDUC.7531Doctoral Dissertation/Education3
EDUC.7532Doctoral Dissertation/Education3
EDUC.7533Meth Content/lang Acq3
EDUC.7540Tchng Reading: Bilingual3
EDUC.7550Desc And Imat: Bilingual3
EDUC.7560Doctoral Dissertation/Education6
EDUC.7561Doctoral Dissertation/Education6
EDUC.7562Doctoral Dissertation/Education6
EDUC.7563Tchng Rdg In Eng To Bil3
EDUC.7570Asmt/diag Abil Bil Std3
EDUC.7590Doctoral Dissertation/Education9
EDUC.7591Doctoral Dissertation/Education9
EDUC.7592Doctoral Dissertation9
EDUC.7610SI Teach Lang + Cult3
EDUC.7630Continued Graduate  Research3
EDUC.7631Continued Graduate Research3
EDUC.7632Continued Graduate Research3
EDUC.7660Continued Graduate Research6
EDUC.7661Continued Graduate Research6
EDUC.7662Continued Graduate Research6
EDUC.7690Continued Grad Research9
EDUC.7691Continued Graduate  Research9
EDUC.7692Continued Graduate Research9
EDUC.7910Advanced Research Seminar Language and Literature3
EDUC.7920Directed Study3
EECE.5040VLSI Fabrication3
EECE.5050Microwave Electronics 3
EECE.5060Antenna Theory and Design3
EECE.5070Electromagnetic Materials and Waves 3
EECE.5080Quantum Electronics for Engineers3
EECE.5090Linear Systems Analysis 3
EECE.5100Digital Signal Processing 3
EECE.5110Medical Diagnostic Imaging3
EECE.5130Control Systems 3
EECE.5150Power Electronics 3
EECE.5170MMIC Design and Fabrication3
EECE.5190Engineering of Submicron Machines3
EECE.5200Computer Aided Engineering Analysis3
EECE.5230Introduction to Solid State Electronics3
EECE.5240Computational Methods for Power System Analysis 3
EECE.5250Power Distribution Systems3
EECE.5260Power Systems Stability and Control
EECE.5270Advanced VLSI Design Techniques 3
EECE.5280Alternative Energy Sources 3
EECE.5290Electric Vehicle Technology 3
EECE.5310RF Design 3
EECE.5320Computational Electromagnetics3
EECE.5330Microwave Engineering 3
EECE.5340Microwave Engineering Lab1
EECE.5350Microwave Metrology3
EECE.5360Microwave Metrology Lab1
EECE.5370Microwave Systems Engineering3
EECE.5380Microwave Systems Engineering Lab1
EECE.5410Introduction to Biosensors 3
EECE.5430Theory of Communication3
EECE.5460Communication Networks 3
EECE.5480Coding and Information Theory3
EECE.5492Systems, Modeling and Simulations for Digital Eng3
EECE.5494Model-Based Systems Engineering3
EECE.5496Cyber-Physical Systems Modeling and Simulation3
EECE.5498Data-Driven Models, Decision Making, and Risk Mgmt3
EECE.5500Advanced Digital System Hardware Design 3
EECE.5510Heterogeneous Computing 3
EECE.5520Microprocessor Systems II & Embedded Systems 3
EECE.5530Software Engineering 3
EECE.5550Computer System Security3
EECE.5600Biomedical Instrumentation3
EECE.5610Computer Architecture and Design 3
EECE.5620VHDL/Verilog Synthesis & Design 3
EECE.5625LVHDL/Verilog Synthesis & Design Lab1
EECE.5680Electro Optic Systems 3
EECE.5700Radar Systems Lab1
EECE.5710Radar Systems 3
EECE.5720Embedded Real Time Systems3
EECE.5730Operating Systems 3
EECE.5740Advanced Logic Design 3
EECE.5750Field Programmable Gate Arrays Logic Design Techniques 3
EECE.5755FPGA Logic Design Techniques Lab1
EECE.5760Principles of Solid State Devices 3
EECE.5770Verification of Very Large Digital Designs3
EECE.5775LVerification of Digital Systems Lab1
EECE.5780Modeling and Implementation of Digital Systems using MATLAB3
EECE.5810Computer Vision and Digital Image Processing3
EECE.5820Wireless Communications3
EECE.5821Computer Architecture and Design 3
EECE.5830Network Design: Principles, Protocols and Applications 3
EECE.5840Probability and Random Processes 3
EECE.5841Computer Vision and Digital Image Processing 3
EECE.5900Fiber Optic Communication3
EECE.5930Industrial Experience0
EECE.5950Solid State Electronics3
EECE.6010Graduate Seminar3
EECE.6020Graduate Seminar3
EECE.6120Converged Voice and Data Network3
EECE.6160Computational Power Systems Analysis3
EECE.6170Modelling Of Communication Networks3
EECE.6500Advanced Computing Systems Hardware Architecture3
EECE.6510Advanced Embedded System Design with FPGA3
EECE.6520Parallel & Mp Architect3
EECE.6530AI and Machine Learning3
EECE.6540Heterogeneous Computing 3
EECE.6570High Speed Integrated Network (Last Term 2004 Fall)
EECE.6580Computer Network Security3
EECE.6590Distributed Systems3
EECE.6600Mobile Communication Networks 3
EECE.6660Storage Area Newtorks3
EECE.6690Opto Electronic Devices3
EECE.6870Applied Stochastic Estimation3
EECE.6880Theoretical Acoustics3
EECE.6920Directed Studies/Electrical Engineering 3
EECE.7CPTCurricular Practical Training for Engineering Doctoral Candidates1
EECE.7100Selected Topics 3
EECE.7110Special Topics 3
EECE.7120Special Topics in Electrical Engineering3
EECE.7150Special Topics:  Solar Terr Emag3
EECE.7290Selected Topics in Electrical Engineering3
EECE.7300Thesis - Electrical Engineering6
EECE.7310Thesis - Computing Engineering3
EECE.7320Systems Engineering Thesis3
EECE.7330Advance Graduate Project 3
EECE.7360Graduate Project - Electrical Engineering6
EECE.7390Graduate Project - Electrical Engineering9
EECE.7400Advanced Project In Electrical Engineering3
EECE.7430Master's Thesis in Electrical Engineering 3
EECE.7460Master's Thesis in Electrical Engineering 6
EECE.7490Master's Thesis - Electrical Engineering9
EECE.7510Doctoral Thesis1
EECE.7520PhD Thesis2
EECE.7530Doctoral Dissertation/EE 3
EECE.7540Doctoral Thesis - Electrical Engineering4
EECE.7550Doctoral Dissertation5
EECE.7560Doctoral Dissertation/Electrical Engineering 6
EECE.7570Doctoral Dissertation7
EECE.7590Doctoral Dissertation/Electrical Engineering9
EECE.7660Continued Grad Research6
EECE.7710Eng Sys Analysis I3
EECE.7720Eng Sys Analysis II3
EECE.7730Eng Sys Analysis III 3
ENGL.5060Writing in the Community3
ENGN.5010Engineering for Teachers 3
ENGN.5400Designing Sustainable Products3
ENGN.5500Introduction to Nanotechnology3
ENGN.5700Selected Issues in Nanomanfacturing0
ENGN.5900Graduate Industrial Cooperative Educational Experience I 1
ENGN.5910Graduate Industrial Cooperative Educational Experience II 1
ENGN.6020Graduate Professional Development for Engineers1
ENGN.6030Graduate Cooperative Experience1
ENGN.6040Workforce Development1
ENGY.5040Energy Engineering Workshop3
ENGY.5050Reactor Physics3
ENGY.5070Reactor Engineering and Safety3
ENGY.5090Dynamic Systems Analysis3
ENGY.5100Nuclear Fuel Cycle3
ENGY.5140Chemical and Nuclear Waste3
ENGY.5190Reactor Operator Training3
ENGY.5200Reactor Operator Training3
ENGY.5310Selected Topics in Engineering 3
ENGY.5320Selected Topics: Energy Science3
ENGY.6010Graduate Research Seminar0
ENGY.6510Selected Topics in Energy Engineering3
ENGY.7CPTCurricular Practical Training for Engineering Doctoral Candidates1
ENGY.7050Supervised Teaching - Nuclear Engineering0
ENGY.7330Graduate Project - Energy Engineering3
ENGY.7390Graduate Project - Energy Engineering9
ENGY.7410Master's Research-Energy Engineering1
ENGY.7430Master's Thesis - Nuclear Engineering3
ENGY.7460Master's Thesis - Energy Engineering6
ENGY.7490Master's Thesis - Energy Engineering9
ENGY.7530Doctoral Dissertation/Energy Engineering3
ENGY.7560Graduate  Research - Nuclear Engineering6
ENGY.7590Doctoral Dissertation/Energy9
ENGY.7660Continued Graduate Research6
ENGY.7690Continued Graduate Research9
ENTR.565Technological Entrepreneurship3
ENTR.5650Technological Entrepreneurship 3
ENTR.591Independent Study1
ENTR.5910Independent Study1
ENTR.592Independent Activity2
ENTR.593Independent Activity3
ENTR.600Mathematics For Business Administration3
ENTR.601Operations Management3
ENTR.603Managerial Economics3
ENTR.605Japanese Economy3
ENTR.608Economics Of Location3
ENTR.610Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation l3
ENTR.6100Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation I 3
ENTR.611Enterprise And  Management3
ENTR.6110Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation II 3
ENTR.612Dynamics Of Competition3
ENTR.620Public Finance Amd Monetary  Policy3
ENTR.621Quantitative Decision Model and Application3
ENTR.630Market Research for Entrepreneurs3
ENTR.631Corporate Finance3
ENTR.635Financing Innovation and Technology Ventures3
ENTR.6350Financing Innovation and Technology Ventures 3
ENTR.640New Venture Creation3
ENTR.6400New Venture Creation 3
ENTR.641Customer And Markets3
ENTR.645New Product Development3
ENTR.6450New Product Development 3
ENTR.650Innovation and Emerging Technology3
ENTR.6500Innovation and Emerging Technology 3
ENTR.651World Class Operations3
ENTR.6510Technological Entrepreneurship 3
ENTR.655Corporate Entrepreneurship3
ENTR.6550Corporate Entrepreneurship 3
ENTR.6600Entrepreneurial Teams3
ENTR.670Global Entrepreneurship3
ENTR.6700Global Entrepreneurship3
ENTR.680Capstone I - New Venture Planning3
ENTR.6800Capstone I - New Venture Planning 3
ENTR.681Capstone II - New Venture Implementation3
ENTR.6810Capstone II - New Venture Implementation 3
ENTR.688Current Topics in Entrepreneurship3
ENTR.6880Current Topics in Entrepreneurship3
ENTR.690Creation and Leadership - Change3
ENTR.691Strategy I3
ENTR.692Strategy II3
ENTR.699Independent Study3
ENTR.6990Independent Study3
ENTR.700Independent  Study In Economics3
ENTR.736Graduate Project6
ENTR.7960Doctoral Dissertation
ENTR.801Structure and Dynamics Enterprise3
ENTR.802Quantitative Methods3
ENTR.803Manufacturing Strategy3
ENTR.804Market And Customer Values3
ENTR.805Global Strategy3
ENVI.5040Geographic Information Systems3
ENVI.5720Energy and Environment3
ENVI.5810Understanding Massachusetts Contingency Plan 3
ENVI.5850Climate Change in the Classroom 3
ENVS.5010Wetlands Ecology 3
ENVS.5020Freshwater Ecology3
ENVS.5810Understanding Massachusetts Contingency Plan 3
FINA.5CO-OPCurricula Practical Training 1
FINA.501Business Financial Analysis2
FINA.5010Fundamentals of Finance 2
FINA.600Financial Markets3
FINA.601Corporate Finance3
FINA.6010Corporate Finance 3
FINA.602Advanced Corporate Finance3
FINA.6020Advanced Corporate Finance 3
FINA.6050Mergers, Acquisitions, and Corporate Restructuring3
FINA.610Global Financial Markets and Monetary Policy3
FINA.6100Global Financial Markets and Monetary Policy 3
FINA.611Financial Statements Analysis
FINA.6110Financial Statement Analysis 3
FINA.621Security Analysis and Portfolio Management3
FINA.6210Securities and Portfolio Management 3
FINA.622Advanced Portfolio Management3
FINA.6220Advanced Portfolio Management 3
FINA.6230Security Analysis - Student Managed Fund3
FINA.624Fixed Income Securities3
FINA.6240Fixed Income Securities 3
FINA.6310Empirical Methods in Finance3
FINA.632Business Financial  Analysis3
FINA.6350Programming for Finance3
FINA.640Financing Innovation and Technology3
FINA.6420Decentralized Finance (DeFi)3
FINA.6510Bank Management
FINA.653Financial Institutions and Markets3
FINA.6530Financial Institutions and Markets 3
FINA.6550Global Financial Regulation and Compliance3
FINA.661Financial Risk Management3
FINA.6610Financial Risk Management 3
FINA.6710CFA Exam Review3
FINA.675Financial Derivatives3
FINA.6750Financial Derivatives 3
FINA.677Independent Study: Finance3
FINA.6770Independent Study: Finance 3
FINA.688Current Topics in Finance3
FINA.6880Current Topics in Finance 3
FINA.691International Financial Management3
FINA.6910International Financial Management 3
FINA.6990Finance Seminar
FINA.700Independent Study - Finance3
FINA.725Options And Futures3
FINA.731Financial Management3
FINA.732Financial Institutions and Markets3
FINA.736Portfolio And Security Analysis3
FINA.737Current Topics: Financial Management3
FINA.738International Financial Managementt3
FINA.739Independent Study: Finance3
FINA.760International Financial Management3
FINA.790-IFinancial  Marktes/Monetary Policy3
FINA.790Financial  Marktes/Monetary Policy3
FINA.799Directed Study: Finance3
FINA.802Quantitative Methods for Decision Evaluation3
GEOL.5100Glacial and Pleistocene Geology3
GEOL.5240Regional Hydrogeology3
GEOL.5850Oceanography for Teachers3
GLST.7210Curricular Practical Training1
GLST.7610Dissertation Review/Global Studies 1
GLST.7910Global Studies Directed Studies 3
HIST.5360Readings on the Great Depression and the New Deal 3
HIST.5910Directed Study 4
HSCI.5500Human Development and Pathophysiology 3
HSCI.5510Clinical Pathophysiology3
IB.520Ethical Issues in Biomedical Research1
IB.521Real Time Digital Signal Processing3
IB.560Biomedical Instrumentation3
IENG.7410Masters Thesis9
MATH.5000Discrete Structures 3
MATH.5010Real Analysis3
MATH.5030Mathematical Analysis3
MATH.5070Applied Functional Analysis I3
MATH.5090Probability and Mathematical Statistics3
MATH.5100Computers and Calculators in Classroom 3
MATH.5110Complex Variables I 3
MATH.5130Number Theory3
MATH.5190Introduction to Probability and Statistics II3
MATH.5200Mathematical Problem Solving3
MATH.5210Abstract Algebra I 3
MATH.5230Linear Algebra 3
MATH.5260Topology 3
MATH.5300Applied Mathematics I 3
MATH.5310Applied Mathematics II3
MATH.5350History of Mathematics 3
MATH.5430Ordinary Differential Equations 3
MATH.5450Partial Diff Equations 3
MATH.5480Mathematics Of Signal Processing3
MATH.5500Mathematical Modeling 3
MATH.5510Calculus of Variations3
MATH.5520Wavelet Analysis3
MATH.5550Applied Math for Life Scientists3
MATH.5630Computational Mathematics 3
MATH.5640Applied Linear Algebra 3
MATH.5650Special Functions3
MATH.5700Probability and Statistics3
MATH.5750Applied Statistics with R3
MATH.5760Statistical Programming using SAS3
MATH.5780Statistical Inference and Data Mining3
MATH.5820Time Series Analysis3
MATH.5840Stochastic Process3
MATH.5870Measure and Probability Theory 3
MATH.5880Mathematical Statistics3
MATH.5900Statistical Quality Control 3
MATH.5910Linear Statistics Modeling and Regression 3
MATH.5920Multivariate Statistics3
MATH.5930Experimental Design 3
MATH.6510Selected Topics in Mathematics 3
MATH.7430Graduate  Research/Math3
MECH.5CO-OPCurricula Practical Training 1
MECH.5040Energy Engineering Workshop3
MECH.5050Directed Studies - ME3
MECH.5120Applied Finite Element Analysis 3
MECH.5130Theory of Finite Element Analysis3
MECH.5140Finite Element Analysis3
MECH.5150Structural Dynamic Modeling Techniques3
MECH.5160Experimental Modal Analysis3
MECH.5180Signal Proc Techniques3
MECH.5190Engineering Spectral Analysis3
MECH.5210Solar Fundamentals3
MECH.5240Fund of Acoustics3
MECH.5250Grid-Connected Solar Electric Systems 3
MECH.5260Transport Processes in Energy Systems 3
MECH.5270Solar Energy Engineering3
MECH.5280Photovoltaics Manufacturing3
MECH.5290Fuel Cell Fundamentals3
MECH.5310Math Methods In Mechanical Engineering3
MECH.5320Off-Grid Solar Electric System 3
MECH.5330Nanomaterials for Energy3
MECH.5350Fundamentals of Sustainable Energy3
MECH.5420Convective Heat/Mass Transfer3
MECH.5450Advanced Industrial Heat and Mass Transfer3
MECH.5490Cooling of Electronic Equipment 3
MECH.5530MEMS & Microsystems3
MECH.5540Dynamic Systems and Controls3
MECH.5570Microsystem Design3
MECH.5580Aero/Wind Eng3
MECH.5620Solid Mechanics I3
MECH.5710Quality Engineering 3
MECH.5720Manufacturing Processes3
MECH.5740Design For Reliability Engineering 3
MECH.5750Industrial Design of Experiment 3
MECH.5760Engineering Project Management 3
MECH.5810Advanced Fluid Mechanics3
MECH.5830Advanced Aerodynamics 3
MECH.5840Ocean Engineering3
MECH.5890Finite Element in Thermofluids2
MECH.5910Mechanical Behavior of Materials3
MECH.5930Graduate Co-op Education0
MECH.5950Graduate Co-op II0
MECH.5960Mechanics of Composite Materials3
MECH.5970Processing of Composites3
MECH.6020SpecialTopic: Thermo-Fluids3
MECH.6030Special Topic: Vibration Dynamics3
MECH.6110Matrix Methods3
MECH.6140Advanced Finite Element Methods3
MECH.7410Master's Thesis - Mechanical Engineering1
MECH.7420Master's Thesis - Mechanical Engineering2
MECH.7430Master's Thesis - ME 3
MECH.7460Master's Thesis - ME 6
MECH.7490Master's Thesis - Mechanical Engineering9
MECH.7510Advanced Projects in Mechanical Engineering3
MECH.7530Doctoral Dissertation/Mechanical Engineering3
MECH.7560Doctoral Dissertation/Mechanical Engineering6
MECH.7590Doctoral Dissertation/Mechanical Engineering9
MECH.7610Continued Grad Research
MECH.7630Continued Graduate Research3
MECH.7660Continued Graduate Research6
MECH.7690Continued Graduate Research9
MECH.7710Systems Analysis I 3
MECH.7720Systems Analysis II 3
MECH.7730Systems Analysis III 3
MGMT.5CO-OPCurricular Practical Training 1
MGMT.501Organizational Behavior2
MGMT.5010Organizational Behavior 2
MGMT.510Organizational Behavior3
MGMT.511Global Enterprise and Competition2
MGMT.5110Global Enterprise and Competition 2
MGMT.512Global Dynamics1
MGMT.5750Business Fundamentals for Scientists and Engineers3
MGMT.577Labor Diversity and Human Resources Management3
MGMT.588Special Topics: Management of Diversity3
MGMT.601Managing Organizational Change3
MGMT.6010Managing Organizational Change 3
MGMT.602Law and Society3
MGMT.603AdvancedTopics In Information Systems3
MGMT.607-IMBA/Finance Independent Study2
MGMT.607MBA/Finance Independent Study2
MGMT.6070MBA/Finance Independent Study2
MGMT.610Regulatory Environment3
MGMT.6100Managerial Leadership3
MGMT.611Enterprise and Management3
MGMT.612Dynamics Of Competition3
MGMT.6150International Business3
MGMT.617New Venture Practicum II - Implementation through Investment3
MGMT.6250Negotiations 3
MGMT.630New Product Development3
MGMT.6301Management Consulting3
MGMT.632Business Financial Analysis3
MGMT.6350Project Management3
MGMT.640Building and Managing Teams3
MGMT.6400Building and Managing Teams3
MGMT.645Advanced Professional Communication3
MGMT.6450Advanced Professional Communication3
MGMT.6500Workforce Analytics3
MGMT.651Organizational Behavior3
MGMT.652Human Resources Management3
MGMT.6520Human Resources Management 3
MGMT.6530Ethical Leadership in the Global Economy3
MGMT.6540Managing Global and workforce Diversity3
MGMT.655Mid-Management Skills for the New Business Environment3
MGMT.6550Mid-Management Skills for the New Business Environment 3
MGMT.660Law and Society3
MGMT.6600The Future of Work: Understanding the Global, Strategic and Managerial Implications3
MGMT.667Independent Study In Management3
MGMT.670International Law3
MGMT.672Operations Management3
MGMT.673Operations Research3
MGMT.677Independent Study: Management3
MGMT.6770Independent Study: Management 3
MGMT.680St Mg:Adv Prof'l Comm3
MGMT.688Current Topics in Management3
MGMT.6880Current Topics in Management 3
MGMT.690Current Topics - Business Law3
MGMT.691Strategy Formation and Implementation3
MGMT.6910Strategy Formation and Implementation 3
MGMT.692Strategy II3
MGMT.701Starting New Ventures3
MGMT.704Consulting Strategies and Practice3
MGMT.705Human Resources Management3
MGMT.706Human Resource Management Project1
MGMT.710Management for Competitiveness3
MGMT.720Management Competitiveness II3
MGMT.723Marketing Analysis and Plng3
MGMT.724Marketing Research0
MGMT.727International Marketing3
MGMT.729Ind-study Marketing3
MGMT.731Financial Management3
MGMT.732Financial Institutions and Markets3
MGMT.736Portfolio and Sec Analysis3
MGMT.737Current Topic:Financial Management3
MGMT.738International Financial Management3
MGMT.739Independent Study Finance3
MGMT.752Organizational  Design and Change3
MGMT.753Compensation Management3
MGMT.754Planning Management Careers3
MGMT.755Human Resourse Planning3
MGMT.759Independent Study:Human Resource Mangement3
MGMT.772Opns Plng + Control3
MGMT.773Advanced Operations Research3
MGMT.774Industrial Relations3
MGMT.775The Practice Of Operations Management3
MGMT.779Independent Study-Operations Management3
MGMT.781Corporate Strategy3
MGMT.783International Business3
MGMT.789Independent Study in Management3
MGMT.790Special Topics in  Management3
MGMT.791Topic: Comp. Study Business Relations3
MGMT.799Special Topics in Management3
MGMT.801Organizational Behavior For Engineer Managers2
MGMT.802Finance For Engineer Managers2
MGMT.803Manufacturing Management For Engineer Manager2
MGMT.804Business Policy - Engineering Managers2
MGMT.805Start New Tech Ventures2
MGMT.832Finance For Health Care Professionals2
MIST.5CO-OPCurricular Practical Training1
MIST.601Management Information Systems3
MIST.6010Management Information Systems 3
MIST.602Management Information Systems3
MIST.603Advanced Topics :  Information Systems3
MIST.6030Database Management 3
MIST.6060Business Intelligence and Data Mining 3
MIST.607Electronic Business3
MIST.6070Electronic Business 3
MIST.608Enterprise System Management3
MIST.6080Enterprise System Management 3
MIST.6090Independent Study in MIST
MIST.610Information Technology Infrastructure3
MIST.6100Information Technology Infrastructure3
MIST.6140Social and Economic Networks3
MIST.6150Data Quality for Business Analytics 3
MIST.616Independent Study in Management Information Systems3
MIST.6160Advanced Data Mining 3
MIST.6170Advanced Machine Learning3
MIST.635Project Management3
MIST.6350Project Management 3
MIST.6360Global Information Technology Governance3
MIST.645Information Technology Project Management3
MIST.6450Information Technology Project Management 3
MIST.6490Business Analytics Capstone Project3
MIST.688Current Topics in Management Information Systems3
MIST.6880Current Topics in Management Information Systems 3
MIST.7070Electronic Commerce
MIST.709Independent Study in Management Information Systems1
MIST.7090Independent Study in Management Information Systems 1
MIST.7900Doctoral Dissertation 9
MKTG.5CO-OPCurricula Practical Training1
MKTG.501Marketing Fundamentals2
MKTG.5010Marketing Fundamentals 2
MKTG.505Advanced Marketing Fund2
MKTG.5450Professional and Scientific Communication 3
MKTG.601Customers and Markets3
MKTG.6010Customers and Markets 3
MKTG.603Global Marketing3
MKTG.610Marketing Research3
MKTG.6150New Product Development3
MKTG.6200Sales Management 3
MKTG.621Customers And  Markets3
MKTG.622Marketing Fundamentals3
MKTG.6250Digital Marketing 3
MKTG.630Market Research3
MKTG.6300Market Research 3
MKTG.6350Marketing Analytics3
MKTG.640Marketing For Engineering  Managers3
MKTG.6410Marketing Analytics
MKTG.650Industrial Marketing3
MKTG.6510Sustainable/Green Marketing3
MKTG.660Marketing Communications3
MKTG.670International Marketing3
MKTG.6700International Marketing 3
MKTG.677Independent Study: Marketing3
MKTG.6770Independent Study: Marketing 3
MKTG.680Marketing Analysis And  Planning3
MKTG.688Current  Topics in Marketing3
MKTG.6880Current Topics in Marketing3
MKTG.690Internship in Marketing3
MKTG.698Spec Top:strategy Pricng3
MKTG.699Marketing Internship3
MKTG.700Special Topic:  Marketing3
MKTG.710Marketing Research3
MKTG.723Marketing Analysis And Planning3
MKTG.724Marketing Research3
MKTG.725Marketing Communication3
MKTG.726Consumer Behavior3
MKTG.727International Marketing3
MKTG.728Industrial Marketing3
MKTG.729Independent Study Marketing3
MKTG.750Industrial Marketing3
MKTG.760Marketing Communications3
MKTG.781New Products3
MKTG.790Special Topic:  Marketing3
MKTG.799Independent Study In Marketing3
MKTG.801Marketing Engineering Manager2
MKTG.804Market  And Customer Values3
MLSC.5310Clinical Immunohematology3
MLSC.5410Introduction to Public Health and the Public Health Laboratory 3
MLSC.5500Foundations of Biomedical Research3
MLSC.5510Advanced Pathophysiology 3
MLSC.5530Advanced Clinical Chemistry3
MLSC.5600Molecular Pathology 3
MLSC.5750Topics in Clinical Laboratory Science I3
MLSC.5800Clinical Applications of Molecular Genetics 3
MLSC.6100Clinical Toxicology3
MLSC.6101Clinical Toxicology Lab1
MLSC.6130Infectious Disease 3
MLSC.6150Medical Mycology and Parasitology3
MLSC.6400Quality Assurance, Control and Improvement in the Clinical and Public Health Lab3
MLSC.7330Graduate Project - Clinical Laboratory Sciences3
MLSC.7340Graduate Project - Clinical Laboratory Sciences 4
MLSC.7430Master's Thesis - Clinical Lab Sciences3
MLSC.7440Master's Thesis - Clinical Laboratory Science4
MLSC.7530Doctoral Research3
MLSC.7560Doctoral Research6
MLSC.7590Doctoral Research9
MPAD.5010Foundations of Public Administration3
MPAD.5020Public and Non-Profit Budgeting and Financial Management3
MPAD.5030Public and Non-Profit Management and Leadership3
MPAD.5040Data Analysis3
MPAD.5045Advanced Research with Survey Data3
MPAD.5120Communication for Public and Non-Profit Managers3
MPAD.5150Public and Non-Profit Personnel Management3
MPAD.5300Gender and Administration3
MPAD.5400Public Finance3
MPAD.6000Independent Study: Public Administration
MPAD.6010Capstone Experience3
MSIT.5110Network and Systems Administration 3
MSIT.5140Systems Security and Auditing 3
MSIT.5170Operating Systems Foundations 3
MSIT.5180Large Scale Application Deployment 3
MSIT.5190Virtual Systems 3
MSIT.5200Digital Storage Architectures 3
MSIT.5310Project Management 3
MSIT.5320Managing Large Data Sets 3
MSIT.5330Developer Operations (DevOps)3
MSIT.5350Agile and Iterative Project Management 3
MSIT.5360Data Mining 3
MSIT.5410Information Security, Privacy and Regulatory Compliance 3
MSIT.5430Intrusion Detection Systems 3
MSIT.5450Designing and Building a Cybersecurity Program 3
MSIT.5460Introduction to Malware Analysis3
MSIT.5470Protecting against Ransomware Attacks3
MSIT.5600Network Infrastructures 3
MSIT.5610Computer Network Security 3
MSIT.5620Digital Forensics 3
MSIT.5630Secure Mobile Networks 3
MSIT.5650Cloud Computing 3
MSIT.5660Advanced Cloud Computing 3
MSIT.5670Text Analytics and Information Retrievals3
MUAP.5010Graduate  Applied Keyboard I2
MUAP.5020Graduate Applied Keyboard 22
MUAP.5110Graduate Applied Voice I2
MUAP.5120Graduate Applied Voice 22
MUAP.5210Graduate Applied Woodwinds 12
MUAP.5220Graduate Applied Woodwinds 22
MUAP.5310Graduate Applied Brass And  Percussion  12
MUAP.5320Graduate Applied  Brass And Percussion 22
MUAP.5410Graduate  Applied Strings 12
MUAP.5420Graduate Applied Strings 22
MUBU.5250Community Outreach Practicum 1 1
MUBU.5260Community Outreach Practicum 2 1
MUED.5000Global Music for Classroom3
MUED.5100Foundations Of Music Education3
MUED.5150Special Topics: Technology, Arts & Learning3
MUED.5630Choral Repertoire and Rehearsal Techniques3
MUED.5770Instrumental Music Workshop 3
MUED.5780Music/Way of Knowing2
MUED.5830Intro to Technology Applications for the Music Classroom3
MUED.5950Practicum & Analysis9
MUED.5960Graduate Directed Study: Music Education3
MUED.6010Seminar In Music Education3
MUED.6250Community Internship 6
MUED.6500Research in Music Education3
MUED.6950Direct Study and Research3
MUED.6960Project Report3
MUED.7430Master's Thesis, Music Education3
MUEN.5010University Orchestra2
MUEN.5020Wind Ensemble2
MUEN.5030Chamber Singers2
MUEN.5040University Choir2
MUEN.5050Concert Band2
MUEN.5080Studio Orchestra2
MUEN.5510Choral Union1
MUEN.5530Percussion Ensemble1
MUEN.5540Classical Guitar Ensemble1
MUEN.5550Brass Ensemble1
MUEN.5560Electric Guitar Ensemble1
MUEN.5580Piano Ensemble1
MUEN.5590Mixed Chamber Ensemble1
MUEN.5600String Ensemble1
MUEN.5610Small Jazz Ensemble1
MUEN.5620Jazz Laboratory Ensemble1
MUEN.5630Recording Studio Ensemble1
MUEN.5650Jazz/Rock Big Band1
MUEN.5700Contemp Electronic Ensemble1
MUEN.6010World Music Ensemble1
MUEN.6020Graduate  Instrumental Ensemble2
MUHI.5940Graduate Directed Study in Musicology3
MUHI.5950Graduate Directed Study In Musicology3
MUPF.5950Graduate Direct Study: Research in Performance3
MUSR.5200Recording Analysis3
MUSR.5500Advanced Video Production3
MUSR.5900Advanced Acoustics for Audio3
MUSR.5950Graduate Directed Study in SRT3
MUSR.6300Technologies of Audio3
MUSR.6400Production Practicum3
MUSR.6500Research in Sound Recording Technology3
MUSR.6600Seminar in Audio3
MUSR.7400Masters Recording Project6
MUSR.7430SRT Masters Thesis6
MUTH.5950Graduate Directed Study in Music Theory3
MUTH.6100Structure, Context and Style3
NC.507Academic Writing for English Language Learners3
NONC.5040Academic Communication for Graduate Students 3
NONC.5450Foundations of Communications for Graduate Students 3
NURS.5220Independent Study Health Promotion2
NURS.5520Social, Cultural and Policy Issues in Health Care 3
NURS.5530Scholarly Writing2
NURS.5540Palliative and End of Life Nursing Care 3
NURS.5580Geropsychiatric and Mental Health Nursing 3
NURS.5590Advanced Pharmacology 3
NURS.6000Theoretical Foundations for Advanced Nursing Practice 3
NURS.6010Research for Evidence-Based Practice 3
NURS.6020Clinical Psychopharmacology3
NURS.6100Adult Gerontological Nursing I4
NURS.6110Adult Gerontological Nursing II4
NURS.6120Adult/Gerontological Nursing III4
NURS.6130Adult Gerontological Nursing Practicum I3
NURS.6140Adult-Gerontological Nursing Practicum II3
NURS.6510Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning 3
NURS.6511APRN Practicum 13
NURS.6512APRN Practicum II3
NURS.6513APRN Practicum III3
NURS.6520APRN Care of Adults3
NURS.6521APRN Care of Children and Adolescents3
NURS.6522APRN Women's Health Across the Lifespan3
NURS.6523APRN Care of Older Adults3
NURS.6524APRN Role Transition1
NURS.6600Family Health Nursing I4
NURS.6610Family Health Nursing II4
NURS.6620Family Health Nursing III4
NURS.6630Family Health Nursing Practicum I3
NURS.6640Family Health Nursing Practicum II3
NURS.6890Scholarly Project/Capstone3
NURS.7010Philosophy of Science3
NURS.7020Theoretical Foundations of Health Promotion3
NURS.7060Measurement in Health & Behavioral Research3
NURS.7070Epidemiology of Health Promotion 3
NURS.7130Curriculum and Teaching In Nursing3
NURS.7150Independent Study3
NURS.7160Qualitative Methods3
NURS.7170Evaluation Research 3
NURS.7180Directed Study 4
NURS.7300Quantitative Research Methods and Grantsmenship 3
NURS.7330Graduate Project - Nursing3
NURS.7390Mentored Research Experience9
NURS.7430Master's Thesis - Nursing3
NURS.7530Doctoral Dissertation 6
NURS.7560Doctoral Dissertation6
NURS.7590Doctoral Dissertation9
NURS.7610Continued Grad Research 1
NURS.7630Continued Graduate  Research3
NURS.7690Continued Graduate  Research9
NURS.7700Evidence Appraisal 3
NURS.7710Advanced Nursing Leadership and Management 3
NURS.7720Scholarly Project Implementation 3
NURS.7730Evidence Dissemination, Advocacy & Policy 3
NURS.7740Scholarly Project Design 3
NURS.7770Independent Study: Practicum in Nursing Education3
NUTR.5060Biochemistry of Lipids3
NUTR.5630Vitamins and Minerals(Formerly 36.563)3
NUTR.5720Nutrition and Gene Expression(Formerly 36.572)3
NUTR.5820Seminar in Advanced Nutrition3
NUTR.6000Public Health Nutrition Practice3
NUTR.6010Nutrition Assessment3
NUTR.6020Community Based Interventions3
NUTR.6040Nutrition Epidemiology3
NUTR.6050Food and Nutrition Management3
NUTR.6060Advanced Clinical Nutrition3
NUTR.6660Community Nutrition Supervised Practice1
NUTR.6670Food and Nutrition Management Supervised Practice1
NUTR.6680Clinical Nutrition Supervised Practice1
PCS.512Community Conflict Resolution3
PCS.545Community Conflict Resolution3
PCS.555-IMediation: Theory and Practice3
PCS.555Mediation: Theory and Practice3
PCST.5040Restorative Justice: Repairing Harm Through Dialogue3
PCST.5120Community Conflict Resolution 3
PCST.5270Sustainable Housing Development and Land Use: Conflict, Policy, and Practice3
PCST.5550Mediation: Theory and Practice 3
PCST.5580Peace and Conflict Field Experience 3
PCST.5910Directed Study in Peace and Conflict Studies 3
PCST.6310Practicum in Peace and Conflict studies I 3
PHRM.6410Drug Delivery 3
PHRM.6600Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism3
PHRM.7550Graduate Research9
PHYS.5010Energy, Force and Motion 3
PHYS.5360Introductory Quantum Mechanics II3
PHYS.5380Physical Optics and Waves3
PHYS.5400Image Processing3
PHYS.5550Introduction to Space Physics3
PHYS.5670LAutomation Techniques3
PHYS.5830Astronomy and Astrophysics I3
PHYS.5930LGraduate Physics Laboratory2
PHYS.6050Mathematical Methods of Physics I 3
PHYS.6060Mathematical Methods of Physics II3
PHYS.6110Classical Mechanics 3
PHYS.6150Quantum Mechanics I3
PHYS.6160Quantum Mechanics II3
PHYS.6170Advanced Quantum Mechanics I3
PHYS.6310Nonlinear Optics3
PHYS.6570Electromagnetic Theory I3
PHYS.6580Electromagnetic Theory II3
PHYS.6620Nuclear Physics II3
PHYS.7010Physics Colloquium0
PHYS.7020Physics Colloquium0
PHYS.7040Seminar in Nuclear Physics0
PHYS.7050Seminar in Solid State/Optics0
PHYS.7051Supervised Teaching - Physics0
PHYS.7060Seminar in Solid State/Optics0
PHYS.7090Seminar in Accelerator Physics0
PHYS.7100Seminar in Experimental Optics1
PHYS.7110Graduate Seminar in Physics 0
PHYS.7120Graduate Seminar in Physics0
PHYS.7130Seminar in Theoretical Research0
PHYS.7140Seminar in Experimental Research0
PHYS.7150Seminar in Terahertz Technology0
PHYS.7160Seminar in Biomedical Optics3
PHYS.7160LSpecial Problems In Physics1
PHYS.7170Seminar in Heavy Ion Physics0
PHYS.7210Selected Topics in Physics3
PHYS.7230Selected Topics in Nuclear Physics3
PHYS.7250Selected Topics in Solid State3
PHYS.7270Selected Topics in Theoretical Physics3
PHYS.7310LAdvanced Projects In Physics I3
PHYS.7320LAdvanced Projects In Physics II3
PHYS.7330Graduate Project in Physics3
PHYS.7330LGraduate Project - Physics3
PHYS.7460Master's Thesis  Research Physics1
PHYS.7560Doctoral Dissertation/Physics 9
PHYS.7610Continued Grad Research
PHYS.8000Cooperative Education in Physics 1
PLAS.5000Advanced Project In Plastics I 1
PLAS.5010Advanced Projects in Plastics II1
PLAS.5020Medical Device Development Regulation3
PLAS.5030Mechanical Behavior of Polymers 3
PLAS.5050Polymer Structure, Properties, and Applications II3
PLAS.5060Polymer Structure Properties & Applications 3
PLAS.5090Plastics Processing Theory I3
PLAS.5100Plastics Processing Theory II3
PLAS.5110Polymer Blends3
PLAS.5120Foams 3
PLAS.5130New Plastics Materials3
PLAS.5140Statistics for Six Sigma3
PLAS.5150Lean Plastics Manufacturing3
PLAS.5180Plastics Product Design 3
PLAS.5230Screw Design Principles3
PLAS.5240Process Analysis Instrument and Control3
PLAS.5250Synthetic Fibers: Processing-Structure-Properties3
PLAS.5260Nanoscale Plastics Processing3
PLAS.5280Plastics Information Data Bases1
PLAS.5300Selected Topics 3
PLAS.5320Adhesives and Adhesion 3
PLAS.5330Green Coatings Science and Technology I 3
PLAS.5340Coatings II3
PLAS.5350Rubber Technology 3
PLAS.5370Business Law for Engineers 3
PLAS.5400Commercial Development of Plastics3
PLAS.5410Computer Applications in Plastics3
PLAS.5420Colloidal Nanoscience and Nanoscale Engineering3
PLAS.5440Advanced Plastics Materials 3
PLAS.5450Additives for Polymer Materials 3
PLAS.5470Materials for Renewable Energy and Sustainability3
PLAS.5480Analytical and Numerical Methods in Plastics Processing3
PLAS.5490Product Design for Elastomers 3
PLAS.5500Processing with Elastomers 3
PLAS.5510Extrusion Die Design3
PLAS.5520Machine Design3
PLAS.5530Medical Device Design I 3
PLAS.5540Polymers in Medicine II: Medical Device Design3
PLAS.5550Medical Device Processing3
PLAS.5630Current Topics in Plastics Materials I1
PLAS.5640Current Topics in Plastics Materials II1
PLAS.5660Polymer Materials Systems Solution3
PLAS.5680Dynamic Mechanical Properties II3
PLAS.5690Current Topics in Plastics Design I1
PLAS.5700Current Topics: Processing II1
PLAS.5720Advanced Plastics Processing Engineering Laboratory1
PLAS.5731LGraduate Polymer Laboratory I1
PLAS.5732Graduate Polymer Laboratory II2
PLAS.5740Advance Physical Properties Lab 1
PLAS.5750Biomaterials in Medical Applications 3
PLAS.5760Advanced Mold Design 3
PLAS.5780Advanced Plastics Processing 3
PLAS.5790Problems In Biomaterials/Directed Study3
PLAS.5820Current Topics in Plastics Design II1
PLAS.5830Advanced Research Methodology3
PLAS.5850Computer Aided Engineering I3
PLAS.5860Computer Aided Engineering and Design II3
PLAS.5880Injection Molding3
PLAS.5890Polymer Nanocomposites3
PLAS.5900Survey of Intellectual Property 3
PLAS.5910Industrial Thesis Development I3
PLAS.5930Plastics Molding Engineering I1
PLAS.5950Thermoplastic Elastomers 3
PLAS.5960Plastics, Elastomers and Additives from Renewable Resources3
PLAS.5970Plastics & Environment 3
PLAS.5990Rapid Prototyping3
PLAS.6010Graduate Industrial Coop Education I 3
PLAS.6020Medical Device Development Regulation 3
PLAS.6060Plastics Manufacturing Systems Engineering 3
PLAS.6110Coloration of Engineering Thermoplastics3
PLAS.6180Structural Product Design3
PLAS.6500Nanoscale Transport Phenomena for Manufacturing Nanodevices0
PLAS.6750Biomaterials II3
PLAS.6780New Developments in Polymer Manufacturing3
PLAS.6820Physical Polymer Science3
PLAS.7CPTCurricular Practical Training for Engineering Doctoral Candidates1
PLAS.7410Master's Thesis - Plastics Engineering1
PLAS.7430Masters Thesis Plastics Engineering3
PLAS.7460Master's Thesis - Plastics Engineering6
PLAS.7490M S Grad Res Plastics9
PLAS.7510Doctoral Thesis Research1
PLAS.7520Doctoral Thesis Research2
PLAS.7530Doctoral Dissertation/Plastics Engineering3
PLAS.7560Doctoral Dissertation/Plastics Engineering6
PLAS.7590Doctoral Dissertation/Plastics Engineering9
PLAS.7630Continued Graduate Research3
PLAS.7660Continued Graduate Research6
PLAS.7690Continued Graduate Research9
POLI.5130Foundations Of Comparative Regional Development3
POLI.5150Politics and Economics of Public Policy3
POLY.5030Polymer Science I3
POLY.5040Polymer Science II3
POLY.5530Macromolecules Organic Chemistry3
POLY.6010Polymer Science Seminar2
POLY.6020Seminar in Polymer Science2
POLY.6030Polymer Science Colloquium1
POLY.6040Polymer Science Colloquium1
POLY.6490Introduction to Conjugated Polymers3
POLY.7050Supervised Teaching in Polymer Science0
POLY.7430Master's Thesis in Polymer Science3
POLY.7460Master's Thesis in Polymer Science6
POLY.7490Master's Thesis in Polymer Science9
POLY.7530Doctoral Dissertation in Polymer Science3
POLY.7560Doctoral Dissertation in Polymer Science6
POLY.7590Doctoral Dissertation in Polymer Science9
POLY.7690Continued Graduate Research9
POMS.5CO-OPCurricular Practical Training1
POMS.501Operations Fundamentals2
POMS.5010Operations Fundamentals 2
POMS.502Operations Management Foundations2
POMS.504Management Information Systems1
POMS.601Operations Management3
POMS.6010Operations Management 3
POMS.6020Global Supply Chain Management 3
POMS.603Service Management3
POMS.6030Service Management 3
POMS.604Managerial Quality Control3
POMS.6040Managerial Quality Control3
POMS.6120Statistics for Predictive Analytics3
POMS.6210Advanced Statistics for Business Analytics3
POMS.6220Decision Analytics3
POMS.6240Analytical Decision Making Tools3
POMS.651Integrated Logistics3
POMS.671Operations Management3
POMS.672Operations Management3
POMS.674Advanced Operation Research3
POMS.677Independent Study:  Operations Management3
POMS.689Current Topics in Operations Management3
POMS.700Independent Study: Operations Management3
POMS.709Independent Study: Operations Management3
POMS.7090Independent Study: Operations Management3
POMS.710Design and Control Manufacturing Systems3
POMS.720Manufacturing Strategy3
POMS.736Manufacuturing Field Project6
POMS.772Operations Plng and Control3
POMS.773Advanced Operations Research3
POMS.775The Practice Of Operations Management3
POMS.789Manufacturing Simulation2
POMS.790Special Topics: Management Information Systems3
POMS.791Special Topics:  Technology in Management3
POMS.799Independent Graduate Study in Operations Management3
POMS.803Mfg Mgmt For Eng Mgr2
PSM.535Project Management for Scientists3
PSM.545Professional and Scientific Communication3
PSM.555Professional Leadership in Science and Engineering (PSM 555)3
PSM.565Technological Entrepreneurship3
PSM.575Business Fundamentals for Scientists and Engineers3
PSMA.5000Professional Science Master's (PSM) Professional Development 0
PSMA.5010Professional Science Master's (PSM) Reflective Seminar. 1
PSMA.5100Professional Science Master's (PSM) Internship 0
PSMA.5350Project Management for Scientists 3
PSMA.5450Professional and Scientific Communication3
PSMA.5550Professional Leadership in Science and Engineering (PSM 555)3
PSMA.5750Business Fundamentals for Scientists & Engineers3
PSYC.5CO-OPCurricula Practical Training 1
PSYC.5000Introduction to Community Social Psychology3
PSYC.5010Applied Developmental Psychology3
PSYC.5020Seminar in Community Social Psychology 3
PSYC.5030Applied Social Psychology3
PSYC.5040The Family System 3
PSYC.5090Psychological Approaches to Child Maltreatment3
PSYC.5110Principles of Helping3
PSYC.5120Applied Research Methods 3
PSYC.5220Psychology of Diversity3
PSYC.5230Women in the Community3
PSYC.5260Workplace Diversity3
PSYC.5270Immigrant Psychology and Communities3
PSYC.5420Working with Groups3
PSYC.5450Community and Organizational Change3
PSYC.5460Grant Writing3
PSYC.5510Psychosocial Aspects of Maturity and Aging3
PSYC.5610Introduction to Behavioral Intervention in Autism 3
PSYC.5611Introduction to Behavioral Intervention in Autism for 3rd3
PSYC.5620Teaching and Positive Behavioral Support in Autism 3
PSYC.5621Teaching and Positive Behavioral Support in Autism for 3rd3
PSYC.5630Management Strategies in Applied Behavioral Intervention3
PSYC.5650Measurement and Experimental Design in Behavioral Intervention 3
PSYC.5651Measurement and Experimental Design in Behavioral Intervention for 3rd3
PSYC.5660Functional Analysis and Treatment of Challenging Behavior 3
PSYC.5661Functional Analysis and Treatment of Challenging Behavior for 3rd3
PSYC.5680Behavioral Intervention Program Models in Autism 3
PSYC.5681Behavioral Intervention Program Models in Autism for 3rd3
PSYC.5720Legal and Ethical Issues in Professional Practice 3
PSYC.5740Community and Social Interventions in Autism 3
PSYC.5810Concepts and Principles of Behavior Analysis3
PSYC.5820Measurement and Experimental Design3
PSYC.5830Philosophical Underpinnings of Behavior Analysis3
PSYC.5840Behavioral Assessment3
PSYC.5850Professional and Ethical Issues in Behavior Analysis3
PSYC.5860Community Service Learning (1, 2, or 3 credits)3
PSYC.5870Behavior Change Procedures3
PSYC.5890Implementation and Supervision Practices in Behavior Analysis3
PSYC.5900Professional Seminar in Applied Behavior Analysis3
PSYC.6110Program Evaluation3
PSYC.6220Intimate Partner Violence3
PSYC.6250Advanced Community Dynamics: Lowell3
PSYC.6310Practicum I3
PSYC.6320Practicum II3
PSYC.6630Experimental Analysis of Behavior 3
PSYC.6710Supervised Practicum Applied Behavior Analysis: I 3
PSYC.6720Supervised Practicum Applied Behavior Analysis: II 3
PSYC.6730Supervised Practicum in Behavioral Intervention in Autism: III3
PSYC.6910Directed Study in Community and Social Psychology3
PSYC.6920Directed Study in Autism (47.692)3
PSYC.6921Directed Study in Applied Behavior Analysis I3
PSYC.6940Mentored Research Experience6
PSYC.7330Master's Project in Community-Social Psychology 3
PSYC.7410Graduate  Research: Psychology1
PSYC.7430Master's Thesis in Community Social Psychology3
PSYC.7460Master's Thesis in Community Social Psychology6
PSYC.7630Dissertation 9
PUBH.5CO-OPCurricula Practical Training 1
PUBH.5000Introduction: Work Environment3
PUBH.5010Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health 3
PUBH.5020Organizational Behavior in Health Care 3
PUBH.5021Public Health Policy 3
PUBH.5030Toxicology and Health3
PUBH.5040Health Data Analysis3
PUBH.5050Qualitative Research Methods3
PUBH.5060Quantitative Methods in Health Management 3
PUBH.5061Environmental Health 3
PUBH.5070Leadership and Management in Public Health3
PUBH.5080Principles and Practices of Biological Safety3
PUBH.5100Fundamentals of Occupational Health2
PUBH.5110Health Care Finance 3
PUBH.5120Operations Analysis for Quality Improvement 3
PUBH.5130Assessment and Planning in Public Health3
PUBH.5140Healthcare Management 3
PUBH.5141Aerosol Science3
PUBH.5150Applied Health Economics 3
PUBH.5160Laboratory Environmental Health and Safety3
PUBH.5210Introduction to  Industrial Hygiene2
PUBH.5230Introduction To Ergonomics2
PUBH.5250Introduction to Occupational & Environmental Hygiene & Ergonomics3
PUBH.5270Business Strategies for Health Organizations 3
PUBH.5300Ergonomics and Work3
PUBH.5310Health Informatics 3
PUBH.5311Occupation Biomechanics3
PUBH.5315Classification Systems and Reimbursement3
PUBH.5320Occupational Biomechanics Laboratory3
PUBH.5400Occupational Safety Engineering3
PUBH.5420Human Factors3
PUBH.5490Sustainable Housing Development and Land Use: Policy and Practice3
PUBH.5500Environmental Law3
PUBH.5510Work Environment Policy and Practice3
PUBH.5550Comparative Enviormental3
PUBH.5560Analyzing Peace Violence and  War3
PUBH.5570Toxic Use Reduction3
PUBH.5590Conflict Resolution3
PUBH.5600Data Applications for Public Health Practice3
PUBH.5750Epidemiology and Biostatistics3
PUBH.5760Biostatistical Programming3
PUBH.5770Biostatistics for Health Data3
PUBH.5790Disability Outcomes and Interventions3
PUBH.6000Practicum/Capstone I3
PUBH.6010Practicum/Capstone II3
PUBH.6070Healthcare Information Systems 3
PUBH.6090Work in Progress Seminar 1
PUBH.6100Exposure Assessment3
PUBH.6110Physical Properties Of Aerosols3
PUBH.6120Exposure Data Analysis3
PUBH.6130Research Methods in PL and Environment3
PUBH.6131Design and Evaluation of Ventilation Systems3
PUBH.6140Evaluation of Work Environment Hazards3
PUBH.6150Solutions for Work Environment Hazards3
PUBH.6160Law and Ethics in Healthcare 3
PUBH.6180Risk Management and Training3
PUBH.6191Measurement of Chemical Exposure3
PUBH.6200Advanced Exposure Assesment3
PUBH.6220Biomarkers in Occupations and Environment3
PUBH.6240Health Data Quality and Compliance3
PUBH.6250Health Policy 3
PUBH.6260Leadership in Healthcare 3
PUBH.6270Health Equity and Informatics 3
PUBH.6320Health Information System Design and Analysis 3
PUBH.6321Advanced Biomechanics3
PUBH.6330Healthcare Database Design 3
PUBH.6350Healthcare Project Management 3
PUBH.6380Health Information Technology Strategic Planning (Health Information Technology) 3
PUBH.6381Methods of Work Analysis 3
PUBH.6390Electronic Health Record Systems 3
PUBH.6430Health Work Organization Design3
PUBH.6510Work Environment Policy3
PUBH.6540Work, Technology and Training3
PUBH.6550Introduction to Environmental and Natural Resource Economics3
PUBH.6580Clean Product Design3
PUBH.6590Cleaner Production3
PUBH.6660MPH Practicum 3
PUBH.6670Integrated Practical Learning 3
PUBH.6710Comparative Health Systems3
PUBH.6780Occupational Respiratory Disease Epidemiology3
PUBH.6800Introduction To SAS1
PUBH.6820Applied Epidemiology Methods 3
PUBH.6830Risk Assessment3
PUBH.6840Musculoskeletal Epidemiology3
PUBH.6850Applied Public Health Research and Practice3
PUBH.6860Program Development and Implementation3
PUBH.6870Quantitative Models for Public Health3
PUBH.6871Health Communication and Technology3
PUBH.6880Research Synthesis Environmental Health Policy3
PUBH.6890Advanced Regression Modeling 3
PUBH.6900Critical Review Health Regulations3
PUBH.6910Advanced Program Evaluation3
PUBH.6950Chemical Process/Sustainability3
PUBH.7020Independent Study: Industrial Hygiene1
PUBH.7040Independent Study: Ergonomics1
PUBH.7080Independent Study: Epidemiology1
PUBH.7090Independent Studies: Occupational Epidemiology1.5
PUBH.7110Independent Study: Industrial Hygiene3
PUBH.7120Independent Study: Industrial Hygiene2
PUBH.7130Independent Study: Ergonomics3
PUBH.7150Independent Study: Work Environment Policy3
PUBH.7170Independent Study: Epidemiology3
PUBH.7190Independent Study: Clean Production3
PUBH.7210Selected Topics : Industrial  Hygiene3
PUBH.7230Selected Topics: Ergonomics3
PUBH.7250Epidemiologic Theory1.5
PUBH.7270Selective Topics: Epidemiology3
PUBH.7280Sel Top: Work Env Policy3
PUBH.7290Selected Topics: Clean Production3
PUBH.7330Capstone Project 3
PUBH.7331Graduate Project3
PUBH.7350Independent Study:  Policy3
PUBH.7360Graduate Project - Work Environment6
PUBH.7370Independent Study: Epidemiology3
PUBH.7390Graduate Project - Work Environment9
PUBH.7430Master's Thesis Research3
PUBH.7590Doctoral Dissertation/Work Environment9
PUBH.76101 - Credit Continued Graduate Research 1
PUBH.7630Continued Graduate  Research3
PUBH.7700Directed Readings: Epidemiology Biostatistics3
PUBH.7760Curricular Practical Training (CPT) 1
RADI.5060Nuclear Instrumentation4
RADI.5220Special Topics in Radiological Sciences3
RADI.5330External Dosimetry and Shieldng3
RADI.5340Internal Dosimetry and Bioassay3
RADI.5620Radiation Biology3
RADI.5650Introduction to Radiation Therapy Physics3
RADI.5750Certification Preparation in Radiological Sciences3
RADI.5820Numerical Methods In Radiological Sciences3
RADI.6050Radiation Interactions and Transport3
RADI.6710LGraduate Accelerator HP Internship3
RADI.6720Graduate Reactor HP Internship1
RADI.6730LGraduate Reactor HP Internship3
RADI.6750LGraduate Medical HP Internship3
RADI.6760LGraduate Medical Physics Internship 3
RADI.6770LGraduate Medical Physics Internship3
RADI.6780LGraduate HP Internship1
RADI.6790LGraduate HP Internship 3
RADI.6830LGraduate HP Internship3
RADI.6850LAdvanced Medical HP Internship3
RADI.6860LAdvanced Medical Physics Internship 9
RADI.6870LAdvanced Medical Physics Internship3
RADI.6890LAdvanced Graduate HP Internship1
RADI.6900LAdvanced Graduate HP Internship2
RADI.6910LAdvanced Graduate HP Internship2
RADI.6920LAdvanced Graduate HP Internship3
RADI.6930LAdvanced Graduate HP Internship3
RADI.7050Supervised Teaching in Radiological Sciences0
RADI.7110Graduate Seminar in Radiological Sciences1
RADI.7120Graduate Seminar in Radiological Sciences1
RADI.7310LAdvanced Project in Radiological Sciences I3
RADI.7320LAdvanced Project in Radiological Sciences II3
RADI.7330Graduate Project in Radiological Sciences and Protection3
RADI.7430Master's Thesis in Radiological Sciences and Protection3
RADI.7460Master's Thesis in Radiological Sciences and Protection3
RADI.7490Master's Thesis Research in Radiological Sciences9
RADI.7530LDoctoral Dissertation in Radiological Sciences and Protection3
RADI.7560Doctoral Dissertation in Radiological Sciences and Protection3
RADI.7590LDoctoral Dissertation in Radiological Sciences and Protection9
RADI.7690Continued Graduate Research9
01.501Diversity in the Classroom3
01.502Child Development and Assessment3
01.503Child Development in a Diverse Society3
01.504Special Education: Inclusion Methods3
01.505Children with Disabilities in the Classroom3
01.510Culture, Linguistics and Diversity3
01.513Contemporary American Values3
01.514Differentiation of Instruction3
01.515Education and Urban School3
01.518Teaching Gifted Students3
01.520Teaching with Standards I3
01.521Teaching with Standards II3
01.523Curriculum Design and Assessment II3
01.524Systems Think Education3
01.525School To Work3
01.528Education Foundation For Health Promotion3
01.529School Health Issues3
01.530Child Health - Community3
01.547Evolution in Context for Teachers3
01.555Foundation/Theory Bilingual Education3
01.559Diversity and the Psychology of Human Development3
01.585Intensive Spanish Instruction3
01.601Measurement + Evaluation3
01.604Perspectives in Urban Education3
01.606Philosophy Of Education3
01.607The Adult Learner3
01.608Adolescent Psychology-Teaching3
01.609Self Perceptions In Education3
01.610Theories of Learning3
01.611Cognition and Instruction3
01.614Issues History and Philosophy of Education3
01.615Issues: Philosophy Of Education3
01.616Issues in Sociology Education3
01.617Contemporary Issues in Education3
01.619Moral/Ethical Issues Science3
01.620Thinking, Problem Solving, Creativity3
01.621Moral Character and Civic Education3
01.622Contempempory World Event/Culture3
01.623Inventiveness in Education3
01.624John Dewey on Education3
01.625Organization of Schools and School Systems3
01.626Law, Policy and Diversity Issues3
01.630Educating Diverse Populations3
01.631Cognition & Instruction3
01.632The Inclusive School3
01.635Culture Of The School3
01.636Sociocultural Contexts of Education3
01.637Reason & Communication Process3
01.641Work, Technology and Schooling3
01.642Sem:Technology and American Mat Culture3
01.643Work Technology and Schooling3
01.645Perspectives and Visions of Schooling I3
01.646Perspectives and Visions of Schooling II3
01.648International Comparative Education3
01.650Politics Of Literacy3
01.652Managing Change and Conflict3
01.691Contemporary Issues In Education3
01.701Cognitive and Information Processing Theories of Learning, Development and Instruction3
02.500Contemporary American Culture3
02.501First and Second Language Acquisition3
02.502Sociocultural Perspecties English as Second Language3
02.504Curriculum Design: English as Second Language3
02.505Language Arts English as Second Language3
02.506English Communication Skills3
02.507Academic Writing for English Language Learners3
02.508Second Language Testing3
02.509Bilingual Child with Special Needs3
02.510Content Area Appropriate to English as Second Language3
02.511Education Of Newcomers In America3
02.512Linguistics English as Second Language Teachers3
02.514Education Culture and  Linguistic  Diversity3
02.515English as Second Language Practicum3
02.516Culture of Caribbean/South East Asia3
02.517Community Organization and  Parental Partnership3
02.518Resources Bilingual Education3
02.519Difference in Instruction Second Language3
02.520Teach Reading In English Bi-lingual3
02.521Design Of Curriculum  English as Second Language3
02.522Teaching  Reading In English: Bilingual3
02.524Assesment: Bilingual Student3
02.525Bilingual Field Work3
02.526English Literature For Teachers3
02.527Teach Physical  Education (prekindergarten-9)3
02.530Teaching Reading  Elementary  School3
02.535Mathematics For Secondary Teachers3
02.541Methods of  Early Childhood Education I: Math, Science and Technology3
02.543Classroom Management and Integrative Techniques3
02.544Analysis Of Teaching3
02.550Reading Education: Elementary3
02.551Elementary Math Methods3
02.552Social Studies and Science: Elementary3
02.553Language Arts and Childrens Literature3
02.554Analysis Of Teaching3
02.555Literature For Children3
02.556Reading and Reading Disabilities3
02.557Reading: Middle/Sec3
02.558Measurement and Evaluation3
02.560Curr Dev Middle-Secondary3
02.561Arts in Curriculum3
02.562Elementary Social Studies3
02.563Elementary Science Methods3
02.564History Of Amer Ed3
02.565Issues of Education: Minority3
02.566Early Field Seminar3
02.567Teachng Physical Education (9 - 12)6
02.570Curriculum and Teachng: Art3
02.571Curriculum and Teachng: Beh Science3
02.572Curriculum and Teaching: English3
02.573CurrIculum and Teaching History3
02.574The Teaching of Spanish3
02.575Curriculum and Teaching Math3
02.576Curriculum and Teaching Science3
02.577Curriculum and Teachng: Social Studies3
02.578Teaching Elementary Education and Seminar9
02.579Seminar: Elementary Education3
02.580Curriculum and Instruction: Interdiscp6
02.581Teaching Art 5 - 1212
02.582Teaching Behavioral Science: Sec12
02.583Teaching English and Seminar9
02.584Teaching History and Seminar9
02.585Teachng Social Studies: Secondary9
02.586Tching French Sec12
02.587Teaching Spanish: Secondary12
02.588Tchng Math:secondary6
02.589Teaching Mathematics and Seminar9
02.590Teaching Biology and Seminar9
02.591Teaching Chemistry and Seminar9
02.592Teaching Earth Science and Seminar9
02.593Teaching Physics and Seminar9
02.594Teaching General Science and Seminar9
02.595Seminar: Art Education3
02.596Seminar: Middle/Secondary Education3
02.597Teaching Middle School9
02.598Teaching Early Childhood9
02.617Iss & Mand-bilingual Ed3
02.700Intro 2nd Lang Acquis3
02.701Issues Second Language Acquistion3
02.702Contemporary Issues - Language3
02.703Methods 2nd Language Inst3
02.704Current Mat Dev Adpt ESL3
02.705Field Wk/internship3
02.706Approach To Lang Testing3
02.707Biling Child W/spch Nds3
02.708Second Lang Testing3
02.709Bilingual Child: Special Needs3
02.715Internship English as a Second Language3
02.729Dir St: Leadership3
02.750Culture of Carribean Southeast Asia3
02.751Comm Org & Parental Part3
02.752Res & Tech-bilungual Ed3
02.753Meth Content/lang Acq3
02.754Tchng Reading: Bilingual3
02.755Desc And Imat: Bilingual3
02.756Tchng Rdg In Eng To Bil3
02.757Asmt/diag Abil Bil Std3
02.761SI Teach Lang + Cult3
03.510Computer /Multi-media in Class3
03.511Macintosh - English as Second Language Teachers3
03.512Technology for English as Second Language Teachers3
03.513Teaching  Content with Technology3
03.520Information  Source Ed/rel Disc3
03.601Logo: Applications Curriculum3
03.602Software Application Classroom II3
03.612Computer in Classroom3
03.613Computer Application II3
03.616Educational Technology Foundations3
03.620Models of Integration of  Techology  in the Curriculum3
03.621Techology and Construction Learning3
03.623Commercial Television Instruction3
03.636Reading Institute3
03.640Management/Training ITV Dir3
03.650Technology, Schools and Society3
03.651Technology and Learning Environment3
03.652Technology: Schools Of Future3
03.654Exploring the Internet3
03.655Research and Publication, Network Environment3
03.656Multimedia Application in Education3
03.659Teaching In The Media Age3
03.660Television as Tool of Instruction3
03.661Curriculum  Development: Technology3
03.666Issues: Distance and Distribution Education3
03.667Open and Flexible Learning3
03.680Research: Education Technology3
03.685Evaluation Of Technical Curriculum3
03.690Evaluation Of Technical Curriculum3
03.691Policy Issues Related to Technology3
03.729Directed St:udy: Techology  and Learning English3
04.501Inproving Elementary Mathematics1
04.502Improving Elementary Science1
04.503Improving Elementary Mathematics and Science1
04.504Using Arts: Inclusion3
04.505Intergrating The Arts1
04.506Chrildren's  Literature3
04.507Epidemics In History3
04.508Political Leadership3
04.509Science and Modern World3
04.510Ancient History for Teachers3
04.511Teaching Lowell History3
04.512History for Teachers3
04.513Teaching U.S. History: The Colonial Era3
04.514Accommodation and Differentiated Instruction3
04.520Standard Based Education I3
04.521Standards Based Education II3
04.522Curriculum Design Assess3
04.524Academic Language Development3
04.525Science for Science Teachers 7-123
04.529Science For Elementary School3
04.530Assessment In Science3
04.531Genetics and Evolution6
04.532Interactions In Science3
04.533Mathematics for Elementary Teachers3
04.534Mathematics for Teachers I3
04.535Mathematics for Teachers II (8-12)3
04.536Planning and Assessment In Mathematics3
04.537Mathematics Curriculum, Assessment Secondary School3
04.538Inquiry in Mathematics Education3
04.541Newspaper/Curriculum Tool3
04.542Collegiality: Staff Development3
04.543Teaching Of Thinking3
04.544Intergrated Arts Education3
04.545Museum Education and Interpretation3
04.547Using Material Culture in Class3
04.548Using Local History3
04.549Roots Of Industrial Revolution3
04.550History Sources Curriculum3
04.551Two American Revolutions3
04.552Cross Disciplinary Curriculum3
04.553Lowell & Industrial Revolution3
04.554Creation Of A Nation3
04.555Science, Technology and Revolution3
04.557Teaching Early American History3
04.558Becoming A Nation3
04.559Teaching Founding Documents3
04.565Mentoring and Teacher Development3
04.566The Middle School Child3
04.567Middle School Curriculum3
04.568Science for Teachers 5-83
04.569Analysis & Pedagogy3
04.570Trends In Prekindergarten and Primary Education3
04.572Exploring the Nature of Science3
04.575Schools for the Future3
04.576Promoting Healthy Lifestyles Among Students3
04.577Comparative Education3
04.579Earth Science for Teachers3
04.580Science Education Program and Leadership3
04.581Science Education Program Leadership Life Science3
04.582Topics: Physical Geology3
04.583Earth Vision 20003
04.584Young Child with Special Needs3
04.585Early Childhood Education3
04.590Physics Topics For Education3
04.591Advance Physics Topics I3
04.595Advanced Physics Topics Teaching III3
04.600Teaching About Peace3
04.601Advanced Science Mathematics Techniques3
04.602Issues:Science Mathematics and Techniques II3
04.603Issues: Science Mathematics and Techniques III1
04.604Inquiry In Mathematics Teaching3
04.605Inquiry In Science Teaching3
04.606Science Curriculum K-83
04.607Science Curriculum 7-123
04.608Mathematics Curriculum K-86
04.609Mathematics Curriculum Post Secondary3
04.610Instructor Stratergies in Mathematics and Science3
04.611Instructional Stratergies:Mathematics Education3
04.613Environmental Education:Elementary3
04.615Geometry Via Technology3
04.616Environmental Education: Elementary3
04.617Advances in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education3
04.618Economic Eduation II3
04.619Economic Education III3
04.622Science, Mathematics and the Educated Mind3
04.623Moral Issue Science and Society3
04.624Assessment in Learning3
04.626Development of Concepts in Science3
04.627Development of Mathematics Concepts3
04.628Reasoning and Problem Solving in Science0
04.629Reasoning and Problem Solving In Math3
04.630Reasoning and Problem Solving3
04.631Testing & Evaluating-Mathematics Education3
04.633Collaborative Class3
04.635Dynamics of Curricular Change3
04.636Theory and Research Curriculum3
04.637History & Theory of Curriculum3
04.638Curriculum Design K-123
04.639Planning Process: Curriculum3
04.640Program Evaluation3
04.641History of American Curriculum3
04.642Politics of Curriculum Change3
04.643The Skillful Teacher3
04.644Models of Teaching3
04.645Directed Study Curriculum and Instruction3
04.646Influence Of Gender3
04.648Standard Certification3
04.649Practicum: Supervisor/Director3
04.650Action Research Capstone3
04.651Prog Delevopment and Imp Science Education6
04.652Prog Development and Imp Mathematics Education6
04.653Autism Capstone3
04.654The Influence of Gender3
04.655Directed Study Curriculum and Instruction3
04.656Ed.S. Seminar3
04.657Early Childhood Education3
04.658The Gifted Child3
04.660Secondary Schools in United States3
04.661Politics Of Curriculum Change3
04.662Issues In Teacher Education3
04.670Issues In Curriculum  and Instruction3
04.671Research Sem I  Curriculum and Instruction3
04.672Research Sem II  Curriculum and Instruction3
04.673Curriculum Design for Science Teachers3
04.674Research Into Learning in Science3
04.675Leadership in Science Education3
04.676Exploring the Nature of Science3
04.677Investigating Science Classrooms3
04.705Supervised Teaching-Education0
04.728Research in Science and Mathematics Education3
04.729Directed Study:  Mathematics and Science Education3
04.730Graduate Project:  Mathematics and Science3
04.731Advanced Research Seminar: Math & Science3
04.753Doctoral Dissertation/Education3
04.756Doctoral Dissertation/Education6
04.759Doctoral Dissertation9
04.763Continued Graduate Research3
04.766Continued Graduate Research6
04.769Continued Graduate Research9
05.501Introduction to Leading Professional Learning Communities1
05.502Issues, Mandates and Ethics in Special Education3
05.511Issues: Women In Education Administration3
05.512Development Case Study Education Leader3
05.513Understanding School  Community3
05.522Literature-Young Adult3
05.556History Content and Curriculum Devleopment3
05.565Mentor Teaching3
05.568Role of Curriculum Leader3
05.590Practicum I, Supervisor/Director1
05.591Practicum II: Supervisor/Director2
05.592Principal Practicum I1
05.593Principal Practicum II2
05.594Practicum I, Middle School Principal 5-81
05.595Practicum II: Middle School Principal 5-82
05.596Practicum I, High School Principal 9-121
05.597Practicum II: High School Principal 9-122
05.611Introduction Education  Administration Human Services3
05.612Politics-Education and Human Services3
05.613Leading the Professional Learning Community3
05.614Education and Human Service Organization3
05.618Time Quality Managemen In Public Schools3
05.619Curriculum Design -Instruction Language Arts3
05.620Introduction Education  and Human Service Administration3
05.621Communication: Education Leaders3
05.622Managing Resources and Finances3
05.623School Policy and Law3
05.624Directed  Study Legal Policy Human  Services3
05.625Teaching Of Writing3
05.626Educational Response To  Cultural Diversity3
05.627Citizen Participation3
05.629Poltics Of Education and Human Service3
05.630Leadership & Learning3
05.631Human Service Administration3
05.632Human Service Administration: Law3
05.633Educational  Response Cultural Diversity3
05.634Financial  Aspects  Education -Human Services Administration3
05.635Legal Polcy Education Human  Services3
05.636Principles  Of Supervision3
05.637Personnel Administration3
05.638Planning,Technology and School Improvement3
05.639Planning Process3
05.640Analysis Of Education and Human Service3
05.641Issues in Staff Development3
05.642Principles of Supervision3
05.643Principalship PK - 123
05.644Capstone: Educational Administration3
05.645Practicum: Human Services Administration3
05.646Practicum:  School Principal N-63
05.647Practicum School Principal 5-93
05.648Practicum School Principal 9-123
05.649Directed Study: Administration3
05.650Instructional  Leadership and School Reform3
05.651Transformative Leadership for Schools3
05.652Managing Change and Conflict3
05.656Language Arts and Creativity3
05.658Role of the Curriculum and Instructional Leader3
05.660Citizen Participation in  Education and Community3
05.661Dimensions Of Superintendicy3
05.662Educational Issues Facing Superintendent3
05.663Superintendent Decisions3
05.665Professional Organization Of Educational Careers3
05.669Superintendency Practicum3
05.670CAGS Seminar I Administration3
05.671CAGS Seminar II: Administration3
05.672Seminar: Administrative Planning and Policy3
05.674Organizational Development and Decision Making3
05.675Leadership Contemporary  Thought3
05.710Research Planning: Leadership3
05.729Directed Study : Leadership in Schooling3
05.730Advanced Research  Seminar I: Leadership in Schooling3
05.731Advanced Research Seminar II: Leadership in Schooling3
05.733Graduate Project - Education3
05.736Graduate Project - Education6
05.739Graduate Project - Education9
05.746Masters Thesis6
05.753Doctoral Dissertation/Education3
05.756Doctoral Dissertation/Education6
05.759Doctoral Dissertation/Education9
05.763Continued Graduate  Research3
05.766Continued Graduate Research6
05.769Continued Grad Research9
05.792Directed Study3
06.510Early Childhood Literacy3
06.511Teaching Reading in Content Areas3
06.522Young Adult Literature3
06.523Contemporary World Literature3
06.525Teaching Writing InHigh School3
06.527Language Acquisition3
06.528Assessment of Reading and Language Disabilities3
06.529Treatment of Reading and Language Disabilities3
06.530Reading and Thinking:  Secondary School3
06.531Organize and Supervision Reading and Language3
06.541World Modernism3
06.548Practicum: Reading Specialists3
06.549Theory and Research: Reading and Language3
06.550Reading Specialist: Practicum I3
06.551Literacy Coach: Practicum II3
06.601Develop Reading: Elementary3
06.602Develop Reading: Secondary3
06.603Teaching Reading To Adults3
06.604Teach Read: Great Debate3
06.606Professional Development for Writing3
06.607Methods of Sheltered Language Instruction3
06.610Teaching Reading in the Content Area3
06.611Early Literacy: British Perspective3
06.612Topics in Language Arts and Literacy3
06.619Curriculum Design - Instructing Lanaguage Arts I3
06.620Curriculum Design-Instructing Language Arts II3
06.621Literature For Children3
06.622Young Adult Literature3
06.624Teaching Reading Comprehension3
06.625Teaching Of Writing3
06.626Teaching Study Skills3
06.627Acquisition of Language3
06.628Clinical Assessment and Treatment3
06.629Educational Treatment Reading and Language Disability3
06.630Reading Thinking Listening3
06.631Organize and Supervise - Reading and Language3
06.632Writers' Workshop3
06.636Reading Institute3
06.639Reading Institute3
06.640Teaching Reading Comprehension3
06.641Reading Institute3
06.642Reading Institute '933
06.647Direct Study3
06.648Practicum Reading and Language6
06.649C.A.G.S. Seminar: Reading and Language3
06.650Politics Of Literacy3
06.651Teaching Reading Comprehension3
06.652Seminar: Assessment of Writing3
06.653Theories of Reading and Writing3
06.654Evaluative Reading and Literature3
06.655History and Development of Reading Instruction3
06.656Language Arts and Creativity3
06.657Readers Responses to Literature3
06.658Scientific Literacy Seminar3
06.659Seminar:  Issues Themes Children/Young Adult Literature3
06.660Techniques in Language Arts/Literature3
06.661Organization and Supervision of Langauage Arts and Literacy3
06.662Literature for Young Adults3
06.664History and Development of Reading Instruction in United States3
06.669Advanced Clinical Assessment3
06.670Issues in Reading and Language Instruction3
06.671CAGS Seminar I:  Reading and Language3
06.672CAGS Seminar II: Reading and Language3
06.673Curriculum Designs:  English and Language Arts3
06.674Current Design : English/Language Arts II3
06.675History, Research and Theory of Curriculum Design in Language Arts3
06.676History, Theory, and Research in the Teaching of Writing3
06.677Theories of Verbal Communication3
06.678History, Research and Contemporary Issues in Reading Instruction3
06.705Supervised Teaching-Education3
06.729Directed Study: Language and Literature3
06.730Advanced Research Seminar I-Language Arts and Literature3
06.731Adanced Research Seminar II:Language3
06.733Graduate Project - Education3
06.736Graduate Project - Education6
06.739Graduate Project - Education9
06.753Doctoral Dissertation/Education3
06.756Doctoral Dissertation/Education6
06.759Doctoral Dissertation/Education9
06.763Continued Graduate Research3
06.766Continued Graduate Research6
06.769Continued Graduate  Research9
06.791Advanced Research Seminar Language and Literature3
07.505Survey Research3
07.510Teachers as Researchers3
07.520Observation Research3
07.540Research Method Practitioners3
07.541Practitioner Action Research3
07.611Research Seminar Adult Learners3
07.612Measure and Evaluation High Order Learning3
07.630Analysis of Education Reform3
07.640Introduction to Research Methods3
07.641Measurement & Assessment3
07.642Program Evaluation3
07.643Introduction to Quality  Research3
07.645Introduction  to Using Computers3
07.649Developing Data Bases for Education3
07.650Computer Literacy3
07.651Computer Literature /Research3
07.660Qualitative Inquiry3
07.701Data Analysis3
07.702Research Methods and Design3
07.703Seminar in the Design Of Research Projects3
07.704Qualitative Research Methods3
07.705Survey Research3
07.706Intermediate  Data Analysis3
07.707Writing For Professional Publication3
07.708Analyze, Interpret, Report Data3
07.709Measurement & Evaluation3
08.550Women in Higher Education3
08.601Leadership in Higher Education3
08.602Learning-cen. Teaching  Health Education3
08.651History and Philosophy Of Higher Education3
08.652Core Curriculum -Undergradraduate3
08.653Personnel Policies Higher  Education3
08.654Student Services - Higher Education3
08.655Accreditation Process3
08.657Role of Professional Educators3
08.659Strategies for Instruction in Higher Education3
08.660Minorities in Higher Education3
10.501Paper Industry Processes3
10.502Principles of Chemical Engineering3
10.503Mass Transfer Operations3
10.504Paper and Pulp Processes3
10.506Colloidal Nanoscience and Nanoscale Engineering3
10.508Material Science and Engineering3
10.509Mathematic Applications For Chemical Engineers3
10.510Advanced Separation Processes3
10.514Process Optimization3
10.516Microprocessor Control1
10.517Mass Transfer Oper II3
10.518Microprocessor Control3
10.520Advanced Thermodynamics3
10.521Introduction Environmental Engineering3
10.522Process Design3
10.523Nanodevices and Electronics Materials Processing3
10.524Self Assembly and Nanotechnology3
10.525Const and Use Of Packaging Material3
10.527Nanomaterials Science and Engineering3
10.528Advanced Transport Phenomena3
10.529-IRecent Advances in Nanotechnology and Green Chemistry3
10.529Recent Advances in Nanotechnology and Green Chemistry3
10.530Advanced Control Strategies3
10.531Ceramic Materials3
10.532Principles of Chemical Engineering II3
10.533Macromolecular Science and Engineering3
10.534Special Ceramics Projects3
10.535Cell and Microbe Cultivation3
10.536Polymer Science and Engineering I3
10.537Nanomaterials Characterization I3
10.538Advanced Separations in Biotechnology3
10.539Mathematical Methods for Engineers3
10.540Adhesion and Adhesives3
10.541Nchrtzn by SEM, TEM & AFM3
10.544Formulation of Biotherapeutics3
10.545Isolation and Purification3
10.546Statistical Proc Design3
10.551Directed Study: Chemical Engineering3
10.552Directed Study: Chemical Engineering3
10.555Biopharmaceutical GMP and Licensing3
10.586Biotechnology Processing Projects Laboratory3
10.591Mechanical Behavior of Materials3
10.593Cooperative Education0
10.602Graduate Seminar1
10.610Metal and Ceramic Compositions3
10.615Microprocessor Control1
10.651Directed Study:  Macromolecular Sc3
10.653Selected Topics in Materials Engineering3
10.701Chemical Engineering Thesis3
10.702Chemical Engineering Thesis3
10.704Material Engineering Thesis3
10.705Supervised Teaching-Chemical0
10.720Special Projects in Chemical Engineering3
10.722Special Projects in Chemical Engineering3
10.726Special Projects in Chemical Engineering6
10.733Graduate Project - Chemical Engineering3
10.736Graduate Project - Chemical Engineering6
10.739Graduate Project - Chemical Engineering9
10.743Master's Thesis - Chemical Engineering3
10.746Master's Thesis - Chemical Engineering6
10.749Master'sThesis - Chemical Engineering9
10.751Advanced Project in Chemical Engineering6
10.753Doctoral Dissertation/Chemical Engineering3
10.756Doctoral Dissertation/Chemical Engineering6
10.759Doctoral Dissertation/Chemical Engineering9
10.763Continued Graduate Research3
10.766Continued Graduate Research6
10.769Continued Graduate Research9
11.651Selec Topics Paper Eng3
11.701Paper Eng Thesis3
14.501Engineering Mathematics  I3
14.503Computer Based Analysis of Structures3
14.504Advanced Strength Of Material3
14.505Construction Safety3
14.506Computational Meth Eng ineering I3
14.507Engineering Computations3
14.509Environment Engineering Geology3
14.510Bridge Design3
14.521Reliability Analysis3
14.522Statistical Applications in Civil Engineering3
14.527Geotechnical and Environmental Site Characterization3
14.529Engineering with Geosynthetics3
14.530Deep Foundations3
14.531Advanced Soil Mechanics3
14.532Theoretical Soil Mechanics3
14.533Advanced Foundation Engineering3
14.534Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering3
14.536Soil Engineering3
14.537Experimental Soil Mechanics3
14.538Soil Behavior3
14.539Ground Improvement3
14.540Urban Transportation Planning3
14.541Traffic Engineering3
14.542Pavement Design3
14.543Traffic Principles for Intelligent Transportation Systems3
14.544Transportation Planning Practice3
14.545Public Transit Plan and Design3
14.546Pavement Design3
14.547Airport Planning and Design3
14.548Traffic Management and Control3
14.549Traffic Flow Theory3
14.550Behavior of Structures3
14.551Advanced Steel Design3
14.552Behavior - Concrete Structure3
14.553Wood Structures3
14.554Prestressed Concrete Design3
14.555Advanced Structural Design3
14.556Finite Element Analysis3
14.557Structural Dynamics3
14.558Bridge Design3
14.559Design of Masonry Structures3
14.560Advanced Hydraulics3
14.561Physical Chemical Treatment Processes3
14.562Physical and Chemical Hydrology Geology3
14.563Waste Containment System3
14.564Hydrology & Hydraulics3
14.565Industrial  Waste Treatment3
14.567Environmental Aquatic Chemistry3
14.568Environmental Fate and Transport3
14.570Wastewater Treatment and Storm Water Management Systems3
14.571Surface Water Quality  Modeling3
14.572Marine and Coastal Processes3
14.573Solid Waste Engineering3
14.574Air Quality Modeling3
14.575Groundwater Modeling3
14.576GIS Applications in Civil and Environmental3
14.577Biosystems in Environmental Engineering3
14.578Biological Wastewater Treatment3
14.580Construction Law3
14.581Engineering Systems Analysis3
14.582Hazardous Waste Management3
14.583Stochastic Concepts3
14.584Capstone Practicum3
14.585Transportation Safety3
14.590Design and  Analysis Waste System3
14.592Adv anced Waste Containment3
14.593Pchem Actn Earth Barrier3
14.594Site Treatment Technique3
14.595Hazardous Waste Site Remediation3
14.596Grad Industrial Exposure0
14.601Engineering Law3
14.640Trans Policy & Planning3
14.651Special Topics in Civil Engineering3
14.690Independent Project Civil Engineering3
14.691Special  Topics: Civil Engineering3
14.693Civil Engineering Individual Project3
14.701Thesis Laboratory1
14.705Supervised Teaching in Civil Engineering0
14.733Masters Project in Civil Engineering3
14.736Masters Project in Civil Engineering6
14.741Master's Thesis-Civil Enginnering1
14.742Master's Thesis - Civil Engineering3
14.743Master's Thesis - Civil Engineering3
14.744Master's Thesis - Civil Engineering4
14.746Master's Thesis - Civil Engineering6
14.749Master's Thesis - Civil Engineering9
14.752Independent Study in Civil Engineering3
14.753Doctoral Dissertation3
14.756Doctoral Dissertation/Civil Engineering6
14.757Doctoral Dissertation7
14.759Doctoral Dissertation9
14.763Continued Graduate Research3
14.766Continued Graduate Research6
14.769Continued Graduate Research9
16.500Comprehensive Study: Electrical Engineering3
16.501Discrete Systems3
16.502VLSI Design3
16.504VLSI Fabrication3
16.505Microwave Electronics3
16.506Antenna Theory and Design3
16.507Electromagnetic Materials & Waves3
16.508Quantum Electronics for Engineers3
16.509Linear Systems Analysis3
16.510Digital Signal Processing3
16.511Medical Diagnostic Imaging3
16.513Control Systems3
16.514-IPower System Operation and Markets3
16.514Power System Operation and Markets3
16.515Power Electronics3
16.516Advance Machine Design3
16.517MMIC Design and Fabrication3
16.519Engineering of Submicron Machines3
16.520Computer Aided Engineering Analysis3
16.521Real Time Digital Signal Processing3
16.522Data Structures/C++3
16.523Introduction to Solid State Electronics3
16.524Computational Methods for Power System Analysis3
16.525Power Distribution Systems3
16.526Power Systems Stability and Control3
16.527Advanced VLSI Design Techniques3
16.528Alternate Energy Sources3
16.529Electric Vehicle Technology3
16.531RF Design3
16.532Computational Electromagnetics3
16.533Microwave Engineering3
16.534Microwave Laboratory3
16.541Introduction to Biosensors3
16.543Theory of Communication3
16.544Communication Theory II3
16.545Coding Theory3
16.546Computer Telecommunications3
16.547Stat Communication Theory3
16.548Coding and Information Theory3
16.549Introduction Intelligent Transportation Systems3
16.550Advanced Digital System Design3
16.552Microprocessor Systems II & Embedded Systems3
16.553Software Engineering3
16.555Laser/Microwaves In Medicine3
16.557Object Oriented Design3
16.560Biomedical Instrumentation3
16.561Computer Architecture and Design3
16.562VHDL/Verilog Design, Verification & Synthesis3
16.563Systems Programming3
16.564Operatimg Systems I3
16.565Analog Devices and Techniques3
16.568Electro Optic Systems3
16.569Electro Optic Systems3
16.571Radar Systems3
16.572Embedded Real Time Systems3
16.573Operating Systems3
16.574Advanced Logic Design3
16.575Field Programmable Gate Arrays Logic Design Techniques3
16.576Principles of Solid State Devices3
16.577Verification of Very Large Digital Designs3
16.578Modeling and Implementation of Digital Systems using MATLAB3
16.579Doctoral Research - Electrical Engineering9
16.581Computer Vision and Digital Image Processing3
16.582Wireless Communications3
16.583Network Design: Principle Particles Applications3
16.584Probability and Random Processes3
16.585Communication Net Analys3
16.586Stochastic Modeling In Telecommunications3
16.590Fiber Optic Communication3
16.591Industrial Experience3
16.593Industrial Experience0
16.594Industrial Experience0
16.595Solid State Electronics3
16.601Grad Seminar in Electrical Engineering3
16.602VHDL/Verilog Synthesis & Design3
16.603Solid State Physical Electronics3
16.604Microwave Devices3
16.605Defects In Semi Controls3
16.607Electromagnets Of Complex Media3
16.608Scattering and Diffraction Of Em Waves3
16.609Inverse Scattering3
16.610Optical Information Processing3
16.611Solar Terr Relations3
16.612Converged Voice and Data Network3
16.613Non-Linear Systems3
16.614Optimal Control Theory3
16.615Solid State Drives3
16.616Computational Power Systems Analysis3
16.617Modelling Of Communication Networks3
16.618Performance-wireless Net3
16.619Digital Control Systems3
16.640Reading Institute3
16.650Advanced Computing Systems Hardware Architecture3
16.651Advanced Embedded System Design with FPGA3
16.652Parallel & Mp Architect3
16.653AI and Machine Learning3
16.654Heterogeneous Computing3
16.655Com Local Network3
16.657High Speed Integrated Network3
16.658Comp Network Security3
16.659Distributed Systems3
16.660Mobile Communication Networks3
16.661Local Area/Computer Networks3
16.662Micro Programming3
16.663Compiler Structures3
16.664Parallel Processors3
16.665Digital Function Analysis3
16.666Storage Area Newtorks3
16.667Operating Systems3
16.668Advanced Cryptography3
16.669Opto Electronic Devices3
16.671Advanced Computer Architecture3
16.674Digital Processor Design3
16.675Advanced Digital Devices3
16.676Digital System Design Laboratory3
16.684Time Series Analysis3
16.685Statistical CommunicationTheory3
16.687Applied Stochcastic Estimation3
16.688Theoretical Acoustics3
16.692Directed Studies/Electrical Engineering3
16.699Rev Electrical and Computer Engineering3
16.700Seminar In Ee3
16.701Graduate Research Seminar0
16.705Supervised Tchg - Electrical Engineering0
16.710Selected Topics: 3
16.711Special Topics3
16.712Special Topics in Electrical Engineering 3
16.713High Speed Integrated Network3
16.714Optical Processing3
16.715Special Topics:  Solar Terr Emag3
16.716Electronic Material I3
16.717Meas of Sc Mat and Devices3
16.718Image Processing3
16.719Solar Cell Design Tech3
16.720Waves in Plasma II3
16.721Fuzzy Systems Thry & App3
16.722Special Topics:  Traffic Surveillance3
16.723High Speed Semicond Dev3
16.724Digital Function Analysis3
16.725Digital Speech Process3
16.727Special Topic:  FPGA-BA3
16.729Selected Topics in Electrical Engineering3
16.730Thesis - Electrical Engineering6
16.731Thesis - Computing Engineering3
16.732Systems Engineering Thesis3
16.733Advance Graduate Project3
16.736Graduate Project - Electrical Engineering6
16.739Graduate Project - Electrical Engineering9
16.740Advanced Project In Electrical Engineering3
16.743Master's Thesis  in Electrical Engineering3
16.746Master's Thesis in Electrical Engineering6
16.749Master's Thesis - Electrical Engineering9
16.751Doctoral Thesis1
16.752PhD Thesis2
16.753Doctoral Dissertation/EE3
16.754Doctoral Thesis - Electrical Engineering4
16.755Doctoral Dissertation5
16.756Doctoral Dissertation/Electrical Engineering6
16.757Doctoral Dissertation7
16.759Doctoral Dissertation/Electrical Engineering9
16.763Continued Grad Research3
16.766Continued Grad Research6
16.769Continued Grad Research9
16.771Eng Sys Analysis I3
16.772Eng Sys Analysis II3
16.773Eng Sys Analysis III3
18.501Wetlands Ecology3
18.503Toxicology and Risk Assessment3
18.504Geographic Information S3
18.505Glacial and Pleistocene Geology3
18.506Regional Hydrogeology3
18.510Water Resource System Assessment3
18.512Geology & Evaluation Technology3
18.513Legal Aspects Environmental  Issues3
18.514Engineering Law3
18.516Topics in Geomorphology3
18.517Soil Physics3
18.519Introduction ot MIcrobiology3
18.520Environmental Impact Statements3
18.522Municipal,  Industrial Hazardous Waste3
18.523Air Pollution Control3
18.525Epidemiology for Enviromental Studies3
18.526Glacial + Pleist Geology3
18.527Environmental Law3
18.528Water Supply and Pollution Control3
18.529Marine Pollution3
18.530Environment and Natural Resource Economics3
18.531Sustainable Water Infrastructure3
18.535Global Environmental Science3
18.553Special  Topics3
18.568Environmental Chemistry1
18.571Air Pollution Phenomenon3
18.572Energy and Environment3
18.573Air Pollution Laboratory3
18.574Air Quality  Modeling Application3
18.575Advanced Physical Chemistry for Environmental System3
18.576Boundry Layer Meteorology3
18.577Remote Sensing Of Atmosphere3
18.578Advanced Synoptic Meteorology3
18.579Atmospheric  Structure and  Dynamics3
18.580Implementation Environmental Policy3
18.581Understanding the Massachusetts Contingency Plan3
18.582Water Planning: Future3
18.591Biological Oceanography3
18.651Special Topics3
18.693Master's Project in Environment3
18.705Supervised Teaching-Environment0
18.733Graduate Project - Environmental Studies3
18.736Graduate Project - Environmental Studies6
18.739Graduate Project - Environmental Studies9
18.743Master'sThesis - Environmental Studies3
18.746Master'sThesis - Environmental Studies6
18.749Master's Thesis - Environmental Studies9
18.763Continued Graduate Research3
18.766Continued Graduate Research6
18.769Continued Graduate Research9
19.500Introduction: Work Environment3
19.501Industrial Hygiene3
19.502Industrial Toxicology3
19.503Toxicology and Health3
19.504Review of Occupational Standards3
19.505Qualitative Research Methods3
19.506Introduction to Environmental Health3
19.508Principles and Practices of Biological Safety3
19.509Hazardous Waste Worker Health3
19.510Industrial Hygiene2
19.511Industrial Hygiene Sampling Laboratory1
19.512Exposure Assessment3
19.513Health Hazard Manufacturing Processes1
19.514Aerosol Science3
19.515Measure  Airborne Content  Laboratory1
19.516Laboratory Environmental Health and Safety3
19.517Physical Agents Evaluation3
19.518Engineering Controls and PPE3
19.519Indoor Air Quality3
19.521Introduction to  Industrial Hygiene2
19.523Introduction To Ergonomics2
19.525Introduction to Occupational & Environmental Hygiene & Ergonomics3
19.530Ergonomics And Work3
19.531Occupation Biomechanics3
19.532Occupational Biomechanics Laboratory3
19.534Safety Engineering3
19.540Occupational Engineering Safety3
19.541Construction Safety3
19.542Human Factors3
19.543Health Work Orginization Design3
19.544Safety and Health Standard3
19.549Sustainable Housing Development and Land Use: Policy and Practice3
19.550Environmental Law3
19.551Work Environment Policy3
19.552Work Environment Policy II3
19.553International Occupational  Safety & Hleath3
19.554Labor And Technology3
19.555Comparative Enviormental3
19.556Analyzing Peace Violence and  War3
19.557Toxic Use Reduction3
19.558Occupational Health Administration I3
19.559Conflict Resolution3
19.563Risk Communication3
19.566History Politics Occupational Health3
19.568Comparative Environmental Studies3
19.570Introduction To Occupational Epidemiology3
19.571Epidemiological  Methods II3
19.572Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology3
19.573Bioaerosols in Health and Biodefense3
19.575Introduction Biostatistics and Epidemiology3
19.576Intermediate Biostatistics and Epidemiology3
19.577Intermediate Biostatistics3
19.579Disability Outcomes and Interventions3
19.581Occupational Biostatistics3
19.599Work Environment Seminar0
19.600Work Environment Capstone3
19.601Work Environment Capstone3
19.610Exposure Assessment3
19.611Physical Properties Of Aerosols3
19.612Exposure Data Analysis3
19.613Design and Evaluation of Ventilation Systems3
19.614Advanced Air Chemistry3
19.615Work Environment Policy and Practice3
19.617Airborne Contaminants3
19.618Risk Management and Training3
19.619Exposure Assessment II3
19.620Advanced Exposure Assesment3
19.622Biomarkers in Occupations and Environment3
19.625Field Evaluations3
19.632Advanced Biomechanics3
19.634Cardiac Effects Of Work3
19.636Ergonomic Stress & Pregnancy3
19.638Methods In Work Analysis1
19.641Principles/Accident and Prevention3
19.643Health Work Organization Design3
19.645Advanced Psychological Factor3
19.648Advanced Regression Modeling3
19.650Work Environment Policy3
19.651Solutions to Work Environment Hazards3
19.653Globalization, Work, and Health3
19.654Work, Technology and Training3
19.655Economic Analysis3
19.656Workers Compensation3
19.657Gender Differences at Work3
19.658Clean Product Design3
19.659Cleaner Production3
19.665Social Movements and Empowerment3
19.670Occupational Cancer Epidemiology3
19.671Epidemiology Methods II3
19.674Regression Methods3
19.677Directed Readings Design3
19.678Occupational Respiratory Disease Epidemiology3
19.680Introduction to SAS1
19.681Exposure Modeling3
19.682Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology3
19.683Risk Assessment3
19.684Musculoskeletal Epidemiology3
19.685Injury Epidemiology3
19.686Introduction To Mathematical Statistics3
19.687Quantitative Models Environmental Health3
19.688Research Synthesis Environmental Health Policy3
19.689Advanced Regression Modeling3
19.690Critical Review Health Regulations3
19.692Critical Review-Health Regulations3
19.695Chemical Process/Sustainability3
19.702Independent Study: Industrial Hygiene1
19.704Independent Study: Ergonomics1
19.705Supervised Tchng - Work Environment0
19.706Independent Study: Work Environment Policy1
19.708Independent Study: Epidemiology1
19.709Independent Studies: Occupational Epidemiology1.5
19.710Independent Study: Industrial  Hygiene3
19.711Independent Study: Industrial Hygiene3
19.712Independent Study: Industrial Hygiene2
19.713Independent Study:  Ergonomics3
19.714Independent Study: Ergonomics2
19.715Independent Study: Work Environment Policy3
19.716Independent Study: Work Environment Policy2
19.717Independent Study: Epidemiology3
19.718Independent Study: Epidemiology2
19.719Independent Study: Clean Production3
19.720Independent Study:Cleaner Production2
19.721Selected Topics : Industrial  Hygiene3
19.723Selected Topics: Ergonomics3
19.725Epidemiologic Theory1.5
19.727Selective Topics: Epidemiology3
19.728Sel Top: Work Env Policy3
19.729Selected Topics: Clean Production3
19.730Independent Studies3
19.731Independent Study:  Industrial Hygiene3
19.733Graduate Project3
19.735Independent Study:  Policy3
19.736Graduate Project - Work Environment6
19.737Independent Study: Epidemiology3
19.739Graduate Project - Work Environment9
19.743Master's Thesis Research3
19.746Master's Thesis - Work Environment6
19.748Work Environment Master's Thesis3
19.753Doctoral Dissertation/Work Environment3
19.756Doctoral Dissertation/Work Environment6
19.759Doctoral Dissertation/Work Environment9
19.763Continued Graduate  Research3
19.766Continued Graduate Research6
19.769Continued Graduate Research9
19.770Directed Readings: Epidemiology Biostatistics3
19.771Eng Sys Analysis I3
19.772Advanced Topics: Occupational Epidemiology3
19.773Advanced Topics: Occupational Epidemiology3
19.774Research: Hazardous Surveillance3
19.799Doctoral Research Seminar3
20.505Manufacturing Processes3
20.510Information System for Manufacturing Process3
20.514Engineering Economics3
20.515Manufacturing Automation3
20.516Statistics Quality Control3
20.525Computer Integrated Manufacturing3
20.526Computer Integrated Manufacturing  II3
20.527Supplier Engineering3
20.530Electronic Material and Process3
20.535Microprocessor Application3
20.540Systems Concepts-Safety3
20.542Advanced Manufacturing Materials3
20.545Management and Organization Of Manufacturing Options3
20.550Reliability Engineering  I3
20.551Reliability Analysis3
20.560O & M Industrial  Waste Treatment3
20.570Advanced Topics in Computer Aided Design/Robotics3
20.571Design of Advanced Product Management3
20.572Design for Manufacturing3
20.575Robotic  Engineering Design3
20.580Industrial  Electro-Optic Design3
20.585Computer Control Machine  Project3
20.640Special Projects3
20.680Industrial Machine Vision3
20.701Graduate Research Manufacturing Engineering3
20.702Graduate Research Manufacturing Engineering6
20.705Supervised Teaching - Manufacturing0
20.710Seminar Manufacturing Engingeering3
20.714Seminar: Manufacturing Engineering3
20.733Advanced Project in Manufacturing Engineering3
20.734Advanced Project in Manufacturing Engineering9
20.736Graduate Project - Manufacturing Engineering6
20.739Graduate Project - Manufacturing Engineering9
20.743Master'sThesis - Manufacturing Engineering3
20.746Master's Research Manufacturing Engineering6
20.751Advanced Projects in Manufacturing3
20.754Advanced Project in Manufacturing3
20.763Continued Graduate Research3
20.766Continued Graduate Research6
20.769Continued Graduate Research9
20.799Directed Study - Industrial Technology3
21.505Manufacturing Processes3
21.510Information Systems for Manufacturing Process3
22.501Directed Study:  Mechanics1
22.502Intro To Mech & Material3
22.503Transport Phenomena3
22.504Energy Engineering Workshop3
22.505Directed Studies - ME3
22.511Matrix Methods3
22.512Applied Finite Elements3
22.513Finite Element Analysis I3
22.514Finite Element Analysis3
22.515Modal Analysis3
22.516Experimental Modal Analysis3
22.517Structural Dynamics3
22.518Signal Proc Techniques3
22.519High Frequency Vibrations & Sie3
22.521Solar Fundamentals3
22.522Intergrated Product Design3
22.524Fund of Acoustics3
22.527Solar Energy Engineering3
22.528Photovoltaics Manufacturing3
22.529MS Project I3
22.531Math Methods In Mechanical Engineering3
22.532Math Methods in ME II3
22.533Adv/graduate Project3
22.540Heat Conduction3
22.541Fundamental Thermo Fluid Process2
22.542Convective Heat/Mass Transfer3
22.543Numerical Methods in Heat Conditioning3
22.544Con & Rad Heat Transfer3
22.545Advanced Industrial Heat and Mass Transfer3
22.546Computational Thermofluids I3
22.547Numerical Methods In Thermo/Fluid Systems3
22.548Numerical Methods T/F II3
22.549Cooling of Electronic Equipment3
22.551Advance Dynamics3
22.552Vibration Of Cont Media3
22.553MEMS & Microsystems3
22.554Dynamic Systems and Controls3
22.555Noise Control3
22.556Stochastic Processes3
22.557Microsystem Design3
22.558Aero/Wind Engineering3
22.562Solid Mechanics I3
22.563Solid Mechanics II2
22.564Plates and Shells3
22.565Met/ceramic Composites3
22.566Inelastic Continua3
22.567Advanced Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing3
22.570Polymer Nanocomposites3
22.571Collaborative Engineering3
22.572Manufacturing Processes3
22.573Manufacturing Systems3
22.574Design for Reliability Engineering3
22.575Industrial Design of Experiment3
22.576Engineering Project Management3
22.577Event Driven Manufacturing3
22.578Advanced Materials3
22.581Advanced Fluid Mechanics3
22.582Viscous Flow3
22.583Advanced Aerodynamics3
22.584Ocean Engineering3
22.585Ocean Engineering3
22.586Comp Applic Ff/ht3
22.587Numerical Methods in Thermo Fluid3
22.589Finite Element In Thermofluids2
22.590Control Volume Methods Thermofluid3
22.591Mechanical Behavior of Materials3
22.593Graduate Co-op Education0
22.594Fracture Mechanics3
22.595Graduate Co-op II0
22.596Composite Materials3
22.597Processing of Composites3
22.598Case Studies In Comp3
22.601Sp Top: Mechanics/matls3
22.602SpecialTopic: Thermo-Fluids3
22.603Special Topic: Vibration Dynamics3
22.604SpecialTopic: Manufacturing Engineering3
22.606Directed Study: Mechanical Engineering3
22.607Dir Studies In Eng Math3
22.609Sel Topic In Therm Fluid3
22.611Matrix Methods3
22.612Structural Dynamics3
22.614Finite Element Analysis II3
22.616Modal Analysis II3
22.624Theory & Prac Eng Design3
22.629MS Project II3
22.644Plates and Shells2
22.664Plates & Shells3
22.666Inelastic Continua3
22.678Workcell Design and Controls3
22.697Structural Application Of Composite Materials3
22.701Graduate Research in Mechanical Engineering3
22.702Adv Projects In Mechanical Engineering3
22.705Supervised Tchg ME0
22.710Dir Graduate Studies3
22.733Graduate Project - Mechanical Engineering3
22.736Graduate Project - Mechanical Engineering6
22.739Graduate Project - Mechnical Engineering9
22.741Master's Thesis - Mechanical Engineering1
22.742Master's Thesis - Mechanical Engineering2
22.743Master's Thesis - ME3
22.746Master's Thesis - ME6
22.749Master's Thesis - Mechanical Engineering9
22.751Advanced Projects in Mechanical Engineering3
22.753Doctoral Dissertation/Mechanical Engineering3
22.756Doctoral Dissertation/Mechanical Engineering6
22.759Doctoral Dissertation/Mechanical Engineering9
22.763Continued Graduate Research3
22.766Continued Graduate Research6
22.769Continued Graduate Research9
22.771Systems Analysis I3
22.772Systems Analysis II3
22.773Systems Analysis III3
24.501Graduate Research Seminar1
24.502Graduate Research Seminar1
24.503Reactor Operation and Licensing1
24.504Energy Engineering Workshop3
24.505Reactor Physics3
24.506Special Topics In Reactor Physics3
24.507Reactor Engineering and Safety3
24.508Space Power Systems3
24.509Dynamic Systems Analysis3
24.510Nuclear Fuel Cycle3
24.511Advanced Reactor Concepts3
24.512Criticality Control3
24.514Chemical and Nuclear Waste3
24.517Computer Application In Design1
24.519Reactor Operator Training3
24.520Reactor Operator Training3
24.521Fund of Solar Energy3
24.522Nuclear Materials3
24.523Nuclear Application in Biotechnology3
24.524Introduction to Solar Research3
24.526Materials in Energy3
24.527Solar System Engineering Comm Ind3
24.529Geothermal Energy3
24.531Selected Topics in Engineering3
24.532Selected Topics:  Energy Science3
24.535Nuclear Instrumentation I1
24.537Plant Life Extension3
24.538Thermal Hydraulics-Flow3
24.539Mathematical Methods for Engineers3
24.541AFM & XRay Diffraction Analysis of Advanced Materials3
24.542Nanostr Char By Sem & Tem3
24.549Master's Research In Energy Engineering9
24.601Graduate Research Seminar0
24.602Graduate Research Seminar0
24.651Selected Topics in Energy Engineering3
24.652Selected Topics in Energy Engineering3
24.701Thesis In Energy Engeering3
24.702Graduate Research3
24.703Master's Research in Engineering3
24.705Supervised Teaching - Nuclear Engineering0
24.731Project in Energy Engineering3
24.733Graduate Project - Energy Engineering3
24.736Graduate Project - Energy Engineering6
24.739Graduate Project - Energy Engineering9
24.741-IMaster's Research-Energy Engineering1
24.741Master's Research-Energy Engineering1
24.743Master's Thesis - Nuclear Engineering3
24.746Master's Thesis - Energy Engineering6
24.749Master's Thesis - Energy Engineering9
24.751Project in Energy Engineering3
24.752Advanced Projects in Energy Engineering3
24.753Doctoral Dissertation/Engergy Engineering3
24.756Graduate  Research - Nuclear Engineering6
24.759Doctoral Dissertation/Energy Engineering9
24.763Continued Graduate Research3
24.766Continued Graduate Research6
24.769Continued Graduate Research9
25.501Engineering for Teachers3
25.502Engineering for Teachers3
25.510System Approach to Maintenance3
25.512English for Engineering Graduate Students0
25.514Manufacturing Productivity3
25.520Transportation System Analysis3
25.530Engineering Systems Analysis3
25.540Philosophy of Engineering3
25.550Introduction to Nanotechnology3
25.551Nanomanufacturing I3
25.570Selected Issues in Nanomanfacturing0
25.605Role Of Defects/sSemi-con3
25.610Doctorate Engineering Seminar1
25.640Organizational Behavior and Marketing3
25.641Accounting and Finance3
25.642Options Management and Business Policy3
25.710Dynamics of Industrial Management1.5
26.500Advanced Project in Plastics I1
26.501Advanced Projects in Plastics II1
26.502New Plastics Processing Techniques3
26.503Mechanical Behavior of Polymers3
26.504Physical Properties of Polymers II3
26.505Polymer Structure II3
26.506Polymer Structure, Properties & Applications3
26.507Plastics Industry Orginization3
26.508Current Topics: Injection Molding1
26.509Plastics Processing Theory I3
26.510Plastics Processing Theory II3
26.511Polymer Blends3
26.512Porous Polymers3
26.513New Plastics Materials3
26.514Statistics for Six Sigma3
26.515Lean Plastics Manufacturing3
26.516Polymer Based Composites3
26.517Polymer Based Composites3
26.518Plastics Product Design3
26.519Plastics Coating: Electronics3
26.520Advanced Project in Plastics III3
26.521Lean Plastics Manufacturing3
26.523Screw Design Principles3
26.524Process Analysis Instrument and Control3
26.525Processing: Syn Fibers and Structures3
26.526Nanoscale Plastics Processing3
26.527Mechanics of Fibrous Structure3
26.528Plastics Informaton Data Bases1
26.529Composites Material Testing2
26.530Selected Topics3
26.531Design of Auto Assemby Systems3
26.532Adhesives and Adhesion3
26.533Coatings Science and Technology I3
26.534Coatings II3
26.535Rubber Technology3
26.536Rheology of Coatings3
26.537Business Law for Engineers3
26.538Selected Topics: Plastics II3
26.539Research in Coatings3
26.540Commercial Development of Plastics3
26.541Computer Applications in Plastics3
26.542Colloidal Nanoscience and Nanoscale Engineering3
26.544Advanced Plastics Materials3
26.545Additives for Polymer Materials3
26.546Mixing In Plastics Processing3
26.548Analytical and Numerical Methods in Plastics Processing3
26.549Product Design for Elastomers3
26.550Processing with Elastomers3
26.551Extrusion Die Design3
26.552Machine Design3
26.553Polymers In Medicine3
26.554Polymers in Medicine II: Medical Device Design3
26.555Rheology I3
26.556Rheology II1
26.557Composites Fabrication1
26.558Composites Fabrication1
26.559Elements of Packaging3
26.561General Seminar II1
26.562Plastics Processing  Engineering Laboratory  II3
26.563Current Topics in Materials1
26.564Current Topics: Materials II1
26.566Polymer Materials Systems Solution3
26.567Dynamic Mechanical Properties I3
26.568Dynamic Mechanical Properties II3
26.569Current Topics:  Design II1
26.570Current Topics: Processing II1
26.572Advanced Plastics Processing Engineering Laboratory1
26.574Advance Physical Properties Lab1
26.576Advanced Mold Design3
26.577Plastics Process Engineering I3
26.578Advanced Plastics Processing3
26.579Problems in Biomaterials/Directed Study3
26.580Polymer Science I3
26.581Polymer Science II3
26.582Current Topics In Design1
26.583Advanced Research Methodology3
26.584Current Topics in Processing1
26.585Computer Aided Engineering I3
26.586Computer Aided Engineering II3
26.587Dynamic Mechanical Properties  I3
26.588Injection Molding3
26.589Polymer Nanocomposites3
26.590Survey of Intellectual Property3
26.591Cooperative Education3
26.592Rheology II3
26.593Plastics Molding Engineering I1
26.595Thermoplastic Elastomers3
26.596Plastics, Elastomers and Additives from Renewable Resources3
26.597Plastics & Environment3
26.598Smart Polymers3
26.599Rapid Prototyping3
26.600Independent Study3
26.601Education With Industry1
26.602Materials Seminar1
26.603Design Seminar1
26.604Processing Seminar1
26.605Plastic Seminar Research1
26.606Plastics Manufacturing Systems Engineering3
26.650Thesis Review0
26.651Software Application-Injection Molding3
26.652Selected Topics - Plastics3
26.654Selected Topics In Plastics3
26.655Selected Topics In Plastics3
26.656Special Topics: High Pert Material3
26.657Plastics Physical Properties Laboratory I1
26.697Str Application Composite Material3
26.701General Seminar1
26.702General Seminar II1
26.703Materials Seminar1
26.704Materials Seminar1
26.705Design Seminar1
26.706Design Seminar1
26.707Processing Seminar1
26.708Processing Seminar1
26.709Plastics Information Seminar1
26.713Plastics Color Science3
26.714Independent Study3
26.717Fiber Reinf Polym Comp3
26.722Advanced Projects1
26.731Independent Study3
26.732Independent Study3
26.734Independent Study3
26.741Master's Thesis - Plastics Engineering1
26.743Masters Thesis Plastics Engineering3
26.745Thesis Review0
26.746Master's Thesis - Plastics Engineering6
26.749M S Graduate Research Plastics9
26.751Doctoral Thesis Research1
26.752Doctoral Thesis Research2
26.753Doctoral Dissertation/Plastics Engineering3
26.754Adv Proj In Plastics1
26.756Doctoral Dissertation/Plastics Engineering6
26.757Doctoral Research In Pl7
26.758Phy Prop Lab II1
26.759Doctoral Dissertation/Plastics Engineering9
26.763Continued Graduate Research3
26.766Continued Graduate Research6
26.768Continued Graduate Research8
26.769Continued Graduate Research9
27.734Independent Study In Plastics3
28.701Thesis in Systems Engineering3
30.522Independent Study Nursing Archives2
30.550Human Development and Pathophysiology3
30.552Independent Study1
30.555Computers in Health Information Management3
30.559Graduate Pharmacology3
30.622Independent  Study Health Promotion3
30.632Epidemiology  Basics  Of Health Promotion3
31.511Graduate Teaching Health Practicum3
31.514Program Management in Health3
31.521Introduction to Green Chemistry3
31.522Mechanistic Toxicology3
31.523Sustainable Materials3
31.524Interfacial Phenomena3
31.525Experimental Conceptualization3
31.528Education Foundation  For Health Promotion3
31.571Green Chemistry Seminar1
31.572Green Chemistry Colloquium2
31.599Directed Studies3
31.729Dissertation Research3
32.502Organizational Behavior in Healthcare3
32.504Health Data Analysis3
32.506Quantitative Methods in Healthcare Management3
32.511Healthcare Finance3
32.512Operations Analysis and Quality Improvement3
32.514Healthcare Management3
32.515Applied Health Economics3
32.527Planning and Marketing in Healthcare3
32.531Health Informatics3
32.555Computers:  Health Information Management3
32.593Independent Study1
32.606Quantitative Methods Health Services3
32.607Healthcare Information Systems3
32.613Research Methods in PL and Environment3
32.616Law and Ethics in Healthcare3
32.617Graduate Internship and Seminar3
32.619Project Thesis3
32.620Human Resource Management3
32.621Management Information Systems3
32.622Importance & Orginizational Impact Of Health Care Issues3
32.624Health Policy3
32.625Health Policy3
32.626Leadership in Healthcare3
32.627Socioeconomic Inequalities in Health3
32.628Ethics and Law in Health3
32.629Long-term Care Administration3
32.630Principles Of Health Promotion3
32.632Health Information Systems Planning3
32.633Healthcare Database Design3
32.634Healthcare Database Development3
32.635Healthcare Project Management3
32.636Principles of Health Promotion3
32.638Strategic Planning in Healthcare and Healthcare Information Technology3
32.639Electronic Health Record Systems3
32.661Health Care Accounting3
32.671Comparative Health Systems3
32.705Supervised Teaching Health Services Administration0
32.733Capstone Project3
32.736Graduate Project - Health Education6
32.739Graduate Project - Health Education9
32.743Master's Thesis - Health Education3
32.763Continued Graduate Research3
32.766Continued Graduate Research6
32.769Continued Graduate Research9
33.522Independent  Study Health Promotion2
33.552Social, Cultural and Policy Issues in Health Care3
33.554-IPalliative and End of Life Nursing Care3
33.554Palliative and End of Life Nursing Care3
33.558Geropsychiatric and Mental Health Nursing3
33.559Advanced Pharmacology3
33.600Theoretical Foundations for Advanced Nursing Practice3
33.601Research Utilization3
33.602Clinical Psychopharmacology3
33.603Psychopharmacology and Related Psychobiology3
33.610Gerontological Nursing  I4
33.611Gerontological Nursing  II4
33.612Gerontological Nursing III4
33.613Gerontological Nursing Practicum I3
33.614Gerontological Nursing Practicum II3
33.615Independent Study-Research3
33.616Health Care Financial Management3
33.620Adult  Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing I4
33.621Adult Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing II4
33.622Adult Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing III4
33.623Adult Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Practicum I3
33.624Adult Psychiatric-Mental Health Practicum  II3
33.632Adult Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Practicum I3
33.651Advanced Health Assessment3
33.660Family Health Nursing I4
33.661Family Health Nursing II4
33.662Family Health Nursing III4
33.663Family Health Nursing Practicum I3
33.664Family Health Nursing Practicum II3
33.670Occupational Health Nursing I4
33.671Occupational Health Nursing II4
33.672Occupational Health Nursing III4
33.673Occupational Health Nursing Practicum3
33.674Occupational Health Nursing Practicum II3
33.680Concepts and Theories Nursing Administration3
33.681Nursing Administration I3
33.682Nursing Administration I Practicum2
33.683Nursing Administration II3
33.684Nursing Administration  II Practicum3
33.685Nursing Administration III1
33.686Clinical Dimensions of Sleep and Chronobiology3
33.687Diagnosis and Differential Diagnosis Across Sleep Disorders3
33.688Clinical Assessment & Intervention in Sleep Dysregulation3
33.689Scholarly Project/Capstone3
33.700Survey of Research Methods II3
33.701Philosophy of Science3
33.702Theoretical Foundations Of Health Promotion3
33.703Research In Nursing and Health Promotion3
33.704Research Methods and Experimental  Design  I3
33.705Supervised Teaching - Nursing0
33.706Measusrement in Health & Behavioral Research3
33.707Epidemiology Of Health Promotion3
33.708Advanced Seminar: Health Promotion3
33.709Intervention Develepmont in Health Promotion3
33.710Statistics I3
33.711Statistics II3
33.712Research Apprenticeship3
33.713Curriculum and  Teaching In Nursing3
33.714Advanced Statistics3
33.715Independent Study3
33.716Qualitative Methods3
33.717Evaluation Research3
33.720Psychology Of Aging3
33.721Physiology Psychology3
33.722Advanced Cognitive Psychology3
33.723Secondary Data Analysis3
33.724Culture and Mental Health3
33.725Independent St:udy Violent Youth3
33.726Measurement In Nursing3
33.727Health Policy I3
33.728Health Policy II3
33.729Substance Abuse Modern Society3
33.730Quantitative Research Methods and Grantsmenship3
33.732Pregnancy Research3
33.733Graduate Project - Nursing3
33.734Maternal Child Health3
33.735Mental Health and Culture3
33.736Graduate Project - Nursing6
33.739Graduate Project - Nursing9
33.743Master's Thesis - Nursing3
33.746Master's Thesis - Nursing6
33.749Master's Thesis - Nursing9
33.753Doctoral Dissertation3
33.756Doctoral Dissertation6
33.759Doctoral Dissertation9
33.763Continued Graduate  Research3
33.766Continued Graduate Research6
33.768Independent Study/Seminar3
33.769Continued Graduate  Research9
33.771Advanced Nursing Leadership and Management3
33.777Independent Study: Practicum in Nursing Education3
34.510Models and Measurement in Disability3
34.601Clinical Anatomy3
34.602Neuroscience  Anatomy3
34.603Anatomy Laboratory1
34.605Physical Therapy Interventions I Lecture3
34.606Neuroscience Laboratory1
34.607Physical Therapy Interventions I Laboratory1
34.608Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy I3
34.609Medical/Surgical Pathology3
34.610Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy I Laboratory1
34.611Professional Issues/Clinical Practice3
34.612Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy I3
34.613Principles of Clinical Teaching3
34.614Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy I Laboratory1
34.615Clinical Education I Seminar1
34.616Research Methods3
34.617Neurological Physical Therapy Lecture I3
34.618Management And Ethics3
34.619Neurological Physical Therapy Laboratory I1
34.620Neurological Physical Therapy II3
34.621Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy II Lecture3
34.622Neurological Physical Therapy  II Laboratory1
34.623Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy II Laboratory1
34.624Directed Research II1
34.625Physical Therapy Interventions II3
34.626Geriatric Physical Therapy3
34.627Physical Therapy Interventions II Laboratory1
34.628Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy III3
34.629Directed Research1
34.630Musculoskeletal III Laboratory1
34.631Pediatric Physical Therapy Lecture3
34.632Special Topics in Physical Therapy3
34.633Pediatric Physical Therapy Laboratory1
34.634Clinical Education Experience II2
34.635Clinical Education II Seminar1
34.636Clinical Education II2
34.637Clinical Reasoning I3
34.638Medical/Surgical  Pathology3
34.639Medical/Surgical -Orthopedics3
34.640Clinical Reasoning In Physical Therapy II3
34.641Business Skills In Physical Therapy2
34.642Health Care Issues2
34.643Directed Research III1
34.644Clinical Education Fieldwork II3
34.645Physical Interventions III3
34.646Musculoskeletal Spine I3
34.647PT Interventions III Lab1
34.648Service Learning in Physical Therapy1
34.649Adv Neurological PT3
34.650Clinical Education Experience I3
34.651Sectional Human Anatomy3
34.652Clinical Education Experience II3
34.653Clinical Education III3
34.654Clinical Education Experience IV3
34.655Research Seminar3
34.656Directed Research1
34.657Advanced Anatomy3
34.658Independent Studies3
34.659Sectional Human Anatomy Laboratory1
34.701Portfolio Assessment PT0
34.702Clinical Reasoning in Physical Therapy3
34.704Healthcare Issues: Clinical Practice3
34.705Supervised Tchng PT1
34.706Social Isolation, Health and Disability in Older Hombeound Adults3
36.506Biochemistry Of Lipids3
36.531Clinical Immunohematology3
36.541Introduction to Public Health and the Public Health Laboratory3
36.551Advanced Pathophysiology3
36.553Advanced Clinical Chemistry3
36.555Clinical Laboratory Management3
36.559Graduate Pharmacology3
36.563Vitamins and Minerals3
36.565Lab Methods in Nutrition Assessment3
36.572Nutrition and Gene Expression3
36.573Topics In Clinical Laboratory Sciences1
36.575Topics in Clinical Laboratory Science I3
36.576Topics in Clinical Laboratory Science  II3
36.580Clinical Applications of Molecular Genetics3
36.582Seminar in Advanced Nutrition3
36.613Infectious Disease3
36.615Medical Mycology and Parasitology3
36.617Medical Mycology3
36.624Directed Research3
36.629Experimental Hematology Clinical Laboratory3
36.640Quality Assurance, Control and Improvement in the Clinical and Public Health Laboratory3
36.702Graduate Project In Clinical Laboratory Sciences3
36.706Advanced  Project in Clinical Laboratory Sciences4
36.733Graduate Project - Clinical Laboratory Sciences3
36.734Graduate Project - Clinical Laboratory Sciences4
36.736Graduate Project - Clinical Laboratory Sciences6
36.739Graduate Project - Clinical Laboratory Sciences9
36.743Master's Thesis - Clinical Lab Sciences3
36.744Master's Thesis - Clinical Laboratory Science4
36.753Doctoral Research3
36.756Doctoral Research6
36.759Doctoral Research9
36.763Continued Graduate  Research3
36.766Continued Graduate Research6
36.769Continued Graduate  Research9
41.601Engineering Law3
41.602Law & Society3
41.670International Law3
42.506Writing in the Community3
43.553International Competition And Industrial Development3
43.650Research Seminar3
43.697Work  And Society4
44.501Criminal Justice Scholarship3
44.503Administration of Criminal Justice3
44.511Planning and Program Development3
44.513Crisis and Emergency Management3
44.520Crime and Community3
44.521Criminological Theory3
44.523Elite Deviance and Crime3
44.525Juvenile, Justice and Youth Crime3
44.526Domestic Terrorism and Hate Crimes3
44.530Technology And The Law3
44.531Law - Administrative Procedure3
44.533Elite DevIiance  and White Collar3
44.540Issues In Police Administration3
44.541Issues in Policing3
44.542Criminal Profiling3
44.543Forensic Psychology3
44.544Issues in Policing3
44.545Criminal Mind and Behavior3
44.546Mental Health and Criminal Justice3
44.550Issues in Corrections3
44.551Criminal Justice Ethics3
44.553Elite Deviance3
44.554Threat Assessment and Risk Management3
44.560Gender, Race and Crime3
44.561Minorities and Criminal Justice Systems3
44.562Hate Crimes & Dom Terr3
44.563Substance Abuse3